Friday, December 28, 2012

Live a meaningful life

surround yourself with people positive

"People have a goal that makes sense is to live our reason. With a goal we can achieve anything."
Warren Bennis

Everything you wonder what the "meaning of life" and why are we here and what are we supposed to do with our lives? But if life is not hard to find for your purposes, but it is significant, and get everything you get.

Ask yourself do to stop going to the terrible trauma that terminally ill patients who choose whether or not to continue treatment or to decide between. Those who go. All physical and emotional pain with the hope to overcome decide that his condition improved a little But why suffer all this pain? Because they believe that life is precious, and we want to do everything they could to keep it down.

They are ready to fight so hard to keep his life, I think every one of us must fight hard to find meaning in it, and it makes sense.

Make your life still ahead

A life of "object" does not necessarily mean that we will change the world. No need to do the best job with the highest salary, at home or the best luxury. It is a life that has meaning. It is a life that has meaning. And this can work in a fast-food companies to finance their studies, journalism, or be to stay at home before he can be reached at their workplace. As your life moves forward live a meaningful life.

Be who you want to be

Not a life without regard to the consequences. But do not feel compelled to change their lives for the happiness of the other person. Be honest with yourself that you can live a meaningful life. What would our lives be if we spend decisions based on what others want? Our happiness is not true, it would be the happiness of other people. Therefore continue the career that you like to explore or trasládate the city where you feel belong. Delibera head and follow your heart.

Believe in yourself

You get what you want in life without believing that you can. Have you not afraid to ask or challenge is capable of much more than you think. Do not give up when you make mistakes. Dreams are only possible to stop if we are trying to achieve. So keep the faith in yourself and move forward.

Surround yourself with positive people

Sometimes we believe in ourselves, but not the people around us. Choose to surround yourself. With positive people who support your ambitions, those who believe they can You can not live a meaningful life, if their efforts are constantly thwarted by negative thoughts and people. Spend time with people who deserve your time.

Be kind to others

You can see the world differently the lives of people is different. Appreciate and love the other, let your loved ones how much they care about. Be a great support to others, you will feel much happier inside. You can look at the effect they be surprised at the good fortune.

I believe that everything happens for a reason

Do not waste time thinking about "what if." Instead of things that can be changed at that time to think. Every experience in your life, whether positive or negative happens, so that I learn something. Use this lesson to improve your life. Be proactive about your life is likely on the way to something better.

Choose to be happy

Particularly choose to be happy. We all have pain in our lives, but it's just a matter of finding that it does not define who we are. We can not change what happened, neither the things that people have said, but we can change how we react to it. Be happy with ourselves, we are more likely to live a meaningful life.

Whatever you want to do with your life can bring the effects themselves and the world. The life of every human being has a value, it is just a matter of realizing how we can use this value to make a difference. To live a meaningful life begins today.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

imagine what your life would be

Can you imagine what your life would be if I had more confidence? How can you enjoy life, if it rains?

Many people may think that only unhappy that I have the confidence he needed. Think about it, if you do not have a lot of confidence when you can not do your job, you can not get with the sex they may even think he earned his comrades.

Trust is something you can have on your life. Many people are born that worked under the mistaken assumption that trust is essential. This is bullshit!

Trust is something that is learned. As a child learns from his parents, his friends and the people around you. Without the encouragement and belief correct, the child will end mistrust. It is up to parents to encourage their children to learn to build trust and confidence.

However, all is not lost! Even as a teenager and an adult, you can learn steps to improving self esteem or more about self-confidence. It is relatively easy to do. All you need is motivation and desire to do so. Without motivation or desire to improve your confidence boost your confidence will hurt you everywhere. However, if you want to do, then you can, and you will be surprised how easy it is to improve your confidence.

Too many people have more confidence in themselves are complex and difficult, but it is not. All you have to do is learn some tools and apply them to your life. You can make your resort it, if you want, but it really is not necessary when you rely on simple techniques for steps to improving self esteem.

Instead of focusing on many tools and techniques to turn their attention only to take it with laser quality control. Once you have mastered and applied to your life, then go through the following technique of self-confidence.

Note here that I said "applied to life" the previous decision. Too often I see people who sit there and say "I know" when it comes to confidence. If you know, then why not live there? There is a big difference between knowing and understanding. When you know and trust me implemented and controls.

-Make a list of your successes. Never say you're not good at something. Each has unique qualities, it is necessary for you to discover. Focus on your talents. It's good to be proud of what is right and take credit for their successes.

-Experts say look in the mirror and smile at yourself is a good way to remember how valuable you are. Viewing your expressions encourage your brain to register certain emotions.

-When you exercise, increase your adrenaline, which makes you feel healthier and happier.

-Have a sense of jealousy. Instead, make a healthy desire to achieve. Stop want what others have just because they have it. Instead, look for things because they want to, if someone else did.

-Go on a cupboard reviews - splashes on clothing, shoes and accessories, or even go for an elegant cut.

-Make it a habit to think and speak positively. Whenever something happens that makes you feel like you can not do stop and say that you will try to do your best. Because as long as you do not try, you never know what you can do!

If you want to improve your confidence boost your confidence and change your life and then find some techniques of self-confidence that you can use. Find the techniques that you can use them and satisfied. Stick to them and apply them to your life and you can increase your confidence to.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Login relationships Self Help

How to know our relationships are built, use them as mirrors to find things within ourselves, we must turn our attention. In the search for the person who holds our sympathy with a critical eye, we do not know the fact that the reflection we see in the mirror inside with a view of the problems to concentrate we deal with.

No matter how you change someone else cannot try. People do not change, if they have a reason to make improvements to the interior and also not to be found before. Punish and criticize you're beloved, you will open up a space in the binding relationship. You will love the demolition of the bridge where flows. If you see the need for self-improvement is also a marker directly on you, so that you can find at the end of the similarities themselves.

Relationships are on a slippery slope. You can so caught up in trying to improve the behavior of the other person and character, they are not even aware of their own. A relationship cannot be upgraded until their self-awareness. Therefore, if you are not aware of the inner battles that can occur, you will attract others their experiences trials and challenges that are designed to keep you are pointing in the direction of their own healing bring.

The only thing that is wonderful relationship between the two parties more experience. If two people are working to improve themselves, to criticize and punish others faded and is really deep love for each other support person and spiritual growth.

Often we want to force the control and the other, meet for her healing to our own needs and fears. The amazing thing about is our relationships is that the other person is limited in their growth and healing, as we grow and heal well. Therefore, no amount of force or pressure to make a step forward in their own growth and healing.

If there is no growth and healing at the individual, their relationship and dry pond, resulting in either a rupture grows as a person, and not the other, or in a stabilized experience empty and withered complacency love and passion both followed only in their pain. coexist

What you want in a relationship that you have. The person I always start because both. In your experience they reflect exactly what. At this time, both good and bad Unfortunately, most people are not experts to be aware of this truth in many cases and do not realize that the relationship also a reflection of their bad qualities, so if you love her on your well being.

Look in the mirror of the relationship can be a beautiful experience to see if you get love, compassion, passion, confidence and all the other wonderful things that do with the union. Unfortunately, it is easy to see the bad reception. However, when you begin to exercise themselves, you realize that all things happen for the worse, both large and small, in relationships and other features, all designed for your comfort. They realize that by many manifest and to discipline yourself to take every opportunity to work their own problems to know that how will anything be leveling their new state of consciousness, including growth and see changes in their beloved and relationship.

Relationships are not only about having love and passion and all the wonderful things that come with them. The main elements of its own growth equation in the higher levels of consciousness and spirituality. When you begin to practice self-control to continue to carve their own negative thoughts and to change the use of their own pain, their behavior and patterns of characters that directly improve their relationship, whether an order that is not serves you that improvement, can grow both as a person in the spirit of divine love adjustments or start, new people to gain new experiences with new mirrors.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A plan of self help measures can change your life

A plan of self-help measures can change your life very quickly. It can make you think about what needs to change in your life. This article is here to improve more about yourself and show you how you could change your life.

You should always wanted a greater degree of self-control, if you work hard for their personal development. Ensure that the development of self-control skills. Conquer harmful desires, like greed, lust, complete lawlessness and excessive alcohol consumption. You keep the vices of the damage to your body and mind when you speak to yourself and to learn them.

Write a speech. A list of all good qualities in a postcard. Always remember to read it when you need a boost. Even better is read aloud, often in the video look on the video. What is the point?

TIP! It is a good complement policies to those around you, if you notice anything positive about them. The fight against this trend and other welcome change their mindset and makes you a kid person.

Sexual capital is a new feature and important research topic. This does not mean that you are using their sexuality as a way to achieve the desired results. Instead, use your charm. Some people have better social skills than others, but this feature can help you to succeed in business and in life.

Memorize the pattern, the people who like to have success, and tend to incorporate them into your routine. The best way to a lifelong habit of exercise daily behavior make. Keep patience required when learning a new habit, because it is. A process of days up to 21

Unless you take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care whit others. No matter where you are in life, it takes time for rest and relaxation.

TIP! See what others have done, that they will be successful. A good way to avoid mistakes in your career and your personal life is to learn how other people have found their way to success.

Try to take the time that you spend as much as possible to increase more to get. The best way is to take regular breaks. This can be counterproductive, but with constant interruptions help you recharge and relax so that you can get a lot more work if you seem to return to work.

It is an idea of ​​the "Law of Three", which is something good or bad, what they do to others you will be three back. In this case we want is the best for the people. It is less susceptible to extreme negative energy when you. To keep your focus on sending positive energy to all who meet her

People should not be afraid to investigate occupational therapy to deal with serious problems. Self-help books that teach are useful, but do not include the personal touch of one-on-one, you can get a therapist. Sometimes the desire for success can be stimulated by something as simple as a few open, honest and helpful. Books can be helpful tools, but a psychiatrist is able to react and respond to your questions.

TIP! Nobody is perfect and we all sometimes bad food choices. Like eating a cake in negativity can cause harm to your health, stress can adversely affect the health of the body.

To concentrate solely on their appearance, take a look at the person inside. No need to use the latest fashions or hotter. Who are you still shine through, no matter what your outer appearance. Not settle for superficial results. Try to get a profound change in attitudes and general outlook on life.

Do you know what you can get out of your life is the key to improvement. Creating long-term goals is a must because it can change your perspective and motivation.

Usually there is a difference where you are in life and where you want to be. This is the best way to be able to establish a management course there. If you do not see the difference, it is unlikely to reach its full potential.

TIP! A good leader has the power to turn their aspirations into reality, in addition to being humble in this skill. Effective leadership requires many qualities and understanding of the easement.

Make a habit of constant concern. Create concern is what happens when you expect the worst, before anything happens. Instead of endlessly about what might happen, beginning preparations for these scenarios. This allows you to be prepared for all eventualities.

Is it difficult for you to take to someone really special? Think online. Some studies show that 40 percent of people find their partners on the Internet. Someone may look perfect at that moment. Both sides have their strengths and weaknesses.

Integrate your belief system in everyday life. Identity of the person. On a number of assumptions that are important to them based Remaining true to its core values ​​help your self-esteem, if you have a solid foundation for trust. This will help the consistency, which is a nice feature to have.

TIP! Ask others about your achievements as bragging of their own. You can discover the wonderful things that people who have reached you, to a new respect and admiration for what they do.

Try to see each new day better than the last. Work on continuous improvement and continuous. Each day, make sure they. Better than ever

Find your personal values ​​so that you can create your personal development strategy. Focus on the areas in violation of their values ​​do not make sense. If their attitudes have changed, difficult situations are much easier to control. The stay in these specific areas may change in the areas that matter, and these changes need to stay with you.

You can learn to handle difficult situations without being too emotionally overcome. If you keep your head well, if you are in a stressful situation to learn, you can trust in everything you do to be successful! Take time to slow down and breathe deeply.

TIP! Ultimate happiness, assuming a manageable risk. The risk-taking is the risk of failure, so some people prefer the same things and no risks.

This item was discussed to help, you need to do research, work and effort to change your life starting today. Is one thing to keep in mind is that if you want to see visible results, we need to stick to. A fulfilling life can be as accessible as in this article.

If you continue to learn about it, you'll be a pro in no time. The information presented here will give you an advantage in the world of personal growth. Take it easy and learn more about them every day.

Monday, December 10, 2012

10 ways to start believing in yourself

Believing in yourself is another way of saying that you trust. What is trust? Confidence is having a bit of security and is often linked to self-esteem. This is to be sure of yourself. You think you have a lot to offer and they are valuable. Much of this is accomplished by the achievements and successes. Some people pass through the opinions of others.

Do you trust also means that you think you can handle any situation that comes your way in life. To help you prepare to acquire knowledge and experience.

Many times we do not fight for what we want, either because they do not believe that we can do, either because they are not motivated. You can not be motivated by fear of failure to achieve our goals and what is often caused by believing that we are not able or are not worthy of success. Motivation requires self-esteem and confidence.

You must realize that you are valuable and worthy since birth. Here you have some tips that can help you improve your level of confidence:
1. Volunteering

Nothing makes you feel better about yourself to help others and make another day that much better. Feel useful and needed by others to improve their confidence and self-esteem. You can learn new things about yourself, the things that make you feel good and things that make you feel safe.

Acts of kindness improve your mood by increasing serotonin production. It is an activity that everyone wins!

"Being useful to others first, if you want to be good to yourself."

2. List

Make a list of everything you have experienced and / or achieve in your life. Then you can start adding new things as you go. See the list is something that produces incredible motivation (I speak from experience).
3. Surround yourself with people who support you

If you have people around you who criticize the way, your words can affect your perception of yourself. At least you can understand the following facts to then it is best if you can eliminate from your life or at least the minimum to reduce your contact with them.

- You must understand that their words are their opinions only.
- You must understand that their opinions are not facts.
- You must learn not to take things personally.

Find people with values ​​and interests similar to yours to support you and help you progress. These people will trust you and I know they are there to help when needed will give you great motivation and confidence.

"A true friend does gets in your way unless you go down"
Arnold H. Glasow

4. Start accepting

Believe in yourself, you must accept as a person. How can you believe in something you can not accept everything? If you do not accept you as you are then you reject a part of yourself and maybe even come to hate. It is impossible to believe in you, like rejection and hatred are present.

Accept that you need to start increasing your confidence gradually. Remember that you can not improve what you can not see or are not accepted. So do not be afraid to acknowledge the good and less good.

You better accept it as you try to fight against yourself. Once completed, you can change or improve what we do not like. Each owner of his own life and we all have the potential to be better.

"Once we accept our limits, we can overcome"
Albert Einstein

5. Shift your focus

Stop focusing on what you lack or what is wrong in your life. Focus on instead of being grateful for what we have and for all areas of your life that are going well.

Each time you "hear" you think something negative (and probably feel as strongly or down), re-think something that we are grateful and smiled.
6. Face new challenges

Create opportunities for you to prove that you are more than you think you are now. What do you think you are as a person probably could be defined by others. Again, this is only your opinion.

You can start small by taking a class or doing a workshop to teach something that is considered a weakness in you.

You want to make it big? Learn something new. Take a vacation in peace. Starting a business / company. Do something that scares you.

"Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body."

7. Keep learning and growing

The. More knowledge and understanding of the things that we will be able to handle any situation This includes learning more about yourself, namely assistance.

This means that you should read much, take courses and participate in seminars and workshops. The journal is a valuable tool for self-exploration. Explore! Search!

Study how the way we work, how human beings function in general and how the world works. We will begin to learn and how to use this knowledge in any situation, you gain experience and give you wisdom. Wisdom and increase your confidence.
8. Set goals

Set small and achievable in the short term to show you that you can achieve what you set out with a little effort.

"There is no lazy people, people who not only have goals that inspire"
Tony Robbins

9. Stay their own expectations

Often, the lack of confidence is that we are pursuing goals that others have set for us and not our own goals. It is not your job to meet the expectations that others have of you. It's your job to live up to their expectations, you should realize their own dreams and use their talents, skills and gifts to serve the world.
10. Stop comparing yourself to others

Appearance, achievements, success and everything else should be only yours. You have all the tools you need to achieve your goals and not the goals that others have done.

I wish you the best of luck in their efforts to start believing in yourself. This is a very laudable.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Scraps thinking young - Tips for Life

More than words, I'll share tips for you who are young, fresh, and the ... intermediate or advanced who cares, young people in the spirit, but you must know exactly how and in what manner.

I have not yet figured out exactly why so young I heard so many good tips that have the ability to think and plan ahead, maybe because I was young "enough time to take care these thoughts later. course, if Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg think like me, or the vast majority of young people worldwide, the company does not exist, or another name, or it may simply be another owner A young dreamer if no executor, administrator of his life determined aware, and without prejudice, having nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Do you have at least the director of your life?, Whatever their age, are just numbers, what matters is that you do not lose their entrepreneurial spirit, their strength of youth just because others say it is too old to return to the house ... is the most stupid sentence can give!, and it is not that person is stupid, or are many stupid, just try to imitate it, they do not see the need to risk, why, if everything is done .. . but no, every second there are people, new ideas, new inventions, new opportunities, and if you are too young, I tell you something: Used once and for all, do not let the success of fashion , luxury, status, material occupies an important place in your life, everything that happens, but if it starts deep within you know how to learn to be humble, conscious, generous, open-minded you develop and get rid of the "shame" and others .. . Success will come when you need to go, but will last longer than you can imagine.

No warranty will not be affected, but they do insofar fences grow, learn and know within yourself and your higher power, which is your guide to materialize at any time even in the most complicated life.

Youth is a perpetual state as you know what to do, do what you want to do and finish what you started, no matter what the result, try again. Young people can be ephemeral for those who are lost in the sea of ​​materialism, fashion, fake friendship and a strong desire to be someone without knowing how or why. However, when you wake up, react and reflect on what you have done or not done, there is no time for regrets, just published, leave all the past behind us and start thinking, not only to reason, the reason is limited, read, write, study, learn, make, try, fail, bereavement, bankruptcy and knows that only the most privileged, perhaps one of them.
Reflection is the most powerful tool of scholars and geniuses, far beyond knowledge and experience, if you do not learn to think always go without direction or in the wrong way. How can you learn to think?, Is doubtful, if not ask why, why, what advantage is that I can get good or bad future, is to create a balance to determine what you can get from a decision, any decision you make. All this will help you have your own identity, its own ideal, its own personality. No attempt to identify with something genius writer or any other youth movement X social and ideological., No, it's about having your own judgment, ability to assess their own and believe in what you believe, not to judge others or we feel superior even to share, but to teach you ordered.
Meditation is a powerful tool. Meditation helps you to plan, learn to forgive, to love, to calm your ego, connect with your soul and your higher power, God. If you do not understand or know God deeply will have two tracks: the endless suffering mental or misplaced.
How youth is, why react in certain ways in different situations, why so many mixed feelings, failures, errors, etc., you know you are in a learning process, the maturation of their emotions and feelings, so I took as enfrasques not only in one direction, and if it is negative, angry, but learn how to transform that anger into something positive. Enjoy fall in love and do it just for fun, without waiting for a request, but dignity.
Never make decisions or say something when you're really angry, and if it's not do it again, if you start practicing early there will be very little to regret it later, no harm people and learn to be better decisions during his life in all its aspects.
Study course that you can study. In the early years of our youth eternal lot of free time study and / or learn: business, technical, sports, nonprofit, explore, experiment .... in all areas: music, painting, drawing, mathematics, mechanics, robotics, food, etc. Of course, you do not have the skills for each of them, but I know the basics, and I'm sure you will find something! their passions more enjoyable to run X or activity, and could be something that you participate in the future, something that you can take advantage of the economy.
And to learn to do things very well!, Do not matter if you take more time to learn to use the time, but more importantly, learn to do things the best way that ensures quality, sustainability of jobs, reliability or cost and generously. This is labeled as a person determined and committed, serious, valid and reliable partner for any business, company or person. Turn value to the world.
Learn, study and practice each of the human, civil and moral, and then live with that freedom, so that you will feel free Salinger, lightweight, capable, just because you know that the negative values ​​that destroy , damage, harm, cover and become a burden on the time and most people carry the burden of their lives, both suffer.
Super ate constantly never assume that you know everything, you do not need more advice, you do need to know more, read or take new courses, even if they look like this blog on the Internet You will always find new useful information to help you complete what you already know, or at least remember the foundations of knowledge, life, goals that we have.
While all these tips and I hope your life is better in all aspects, do not take life too seriously, yes, progress, study, read, learn, but do not reach 10 degrees or more is should not be your priority, if not, we learn that you can use to your advantage. To get rid of their prejudices, fears and mental negativity, you can enjoy your real friends, your family, your pet, a sunset or a flower, never ashamed to recognize what makes you happy. If you are studying, but also supported, as fun, responsibly, with intelligence, with wisdom.
Not a decision lightly, see their activities without having to worry about what comes after all that God puts us on the path of opportunities and challenges, the key to life lies in the acceptance of any good and bad in everything, and we can not win, that everything is possible at any moment divine, but we lose if we forget everything learned.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Heuristic: if we think without thinking

What are heuristics?

Sometimes when decisions or conclusions, called a type of mental shortcuts heuristics. A heuristic is a rule or a simple strategy to solve problems such as "it is more expensive, the better," "If you are overweight because they eat a lot," "if a food in a health food store should be healthy", "if A is friends with B, and A is a good person, then B is a good person. "

Heuristics help to think or not to think less and act quickly, you can make life easier, but often the results of this way of thinking is wrong and illogical.

If we use, we will focus on the similarity of an object to another, and that to apply the first and second acts. For example, high-quality products are often expensive, so if you see tend to think a face to it's high quality. Of course this is not always the case. And sometimes the producers or distributors are focused on the sale of products that we would not buy if you think about leaving the details.

For example, we tend to think that if the package says "100% natural" means that it is better and healthier, and we bought it without thinking much about it. But if you look at the label, because it is full of hydrogenated fats. Sometimes it's the same package that you choose us makes a product. For example, we can see a few cookies in a box with bright colors, seems with images of strange characters, sugar balls, the food, and immediately thought it was a waste of a lot of sugar, which is clearly aimed at children and "junk food more like "(another heuristic). However, if we dig a little deeper and read the ingredients, you might be confused again.

Presidential election, the candidate is usually higher, and almost never will soon decide a candidate, because he tends to be seen as mentally weaker soon. But if the same bald head, it changes everything is shaved: it is perceived as masculine and dominant.

The representative heuristic is often used to judge people or form impressions of them. For example, stereotypes on race or gender, and what can make it better either sex or certain personality traits that are associated with a particular race. Therefore, most people tend to think (without thinking) a person physically attractive qualities better, or people are considered higher social status is more trustworthy.

Types of heuristics. The availability heuristic

Often we come to a conclusion or another according to the information available on our mind on the issue. For example, if someone asks you if you are someone who is friendly and work on your mind at the first to know seems to be a memory of an event that behave a little angered, one can say that is not pleasant, but rather whether the memory in your mind more than once that he was very good, it's nice concluirás. Sometimes it is useful heuristic: if your mind quickly many examples of this person who is going nicely, it probably is. But often the first thing that comes to mind is not necessarily a good example of how that person is behaving normally.

Another example is in the results of a study showing that people who have seen a lot of television (with all the amount of violence that often) to see, I think they do a lot more violent crime than they showed people think the TV less and Comment observe is true.

Types of heuristics. The heuristic

Attitudes refer to the evaluation of an object does (good or bad). People use the heuristic as a means of decision making. For example, if we have a negative attitude towards a celebrity, we tend to believe negative statements about him, and it would be unwise, dictatorial or poor grades in school.

In one study, students of both sexes, had a. More positive or negative of a woman while eating Thus women, healthy food was more feminine, attractive and pleasant to eat junk food eating.

Another effect of this heuristic is that the purchase makes you think. The number of people who agree with you to a point substantially greater than the current That is: "If I believe in something, most people think the same thing."

When we use heuristics tend?

Of course, while all of the heuristics used from time to time, we are quite capable to draw on the use and reasoning, conclusions and make decisions. This leads us to one or another way of thinking using ... or not you think? We tend to use heuristics:
• When you do not have time to discuss in detail.
• If we go through the vast amount of information is overwhelming enormous and we can not treat.
• When the subject is not important.
• If we have little information or knowledge to have to make an informed decision.
• If you do not want to think about.

What should we do when we buy cookies and have a term of 30 different kinds of cookies, with little time and less willing? It turns out that when an ad for a brand of biscuits several times on television saw immediately come to mind, and thinking (heuristics) "is a brand name, and if you know c, because it is good."

That is, sometimes we have no choice but to rely on heuristics in order to be paralyzed or take forever to do anything, but now that you read this article you can achieve when deciding with heuristics and realize better if damage can not be used to make a decision.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Insight and introspection

"We call introspection sees test yourself. Yet, improving why study? Order to change to change. Enjoy introspection something else not become introspection makes compulsories. You would not see if it's changing a pleasure to change, to be something other than you are. This is the obvious reason for introspection.'m angry and I enjoy introspection examine me likes get rid edit rage or, change rage. But modify if introspection (the desire or change answers, reactions to me), there is always a goal in sight, and when the target is reached, not poor introspective mood, depression. way is always associated with depression. do not know you that, if you fall into introspection, if you then change, there is always found a wave of depression. There is always a wave of bad feeling against which we must fight, is forced to re-examine, to rule this mood, and so on. Introspection is a process of transformation, this is something that is not. clear that this is exactly what happens when we do introspection, if we give ourselves to this particular action. This action is made change always investigate an accumulation process somewhat. Whenever there is a duality in a state of conflict and thus a frustrating process. never Porto and how we feel the frustration. in depression

But the clarity is completely different. Knowledge is observation without condemnation. Lucidity creates understanding because there is no condemnation or identification but, silent observation. If you want to understand something, obviously I have observed, not criticize, condemn not, do not pursue it as pleasure or avoid a scandal. Must only silent observation of a fact. No end in sight, but the perception of everything that happens. This observation and understanding of this observation, the feeling that if there is a conviction, the identification or justification. Introspection is self-improvement, and is therefore self-centered introspection. Lucidity is not self-improvement. Instead, it's the end of me, I do., With all their idiosyncrasies, their peculiarities, their memories, their needs, their law enforcement in introspection, it is the identification and conviction. In clear, no condemnation or identification, so there is no self-improvement: There is a big difference between the two. The man who wants to improve, can never be realized because the improvement is to get a conviction, and a result, while the clarity is observation without condemnation. Without rejection or acceptance

This realization begins with external things is to be aware, to be in contact with the objects of nature. First, it is clearly perceived things around you, is sensitive to objects of nature, the people, what it means to be in the relationship, and then there is the perception of clear ideas. This idea, to be sensitive to things, nature, people, ideas - not composed of other processes, but a unified process. There is a constant observation of everything, every thought, feeling and action that may arise in us. And as consciousness is not guilty, no accumulation. What do you do when you condemn a criterion, which means the accumulation and thus improving myself. Be Clearly, the activities of the self, which meant "I" in his dealings with people, with ideas, with things. This idea is from moment to moment and is therefore not achieved by exercises. If you practice, it becomes a habit and not a habit clarity. A spirit is no longer useful, routine, a spirit that works in the routine of a particular action is not dull, flexibility, while clarity requires constant flexibility, great animation.

This is not difficult: it is what you are, if you just want to do something if you want to see your child, your wife, your plants, your trees, your birds. You see, without condemnation, without identification, so this observation is not the full communion of the observer and the observed in full communion. This is what really happens when you are deeply interested in something. Therefore, there is a big difference between clarity and self-improvement, the expansive introspection. Introspection leads to frustration, to new and larger conflicts, while consciousness is a process that frees us from the effect of the self that may be aware, to observe their daily movements, their actions, and is aware of the other. You can do it whenever you want. If you are deeply interested in something, and if I want to know me, know that. My whole being, all the contents of me, and not just one or two layers of my consciousness "

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Self improvement begins with who you are today

How much of your self-talk every day consists of phrases like?

If only I could ..

More confident

Be more productive

Procrastinate less

Feel happier

Be healthier

, stop anxiety or anxious

Draw more (or more) in my life

Respect and love me more

In fact, for many of us the chance for improvement is something we strive to correct or change in life? Hope a future state, a better place than we are today.

They are not all bad!

As the press tend to ignore the 99% of the bad stories that millions of good things that happen every day, we choose to focus our negative now tend, I do not like about our lives and set goals to improve things in the future.

Also present bury the positive aspects of our lives now that actually lead to future growth and improvement.

In this sense, the notion of self-improvement and personal development are cultivated by a basic understanding of the beliefs and thought processes to know and feel what is good today.

Self-improvement is a current growth can hold positive thoughts and beliefs, a trip to an exciting and accepted in your life in other places, the better chance to live in harmony with the goal of his life and values.

A house needs a solid foundation does a plant a seed, water and oxygen, and how can a persons develop optimally when it is balanced.? For most of us, this means significantly increase our inner consciousness, above all things that are positive and well because they spend most of the time, tend to find the bad.

How do we achieve a better balance?

Of course, with the right balance with these things in our lives that are not satisfied, is difficult because we have a lot of us know that most of them have not been met.

Interestingly, when we asked people to fight to change your life in order to gain size, asked them to anything you want, against things they want to improve in your life list? On average, there were more things that people improve 3X listed companies (and clarity) about what they wanted in your life that they love each other.

If we can transform this equation and have a balanced list, then we have a solid foundation for growth and improvement.

Believe they are bad, failed undeserved or not worth the time to think with cancer is that we do not move forward until we remove this cancer.

How can we improve our thinking and our starting point improvement greater autonomy?

A. Today attention

We all tend to live in the future, you want to do is ensure that you spend at least 10-15 minutes every morning and evening (before bedtime) is on his list of what you are today, "Today? Things that you like about yourself, what you are good and what you have done in the past.? you need to check at least 5-6 of them and if you do not immediately think of them? They are at the moment? seriously! They are a lot of bad things and some good things to make up for everything

Second Affirmations for Today

I've always been a big fan (and regular) statements? Many of these are demands you about needs and future growth, but some of his claims about today they clearly state the things now stand, or are would like to believe are true.? For example: or "I am an honest, reliable family, friends and strangers," "My friendship with X, Y or Z is a gift" "I enjoy my own thoughts, feelings and talents and enjoy time with me"

Third Meditation

Many people see meditation as a form of escape, a way to improve their future, if practiced, in fact, who is known meditation to improve the immediate moment, and improve their management skills future something in your life. ? Be able to immediately give you calm your mind and focus objectively (without hovering subjectively and without worry or be anxious) in your life is an extremely effective way to get the earth to be immediately grateful, respectful and happy in their lives lays the foundation for future improvement of the employee.

As you can see, the improvement is heavily dependent on changing the basis of life, the current re-categorization of his life, and thus laid the foundation for future development.

Therefore, before proceeding dissatisfied on the way to their current living situation and put all their Paris on the future, try your efforts in pursuing the size focus today and tomorrow even bigger can.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Personal development can change who we are

Are you trying to keep a better quality of life? Here are some suggestions to start to improve.

If you spend much time considering techniques to grow because of the individual, we found the right message. With a positive attitude with a little knowledge, you are able to do almost anything. This post can help with all the knowledge of individual development efforts.

Figure out what you want life to do exactly what it takes to get there. If you sit in the seat of thought on how you would like a life, they do nothing more than to create it occurs, will not get that any form of life. You must intensify and after a few goals for creating absolutely prove.

Focus on understanding how to stay calm in difficult circumstances, instead of being irrational, more psychological. If you learn how to maintain a high charge every once in a state of stress, there is confidence in order to be successful in everything we do! Take a little time on a day to stop taking breaths.

An important part of any system of individual development is unique in providing care for their physical needs. Only simple elements, including exercise, get enough rest, with good food, everything could maintain a level of resistance, we create more suited to succeed in the course of development. It may seem easy, however, can be very difficult to confirm.

Configuring the fulfillment of certain short-term jump start the path to a happy and healthy life. Please remove weaknesses further discussion, more self-esteem may increase.

We must have a greater idea of ​​how to maintain an optimistic attitude, most of the program. Remember that you really need not just be happy, often seeking to integrate thermal techniques to be applied to individual development of what we have learned so far. To do this, you will develop a more positive way.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dark Season - positive changes in my routine

I have a lot of a blog called "selecting the brain lately. This is a blog that focuses on personal development, motivation and productivity. Probably that I possessed a little with the idea of ​​improvement, and if it's just for a short time To read this article, I think, gives me a boost to my positive thinking and productivity am.

I decided to write a few things I would change my routine. The two main examples are to reduce the amount of TV I watch and try to get a little earlier. I can from experience that the morning hours are the best things done talking, I do not lose them in bed. Anyway, I have a weekly Sunday and my alarm if you have it. Time to get up on Monday morning, the sick, and could not bear to move Since then I have most of this week, it really does not make much sense. I thought I could use a few of my books I have not had time to read yet, but my concentration was also limited. Well, these things happen, but they seem to take a trend or if I had made plans to have a burst of enthusiasm, and left me frustrated.

I rest on the weekend and then try these positive changes in my routine instead of making next week. I write my goals here because it makes it an even greater commitment than trying to achieve what it is. Although it is clear that I did not finish the season dark short-term, I wrote a mission statement for this Christmas and want to progress in the meantime.

I have a little progress this week. I began to apply the HUD. I started taking the information that I think the player has access to write to a constant, then went on through a number of different styles, such as display it on the screen. I want the reader to be aware of how the conversion is in progress. At first I thought about a timetable, like the way it appears at the top of the screen in "To the Moon", but then I felt it would take too much space on the screen. Then, I started thinking about watches. Originally created a base circle in the upper left side, to see how the players move to the next stage of processing. It worked well, but it does not feel good, so I thought to go for something a bit more complicated than.

My last thought is a clock that consists of hands, face and points around the outside pass. Each point represents the individual steps of the process, so that the player can also be seen how many changes are left to come. Since the character will not be cursed during the game, you need to appear and then disappear in an animation. They look for shows melted to the curse as additional validation to the object of the games I still have with me placeholder graphics so I will change its appearance later remove complete.

In addition, I also have a screen of some pretty basic inventory and AI

Sunday, November 25, 2012

8 Steps to make your life project

If you participate with enthusiasm something you have planned to choose carefully, the chances are increased running properly. Are you sure of what you want and how you can get it.

Probably you have already planned some aspects of your life so far. Or maybe not. As it is to read the following tips will help you set up or change how you want your project to life is important, so it will be possible to begin or continue to enjoy life to the fullest and be happy as you deserve.

It is important to take the time, the following questions about what you want most to answer for you. But perhaps you will define a Life Project. Detailed and clear start in a few days!

A. What is a dream? Let us answer "dream" awake for yourself what you really want. Dreams and fly as high as you want. Then take a pen and paper because you have to keep track.

* Remember that there is no limit to the developing number of dreams or what they seem. The universe gives us the ability to block what you do not want to do not be in your life and what you want to wait. So go ahead, plan to enrich your life with all your dreams and goals.

Second what are the things that really matter? Any concerns that you think our relevant to the objectives, to see clearly what is intended to integrate your life project. Perhaps always wanted to have more knowledge in a particular area. Or maybe you over tighten the idea of ​​traveling and discovering new landscapes and customs, but not the time or the resources to make this dream come true today. Another example could be that if the difficulties they have experienced their parents to the rent of the place where you remember to pay raised, probably one of your goals in life to be buying a property. If you identify with any of the above goals, they are in your list.

Third what you want to accomplish? What are the things you do? Now is a good time to take note of what you take to do with your life. Do you like the idea of ​​working with volunteers to help the low-income people? Have you ever wanted to get the recognition of your professional work, and it will increase your reputation in the workplace?

* Lists that can be reached in the personal, professional and / or academic.

4th Which level of life you want? Your answer will determine the kind of life you want to lead. Do you see yourself in a modern apartment in the city? Or are you excited for them a quiet life in a place far away from the bustle of the city, where you can enjoy nature and beautiful sunrises in the fields? Or maybe better not hesitate to come and to go wherever you decide if you want, and can you spend time traveling to new places?

* Maybe what you want is to increase your bank account, and then live in a beautiful house in an upscale neighborhood of the city, drive a luxury car, and enjoy the quality and style of the clothes. Basically, you want a high-level of quality of life.

* It is important that the kind of life that you would indicate wear, then makes this important point in the writing of the plan of life. Internalized in your being, ask your heart. There should be no wrong answers in the development of this process.

5th what's funny? Perhaps this word for you lock yourself in your studio and dedicate yourself to write, paint or design without interruption. Or maybe you like in extreme sports and I to take the field at the first opportunity and mountain biking or climbing. While you might prefer something quieter like bowling, yoga and dream of traveling in Europe. Anything that you feel happy and dynamic account makes so take note! :)

* If your answer to any question. 5 is a reduced "No, not that I like going through your mind, what is it?" Then it is time to take seriously the issue of joy in your life. Need a little time to learn about the activities that you feel really reflected well. When was the last time you danced to exhaustion? While incredible moments that you spent with your family or friends To record all the activities that you find fascinating, even if you feel interested in understanding some new, try to practice when you add to your favorites list! After all, what is life if it is to live with happiness and joy?

6th Destinas? It's time to live with your family and friends? I mention this because people are very happy and satisfied agree that. Often experiences with family and friends If you know someone in this group, then put it in your table.

7th Why help others? Help those who need it cultivates values ​​such recognition, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. You can do financially, devotes a portion of your time and energy to contribute to the well-being of people and animals at risk. Simultaneously creates positive feelings within you, then do not hesitate to include these activities in your life project.

8TH And what are your expectations for personal growth? Try to improve your performance on a daily basis in some respects, will help move you successfully steer your objectives remain to achieve. Here we have short-term goals for the different areas of your life.

Begin to structure your project past life, do not hesitate to the point that you can modify deem necessary and start living the life you want. Really more happiness and satisfaction Note that a life plan should help the accused in achieving your goals, you want to inject a motivation for the same stars!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Increase your retention and success

One of the best things of nature that humans possess is persistence. According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy, "endurance" is synonymous with determination, perseverance, the "act of endurance, repetition of certain behavior." It means trying to hold persistently to achieve your goal or do something good.

You've probably persist in the past, how did you? How long and how often taken steps to achieve their goals?

One of the keys to persevere with a positive goal is to know exactly when it needs to be. Once it recognizes the opportunity to be fair, is probably at the end to get what you want as long as you can use some strategies to help you this ability. And how often do all the tasks, practice makes perfect.
Techniques to improve the resistance, and the best result of their efforts:

A. Anyone can be stubborn. If you thought that there are times not to withdraw the goal of existence, do not hesitate and start trusting his marvelous power now. We all have the ability to persevere.

Second Well, if you asked, "What does it mean that persistent?" This means asking with our mental and physical energy, mental clarity is important, with passion, dedication and discipline, lead to achieve our goal.

Third Sufficiently clear goal. Explain what you want. What do you want to achieve the goal? By focusing on the end result or goal in itself, not to encourage you to continue.

4th Faith can move mountains. Perseverance is not necessary to have a talent or skill, just have faith and believe in yourself and what you do. It is important to trust the project and if you do not open the door to tomorrow, and then will open a lot more if you do not give up.

5th Try alternatives. If a proposal is not so, then others. Even if you feel confident, repeated a proposal Valaree study sharpens your data and try again. Many times persist experience is the way to achieve the desired goal.

6th Along the way you can change your mind on the goal you want to achieve really. For example, if your interests have changed, or find that your goal does not seem so full and significant life today, do not hesitate to change course with confidence. And then it is time to reformulate a plan to achieve your new goals.

7th Do not give up. Avoid going out, unless your passion is the tilted horizon to the other, or certainly less important.

8th Get the benefits of those who have benefited from the perseverance to inspire success. Stories of perseverance and success, people are everywhere. Writers, musicians and people from all walks can be inspired by their stories of passion and glory.

* JK Rowling, author of the famous Harry Potter story, said that when he made his first novel, Potter, many publishers rejected his manuscript several times before it is finally accepted by one of them for printing. In these months of waiting Rowling sat the next chapter of his book to write Harry and his crew. Ultimately stop Rowling sat.

* Now we can include Michael Jordan, who was hailed as the world's greatest basketball player of all time. Jordan said he was never accepted into the basketball team at his school through high school. And I did this challenge with determination. He stayed with his passion and eventually reached all the goals by the sport he loved set.

* You should choose your heroes, the character who inspired with his attitude and perseverance enjoyed the process control system and finally got the wonderful fruits of their efforts to give up. :)

Remember, clear about his goal. Have confidence, experience and fit the necessary information on the approach to achieve your goals. Do not give up. And finally, the example of FIG admired her strength and endurance have a passion and love need to realize their dreams.

We can say that persistently simple, but requires a serious effort and dedication. And the best part about these stories is that they all have the opportunity to reach!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Your sex appeal can boost your confidence

Sexiness can stand around and the attention of everyone around you. Insurance is an important component in the case of meetings. A person playing smart game of seduction is an amazing person and it is in the world. You do not seem to notice the perfect body. Just learn to improve your best features and create your own style.

If you are sure to go see, to speak, or show to others. To recognize what is right with you learning. Once you know your strengths, you can flaunt. Before leaving home, you look in the mirror and you say you are fantastic and very attractive. Have your home with confidence and feel they are the most beautiful in the region. Know that you deserve better and you get it.

Take care of yourself: it will help you improve your sex appeal and confidence indirectly. You buy the best clothes. Gentlemen, do you paint your nails, go to the salon and make-up to make you feel the best. Look for styles that show the best of you. You can use the following tips and suggestions from friends or experts look even better. When noticing the people begin his sexiness confidence begin to grow. Ask. However, certainly not too boastful or people begin to move away from you

If you treat them well, and others. If you think of yourself to be treated as someone attractive and you begin. Respectfully treat people around you are the same WAY If you are unsure and without substance, not as interesting to see someone. Personality is not a perfect flawless skin hair is thick or thin. It's just the confidence you have in you. This trust is when you begin to feel wear appropriate clothing and that you are attractive and can begin to attract others.

The feelings you experience also depends on the nature of the people around you. Spend time with people who are negative and you feel miserable and ugly certainly will not increase your insurance. It is better to be surrounded by positive people and gay to boost your confidence. No need to dress up in the latest trend when it really suits you. Choose something that is good and makes you feel comfortable. Create your own style.

You must spend time doing things you love. That makes you happy or happy and it will be automatically reflected on your face and shine. So, to improve your appearance, you have to feel good inside. Learn how to be friendly and open with friends. It away in order to remain in the shadow. Develop your insurance if you talk, walk and everything you do.

To improve your appearance, you will need to refine the loving personality and confidence. Taking care of these aspects bring a great positive change in your life.

The power of the masses

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The power of the masses

Who has not been a mass of people protesting something? Some are useful, some not, but all serve to attract the anger and resentment without personal liability. Hidden mass of us and allowed us to do what we could not rationally. We can say that domestic violence, we can get to easily.
Luis is 21 years old and joined a group of protesters, holding in his hand a stick with which he is willing to break some crystals, which he ensures that he is not to be covered by the crowd that surrounded him. This argument was enough to drop the stick and walks slowly towards the house. That does not happen often, the mind is not part of a massive support, which protects us.
To complain, we express our differences of opinion, and they are not always heard, but the cry of hidden power and protest against the many people who do, we produce joy and relief.
When you're young, want you to integrate them into the ground, so many people who seem as homeland security and will delight you with their screaming and pleading. Many of them do not belong to a political party or a situation, but I feel with the energy which transforms comes from this group. Who is part of a body loses its identity and is able to do what they never dreamed individually.
In the history of mankind has always been unfair and inappropriate situations. A small group protested to the authorities for what they think they deserve affected. If the group does not receive any attention to their demands, they can be gradually many people and other organizations that benefit from the illusory, presented his own men, and she began to be well integrated monstrous.
We experienced all the events that can not be reversed and cause chaos around him, nor rain are no gas or threats able to break this something that is formed in the environment and provide feedback to all those attending the event involved. The fear of the masses was so strong that sometimes required the authorities to consider with blows to break through the police. Accidents and increased anger
Try to understand how this force grows, we believe that walking on a dark street, where we inspire large groups of young people, we can instinctively afraid of the side groups. When not on the road, if we find two or three people. When this happens with groups can easily imagine what happens to a body.
Any form of social action has to make different effects individually in this group. Religious prayers have a different effect when it is individual or collective. Any awareness that man is more complete than group. It is no coincidence that every time there are several groups of all kinds: Compulsive Overeaters addicts of all types of yoga, meditation, single mothers, divorcees, certain diseases, for parents, young people, older people, mothers, children, men and women, have lost experienced violence, the general principle is that emotions arise in groups easier, it seems to be contagious.
Men, the ability to move the masses, in order to protect and even aspire to false premises, can not we see or care. Many times when they discover the lies, he's late, he and thousands of others helped and encouraged arbitrary. These characters do not know what to say and where to set up the right words for the fans, that social justice does not exist and there are always physical, material and spiritual leaders offer them a mass and supporters. Elias Canetti and explains this phenomenon as a growing power of the mass and in turn it affects perceived.
Have transformed social movements are able, our vision and our situation in the world shaking ideas that the world in which we live transformed. Some leaders are not shifting and restructuring ideas that we have found and the masses to produce an appropriate place for it.
When we get these masses disappear our fears and hope that I will like us to help the world differently, even for a moment. People take refuge in the masses, their loneliness, their absences and their loss to hide their pain and anger. It is a way to reach a different story is alive and that the belief that the world, or your world to receive benefits. It is difficult for some leaders to win without regard to betray their comrades. Basically every selfish and want their own interests regardless of betrayal and deception. The brightness of the money and power is more attractive than the faithfulness to his people.
Social actors occupy a place in the social system to which they belong, and both require. We can not understand the nature of each world, if we do not understand social systems that compose it, and we can not understand the social systems in which we, as a result of the activities of the social partners.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Orientation-improvement that is easy to understand

Self-improvement is something that everyone should continue to work. It is an important part of the house with a full and healthy life. Goals are certainly an important part of improving, more attention is increasing in many areas of your life. This information has some tips that you can prove that you are experiencing personal growth.

Make an effort to talk dirty to a guy keep a positive attitude. An optimistic mindset can conjure to do with your feelings. Speaking of hard to disregard that you can and get overwhelmed, anxious or depressed - whatever the topic. Just to tell you that things will be okay probably often prevents you from feeling optimistic long enough to succeed in the production accurately.

When it comes to personal development will ensure that you will be kind to all. This is important because if you do not thank you very much, it's not really show, has expressed his gratitude for all that is good for you. This will bring you joy.

An excellent suggestion would be to start exercise routines help themselves breathing exercises. Breathing exercises are good for stress relief. You can even do it almost anywhere, is quiet enough. There are several routines breathing exercises that you can do a little research may be essential at first.

Occur if you try to treat major depression, try turning off the men and women who are self-conscious, like family and friends. Submit exactly what you will experience. More help and support your needs. Despite production can overcome even a little lonely this difficult time. With a little love and support

Weaning your car from the caffeine. Remove the energy cocktail, gourmet coffee and soft drinks. You acknowledge that it may be easier to sleep, keep your emotions properly, and much better at night. It may take some time to overcome the signs and symptoms of withdrawal, but can be removed if you feel well.

Find that the main goal of his life - something that works all day, or something to work at least every other day. Calculate your meaning of life is the best way to move through life with a mission. With the intention of focusing on the things you have in life

Everyone knows how easy it is going to talk about anything you change on you, and will never take place. It is important that you find a niche that you can go beyond the simple statement changed. You need something that will affect you, can something, simply click on Account, which enables you to support you are be!

Develop a daily diet. People who are organized and live in freedom organized daily schedule to be more profitable. Relate in practice to achieve certain things, you are able to make decisions that relates to your life and help you make too powerful to be individual and have expertly.

Everyone wants to get ahead. Drag the goals, rather than show themselves to sleep kindness to others, and others develop before their own. Self-Improvement is really complete, and you should try to achieve this goal. Sticking to this article, and you will eventually live a healthier lifestyle and a whole at the moment.
motivation achieve these goals

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The importance of faith in the seduction of the day

The importance of faith in the seduction of the day

Our beliefs have a great influence on our behavior, we motivate and make what we do. It is difficult to say something without believing it will be good and that experience will help us learn to grow as a person. But ... Which beliefs? What are and how to keep them?

Beliefs are our principles and values, internal cards that we use to make sense of our world, we ensure the stability and continuity. We all share some basic beliefs that the world will support every day, is what to believe in the laws of nature and therefore not to jump on the roofs of buildings, and I tried every day fire burns.

Beliefs come from different sources, such as education, past trauma, repetitive experiences, beliefs, etc. We build from our experiences in the world and to generalize other. Beliefs that come ready-made in our culture or the environment in which we were born. Expectations of the people around us in childhood affects us in the preparation of these convictions. We believe what we say about ourselves when we are young because we do not have the means to test those beliefs and without success to continue since the change.

If we believe in something, we act as if it were true, influences what we every day. That we receive and strengthen our belief, and that is an act of positive or negative feedback that faith.

The importance of faith in trying to seduce day

It was a clinical experience in some patients, the placebo effect, so patients better if they think they offer an effective drug, even if all you give a placebo, i.e without load proven medicinal properties. Faith makes healing. Drugs are not always necessary, but belief in recovery always.

Suppose you have discovered during puberty or have I repeatedly said that the league is not at night than during the day and usually did. This is in your subconscious limiting belief that a day to generate not be directly connected and act as if it is. Around a universal truth the waiver of a lovely lady by his belief that "the day is not connected", your comment's belief positive, treat firming the truth expensive to approach a girl because the day that is the belief by these measures strengthened .

We have to believe a little critical and everything they say. You really cannot be bound by the day? Have you tried? Why do you get these conclusions if you do not know? Are there any scientific studies that show the day to not be bound?.

Now imagine a different situation is that adolescents found that the night is bound and that the day is not normal, but if you decide to try a few. Sales to interact with the girls and have fun as a three-year old child with a new toy. This belief is negative feedback "is not bound by the day," the development of more positive beliefs will be "can be connected for the day," and each time will cost you less to approach a girl and see link to the natural and normal days.

Encourage positive beliefs with practice

Encourage positive beliefs create our skills and results. There is a saying: "If you think you can do something like that if you cannot think, you're right."

The best way to know if you can do something is to try to believe it can achieve. What he cannot, and if this is not possible, quietly, you will notice. If you think that something is impossible, never knowing whether or not possible.

We want to overcome these limiting beliefs, and we know that the practice alone and unaided, is itself rultados complicated and sometimes missing, so if you want to know more about the day Seduction, offer customized workshops and group discussions Barcelona and Madrid. Contact us for more information.

Monday, November 5, 2012

motivation achieve these goals

The motivation comes from the Latin "move-re" that the ability to move toward a goal. Motivation is determined by the context. There are several purposes for which it is naturally motivated. Famous hierarchy of needs Maslow's basic needs talks physiological, such as food, clothing, sex. There are also safety requirements, such as bonds and real estate. Moreover, there are social needs, such as friends, community, love and communication. To achieve these goals, the motivation to achieve these goals "inherent", so to speak. They are of fundamental importance to the extent that you do not deny that a normal healthy person.

But according to Maslow, there are needs that are not so important: creativity, talent development, self-improvement. They are subjects to special motivation.

Take overweight, for example. There are many reasons to lose weight, for example, health, finding a good recognition, social, feel better in yourself, in order to cope better with daily life, etc. However, these are not reasons to work weight loss alone. Everyone wants to stay healthy. But the disease does not immediately follow the act of overeating. The same applies to the height. Expired adverse effects occur only after a considerable period of time and therefore it is easy to dismiss, saying that "it does not affect me."

Furthermore, the development of one's own talents and creativity are the goals that we have to work hard. Many people just do not see that these goals could be worth fighting for. Motivation is a fundamental prerequisite for creativity.

Another example of the goal of "improving" or "optimization" is. Unfortunately, in many companies, it is still customary to follow the path of sustainable improvement, whether in communications, employee relations, recruitment, staff development, marketing, organizational development, public relations, advertising, distribution and sale

Some bosses and managers believe that the changes are only necessary if things do not work as well and as bullying or exhaustion on the rise, the sales figures are down, etc., or even worse, can also improve themselves. Sophistry, thus perpetuating a lot of damage and a lot of companies will cost a lot of money.

For example, this applies to the selection of staff. Nothing motivates like the right people in the right place to work. Sufficient recruitment is not science. There is no software. For the task the boss should be based on their knowledge of human nature. This is often misleading. We do not see the company with sufficient reflection. Choosing the right people's is a skill that must be learned. It takes a lot of experience with people in a variety of situations and contexts, robust interrogation techniques, an eye for an environment important for the candidates. In addition, you must also take the company you want to hire someone to look. A view from outside can help.

Personal growth as a goal is something that should be developed in terms of content, perhaps with the help of a consultant and motivational coach who has a more objective view of the outside. Even if one is committed to this goal, it does not by a long, which also constantly motivated in daily life, to fight for it. Methods are sophisticated and complex, as would be persistent and motivated.

motivated and successful In your life

Saturday, November 3, 2012

human dimension rights

The title of this article is very good, impressive, query, admiration and feelings, too. To break and because education comes in Hui la previous plans were very traditional, as our old "old saying.

Educators Hui la break systems, thanks to the world of education reform, although some others keep repeating tasks to tasks does not make sense, of course, there is a small part ADVANCED finally reached the principle of equality.

Therefore means the doctrine of the "lake": M, Method A is the most beautiful thing in the world is love, and R that every person the right, then there is love SEA method and reason that are not in America America new because should Mexicans and with 30 years experience and with the support of the PTA in the continuity of the educational process, and that the family is formed, and the first training center for the human person, then follow the instructions in the schools practiced Huila with ethics, transparency, love, commitment and sense of belonging are.

It is important to say that the feelings are not only a state of mind in the facilitation of sensations, ideas, memories, experiences that affect the individual, represented in our students involved, which our reason to be. They are people who deserve our sympathy, which is used with the fall of the word, or better, is obtained through dialogue and consensus among civilized people, well used, because feelings can help to develop a process intellectuals, complete their own education. The pedagogy of the "March" should be very useful in our classrooms

It is important to people today as planned. Disenchantment against the powerful world of reason You want from drowning that that many people importance of studying human rights, the intellectual property was selective, almost idolatrous that determines escape freedom felt, or will have the same feelings. No thrills needs outside the context of the right side, as if it were a foreign element to the person. Many times we have defined man as a rational animal, but we have forgotten that this is the case, are particularly excited or feel. Emotional intelligence is the love of the government. Undoubtedly, this human dimension, well-lived, helps the person feel good about themselves and others.

In education and training

Thus, the "sea" several dimensions, which are of vital importance as the human dimension, representing the role of the human person,importance of studying human rights of the students, with individual properties to assess each teacher says and understand the limits based on idiosyncratic linking urban and rural, rich and poor, but mostly it's an association that fully aware, is that every student.

What happens is that there is no learning curve or assimilate faster than others, but there is no equality itself is all the time in order to reach the same goal, which is funded by promoting teaching skills and administrative provisions must always be because the study.

A second dimension is the creation, by the different rates of learning developed, because it is a little more advanced than others, and many educators is teaching methods that are mainly or conceptual work but there are some that are obsolete and archaic modeled traditionalist in the application are . It's like a trumpet sounds in a vacuum, without a sound echo, because you lose, not a repeat basis, and therefore personally think it should be scrapped

A third axiological dimension that determines the power of the moral and ethical values ​​to develop both the students and the teachers. It is a living example that the student tries to imitate and follow, the most typical case of teachers in our department. However, it is important to remember that in this dimension are happy pills and what the philosopher Aristotle argued that it is the realization of the human being, so our children to be sent to the Education "ON" with a smile and affection for each of them.

Every teacher should break the mold, students had to increase and the interaction with the teacher and peers. Welcome integration and the development of respect within the school community to be more ideological and their raisin Demetre.

A teacher can be identified with the doctrine of the "sea" when it comes to promoting coexistence, respect for otherness, tolerance and above all the great friendship comes. If not, is a traditionalist and an educator who deserves some training pads and are all available by him, an endogenous, exogenous, but the Department of Education, has a high degree of responsibility, which we allow teachers to high quality educational sense.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Define self-esteem

Perhaps the first step in learning to improve self-esteem, the stage is to judge where it is today. You have love for the person you are?

It seems that the self-esteem simply believe that each person is himself. Very often it is assumed that you have a lot of self-confidence or not enough.

However, it is recommended to have enough self-confidence because it actually determines how much love you have for the institution. If your rate is very low self-esteem, they are able to develop into quite difficult to get a chance to easily see success shadows.

But where to find the self-esteem?

As a child inherits from their parents if they value their achievements and congratulate you with every opportunity to interfere. However, if your child has been selected very carefully to you and everything you have done over the last few years, it is difficult to recognize your own strengths and. The qualities of a person who sees everything in the best days

You can also your family also affect your self-esteem, because in many cases. The best way depends on how you perceive your environment And if you have the ability to ignore negative emotions are, everything will be good for you and you do not allow that these words about you.

However, most of this research exercise, you are essentially believe. To realize it devote yourself to ask questions of the genre that I love, what are you? Are you filled with joy? Are you a good person? Most of the time, the answer is yes, even if you are unsure.

To eliminate these many questions, you will work on your self-esteem. To do this, we must first accept their mistake and politely get rid of it. It is impossible to try to improve if we do not recognize their imperfections. You can also get help from professionals in the field or to hear audio work for your self esteem. Likewise, simple techniques are performed in the comfort of your humble abode.

With a lot of self-confidence, you can get a better handle on sterile life's problems that inevitably confront and resist pressure.

While we're at it, remember again that the self-esteem in the form of equity or culture is not something innate receive. Always and only by the desire to improve himself, landing a better product of society, rather than the opposite.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Neighbors are neighbors

The neighbor can be "very close friend who lives" or a recurring nightmare. Here, a Decalogue for usability and all reasonable means to help solve problems that may occur.

Who has never had problems with the neighbors? This is a classic waste of others that fall into our garden, neighbors, throw not the sign and cleaned so that the screams of his goals football team, the department has their fitness not caring about other living below plays the drums and make family reunion ends late at night.

The issue of coexistence and tolerance in the community is part of everyday life. In fact, according to the latest report of the conflict through the criminal justice system and strategic planning, which made frequent complaints by residents of the city of Buenos Aires, is the offense for situations resulting from the use of public space without permission of they carry on economic activities, the abuse, intimidation and disturbing noises! ... These data provide Sansó Gonzalo, Director of the Office for Victims and Witnesses of the prosecution of CABA.

In search of a civilized society, experts cite a number of principles that in a kind Decalogue of good neighborliness, founded on the values ​​of coexistence. Tolerance, respect, cooperation, and the work of the team to participate

1) You need to understand that our rights to terminate where the other begins.

2) We need to judge others as we would do with us.

3) Avoid working in the field.

4) Do not hang up your clothes, or in the window or on the balcony overlooking the street.

5) loud music late at night is not recommended.

6) require the maintenance of public space to take, throwing paper in the trash, the collection of waste from our pets, taking care of monuments, etc.

7) Compliance with traffic laws is important to live well, for example, across the street when the light or speed limits.

8) It is also the responsibility of our actions for the common good, for example, to pay the costs on time.

9) It is good, in solidarity with our neighbors, for example, what the group, people with disabilities, pregnant women, etc..

10) Last but not least ... Concern and know that our neighbors!

We must also understand that "unity is strength." One example suggested Hilarza Adrian, president of AIPH (Association of Property Managers consortium's civil horizontal) is that. In a moisture problem, there is nothing better than to join forces that split the cost of resolving if it is not another option As we get angry, it is sometimes the only alternative and the best to solve the problem without resorting to the courts.

On the other hand it is good to know and assert our rights. Since 2007, the Attorney General shall make a policy of access to the courts, which offers several ways for people to be implemented and complaints about their rights.

Based on this initiative, residents must bring management units and reports, which are distributed in different areas of the city where they can access a permanent care facility.

Finally, a series of data. Residents of the Federal Capital, who suffer from disadvantages of living a free and confidential service that offers GCBA called Community Mediation.

His method is as follows: a mediator facilitates communication between the parties with respect to reaching mutually satisfactory solutions to the conflict between them. Options and proposals from interested parties, the agreements with the scope of private agreements are obtained. For more information, residents should. To the Office of Community Mediation CGPC his town, where the Board of Mediation

Learn to speak in public

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Learn to speak in public

Learn to speak in public

Many people fear speaking in public, causing them great anxiety. However, we can improve the ability to speak in public. To achieve this, it is critical to properly prepare and know the subject. Take the interest of the public and speak effectively will make communication more efficient.

However, there is a phobia that straddle the large number of people and go and is done more common. This time we are going to be afraid of public speaking, because public speaking phobia you may feel humiliated or otherwise ridicule. Do you have phobias?, There are horror landscape? Well then you are referring to exactly what this phobia so you can get as soon as possible.

First of all, I must say that fear is public speaking or second name, afraid of what usually occurs usually during adolescence, and it is here that the more we care about the opinions of people like us (family and friends). Then, spread throughout our professional life to the need to talk to people, talk with a stranger, or even a phone call.

Among the various symptoms of anxiety include flushing of the face, the body language of nervousness, hesitation and muscle tension. If you meet these requirements while speaking or appear in public, here are some tips to help you control this phobia.

One. Fear of speaking in public People who have this fear, feel fear of criticism, to be observed by the people, forget what to say, or the reaction of anyone who listens. In short, this fear does not control the situation and succeed or fail in their interventions.

This fear of speaking in public was highlighted in the moments before the intervention, creating great anxiety often can be the reason for failure. In these moments, we usually think shivering voice, hands hands approach Luciano or rapid pulse.

The main reason for this fear is lack of experience. But if excessive can result from lack of preparation or did not know enough about. This causes great uncertainty, and great concern and anxiety to our questions can withstand a.

On the other hand, if the fear is exaggerated too can become our ally, and we put a warning about something that can not be read in all and makes us more cautious. So, help you prepare better and not be complacent. Therefore, it is important to recognize and accept the fact that you can prepare properly and can not be overcome and the reason for failure.

Two. Preparation Anyone can improve their ability to speak to speak in public over the PA dependent and courage that may arise. Let's look at some tips that can help:

- The most important thing is to know exactly what they are talking about and what we want to convey to listeners. Therefore it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the subject and understand the ideas we want to convey.

- Practice and rehearse what we say we give you confidence and fluency. Rehearsals take it as a reference if needed to take some notes on the key concepts of our discourse, but we must not lose the spontaneity memorize it and runs the risk of not knowing Forgot expression continue.

- Knowing what goes on, how the atmosphere and how the public will participate in our conversation, help us to having a better understanding of the situation and increase security. In this way, we can adjust the speech to all the circumstances, adjusting the time or the use of language matches the type of listeners.

- In addition, we must prepare for possible questions that could play, so we can respond more quickly and efficiently. Above all, we need to prepare those that by their difficulty to reach a situation more complicated. We are not satisfied and think it's going to raise difficult issues.

 3. Capture the interest of the public The main purpose of speaking in public is to convey information. It requires to capture the interest and attention of the audience and it is very important not only to the content of the message, but how you say it.

The way we express should vary depending on the public to participate, using language suitable for all audiences. Not the same university in contact with sellers. We fit the theme differently depending on the participants.

To attract public attention, it is advisable to start with what most concerns and stimulate their interest from the beginning. We also use jokes and humor First, there is a close connection first, and create a more relaxed atmosphere.During the intervention, it is important to be passionate about what we talk every now and then to change the pitch of the voice and the rhythm of speech, making it more dynamic and fun. Moreover, the use of pauses, as they are very efficient and create interest and tension.

At the end of his speech, it is important to remember briefly the most important aspects of our presentation and answer any questions. The last words that users must be in the same line that the whole speech, so for example, if our intervention had a passion and energy to finish strong.

4. Which effectively If you already speak effectively is to understand the message, persuade and communicate. Is to make the listener any time to know what he was talking about and see us for what we say, then it is essential to move the defense.

At a public front, speaking loudly and clearly, avoid jerky movements, or tags, are characteristics that demonstrate your faith. If, in addition, display anecdotes or personal experiences, using understandable language and to public participation, effective communication, ie remember listening to get the information you want to convey.

These few tips you should follow if you want to control public speaking phobia, insert it into practice knowing stage fright long-term control and thus make sure much more yourself.

 Always be positive Make it clear that you know the subject and you feel passionate about it.

Do not read your presentation Something very basic not to mention the public, by reading the presentation he uses the notes as notes, as required.

Provides examples Try to make your presentation as concrete and "realistic" as possible, so you can add your own anecdotes and humor to make the point.

Use visual aids Accept what you say visual aids such as notes distribution charts, transparencies and slides, you need to make sure that everyone can view them properly. Do not use visual aids, consisting of your target audience spend more time trying to read them, instead of listening to what you have to say.

Maintain eye contact with your audience Maintain eye contact even when you're out in the classroom or meeting room, classroom, among other, so that everyone feels you are speaking with.

Involving the public People hear only some time after that, the attention turned to other things. If you can make the presentation interesting to be really easy to grab and hold the attention of your audience for a while. It features simple activities and speed to be actively involved in the play.

Finally you should consider the issue, how to lose your fear of speaking, vocabulary and intensity of public voice, for this reason, you should change the tone of your voice and make sure not to talk fast.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Keys harmonious relations

There are different ways of communication, helping us avoid the arguments and development of harmonious relations. Most people, the techniques suggested below quality improvements, not only in his love life, but also in relationships with other family members, colleagues, friends and strangers. In other words, everyone!

The great conflict negotiator, Marshall Rosenberg shared that when he taught his communication skills for non-violent elementary school children who collected the ability to recognize their feelings and share them with more responsibility faster than their teachers and school administrators. While it is true in general that young minds absorb information more easily when we get older and more are on our way, there is still hope if we willing to try. In this context, there are three proven tools to improve communication between you and your partner.

A. Self-awareness. Take the time to become aware of more and more what happened to you if you are angry with your partner work. For example, if you are frustrated because your partner out with the garbage when it is fully committed, but in reality it is not, you can be fully justified to be angry. But we will decompose. It seems to be more than kept his word, and participate in the housework. In his anger, you may feel that you cannot trust to follow him, by what he says, and has done more than it's fair share at home, you can see a lack of association. Win allows self-awareness of the deeper issues and allows for better communication. Once you clarify what is going on inside of you to communicate constructively with "I" am, the word "I" and "me" instead of speaking to accuse or blame.

For example, instead of saying: "Never take out the garbage, I have it!" Anger and do it yourself, you might say: "I would be delighted if you took the trash without could regularly reminded relax and hope that you go on and it's a good feeling to share the work with me. "Feel the difference in emotional tone?

Second Recognition. It would be going too far at this point, if your partner is willing to recognize what they were saying. This means that it is open, not defensive and say something simple like "I know I did not systematically take the trash." As we know our partner said to recognize a defense, he is usually a calming effect annoying. There's also the "evil" because he / she is that there are ways without changing the situation believes communicate. Nero-Linguistic Programming, a powerful approach to interpersonal communication, found that the use of the same words that the other person allows him / feel understood. Orville Hendrix used a similar technique in his book reflects the Imago Relationship Therapy.

Reproduction sounds like: "I would be happy if I took the garbage regularly without you reminding me Relax and I hope that I continue, and it feels good when they share the household with you.." When we are on exactly what to reflect the other person said, the person feels understood and respected. It is a powerful tool in the DE-escalation of conflict and the restoration of cooperation.

Third Responsibility. Task is to take responsibility for our feelings and actions. Again, this is a little embarrassing, to be themselves. So if I was the only one not in the trash bin, I wonder what happened to me. Maybe I've been busy at work and tired to do anything else. I was fixing things around the house and feel appreciated. Maybe I will for something else. Maybe you do not like taking out the garbage. Anyway, I have to clarify this point to communicate well for me.

When working with a partner, it really helps when you. Both a sincere effort to understand and cooperate with other Make a statement, according to another institution of its intention to more harmonious and peaceful forms of interaction that you communicate better, have fewer arguments and constructive discussions to find. If your partner is not going to work with you, shows the intention. Itself and then the methods themselves it is very useful.