Monday, April 30, 2012

Language in everyday life and its influence on decisions

The language that we in our daily life conscious and unconscious influences decisions of others.

To illustrate this, let a simple experiment that I, if we went with the family at the fair, where they make delicious French fries and other goodies was fresh.

My little sister wanted a burger and fries, while the rest of the family wanted fried balls of puff pastry with apple or pineapple into it.

It should get into another line, what he wanted.

My father told me what I needed, he said, "You have to stand alone, then in this line, separated from us."

I saw his face change in the same second, changed his attitude and his eyes fell.
My sister said, "Then I'll take what the other has."

I saw really wanted a burger and fries, but would not be alone in this line.
His decision to change the way my father explained that I had to do.

Take the opportunity to build a different perspective, that I told my sister "offer. You can wait in line next to us, with the remainder in this bar, if you want"

He changed his mind and returned it happily queue for food.
When I asked her when she enjoyed her fries, what changed her mind, she says, "You can explain it better."

She was not aware of what it was, the words that changed the whole perspective of the experience.

This shows how powerful language can be our ... with only a few words.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Techniques of stress management for a quieter life

Stress management plays an important role in how efficiently they are able to stress and other anxieties that we experience in our daily lives to fight. We all have things that cause us stress when the bills pile up, the more likely it makes problems at work or at home, and all the stresses are different. Stress is not maintained in a healthy manner and has to be able to wreak havoc working on our mind, body, emotions and behavior. The key word in the previous paragraph is healthy, especially the Americans for the use of tactics to combat unhealthy stress, how to call it smoking, drinking and abusing drugs and pills are known to name but a few.

How to avoid stress is not only quite reasonable, it is imperative that we all learn and practice effective techniques for managing stress, not feel overwhelmed by anxiety and concern of consumers. Guide helps non-profit provides an overview of healthy ways to "cope four A.: Evita, modify, adapt and accept" to stress the

Stress Management with four A

Avoid: Avoid unnecessary stress. This is the advice not to avoid stress in your life, it is not possible or healthy. For example, a large part of the effective stress management is to know your limits and if you are near it. If you have a full plate, you must learn to say "no" to taking on additional tasks that can not manage you. This could to be at work, home or even your social life. If there are people, circumstances, or even topics of conversation, the topics are current, or the amount of time we are in contact with them to avoid or completely.

Age-after situation. When a stress is unavoidable, consider how you can change to get stuck and give too much stress. Many of us are guilty, and not our feelings openly and honestly about things that bother us. The more we do not express how we feel, resentment builds within us. A stress-management technique is simply a great press our feelings as a way to change the situation. Honesty is the understanding, leading to a compromise that could lead to the realization of a common basis for all happy.

Adjust, adapt to the stressful situation. If you can not change, change the situation or the person who is the source of stress, how to react. Start with the reformulation of the problem from a more positive perspective. Treat yourself to a perspective of looking at the big picture. Is it still on the same day, month, year, etc. play a role? One of the most effective ways of stress management is on all the positive things that happen to concentrate in your life. Just take the time to breathe and be reflective and thankful for everything good can in your life very soothing and is concerned with things in perspective, even if it's not small stuff.

Accept Accept things that you can not change. One of the hardest things to do for us as individuals is to accept the fact that we do not control everything that we feel powerless over the things that we can cause pain. However, reaching this agreement and to stop their efforts to control things outside our control, a challenge and an important aspect of stress management. Accept that you can not control the behavior of another person, but you can control how you affect it and respond. Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Accept that people are not confused from time to time, and the decision of the persistent anger and resentment is another good way to get rid of unnecessary stress.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

To be more creative about how to

Creativity is simply the set of ideas and how to get ideas. Go to new places, TSearch something on Google or know new people online, are even in the face of calls we face many new ideas. The first step to greater creativity

Go to new places and meet new people

If you know of a serious writer or writers who are always used to go to new places all the time. Break the routine and out of peace or in accordance with the demand for creative writing. Could have so if you want creative ideas in this case, be the first step. Break your routine life and go to new places.

Get ready and be seen on TV
You have to laugh at me because, as I see you and I were to say, but my personal experience is real. Television is no longer before starting to work out changes.

Willing to walk a few kilometers

If you think a 20 minute walk is not productive, so you do not take it lightly as a part of this kind, and the routine life. We do not have to live with nature. In his 20-minute walk with nature to be. Look at the birds, the dove and squirrel. Enjoy watching the trees, flowers, walking on the lawn. This gives rise to new ideas.

Do creative things

If you do not know how to be with themselves only from the head to be for him. Enjoy draw a picture, about to draw some lines and try to brush your spirit with the only things that happens in your head at this time to scratch.

I hope all these creative ideas will work for you and help you start new ideas in your life.i think you understand a fundamental need to develop more creative thinking. So remember, it is quite a separate external things just to get inspiration and inside we have to go start a motivation work.So friend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Self confidence self esteem

Low self-esteem is one of the worst problems in the experiment, and people often do not reach their full potential. You are probably here because you will discover how to rise above this attitude drainage. We will examine what are the self-esteem and self confidence are some examples of people who have and those who lack it, and talk more about certain aspects of life that influence these feelings.

Are not the self-esteem and self confidence are one and the same?

Self-esteem and self confidence are concepts twodistinct and must be described separately and together, most commonly associated and usually affects the other significantly.

The self-esteem is how you feel about yourself and your assessment of self-esteem.

Trust refers to her emotions by external factors (ie, how it behaves), refers to her feelings about the presentation to others or to find new scenarios. It lies on how much they learn to believe in their own ability or her ability.

There are different ideas, but go together in the heart of the psyche, to decide our fate somehow. Both have experience in a range from lowest to highest. Here are some examples.

High self-esteem and self-confidence:

The people who have bad Kenievel large amounts of self-confidence, but no fear or danger, as every confidence in their own abilities. People with self-esteem, looking at himself in the light better, they feel are worth the attention of the other completely. Sometimes they may be, big-headed, dominating and intimidating - they are all features that impressive as possible.

Once you truly believe in yourself and the talents of other people's opinions and criticisms do not affect you. You are a leader of his firm belief in their views and skills, so that those who are not as strong ultimately reach their own way. You can easily overcome the fear that before the fighting, either skydiving or jumping.

A minimum of self-esteem and confidence:

People with low self-esteem require continual external stimulation, followed only because they are not even people internally acceptable. Often requires the approval of even the simplest things, and often think, "am I doing here?" "I can do it?" Etc.

Many people have problems with some doubt in his nature, it is natural that if you try a new challenge. But some people can not overcome this temporary and go through them all the time. Many of them should put on a mask every day will lead the courage to live a normal and healthy appearance.

Often implies a lack of self confidence and do things become very difficult, the choice of action is a battle for himself.

It's all in your head!

Without self-confidence and belief in the potential internal and nothing can be achieved. It's a Catch 22 situation.

Social work and career, etc. All these scenarios catalysts for the poison mind that are to further strengthen their self-confidence - If you trust in yourself that generate impacts rally to lose in his whole being. Incidentally, it is likely that you send to depression, feelings of isolation, or more.

With regard to issues in a positive way is difficult when you feel stressed and anxious, which are normally the case in which they are fighting against attitudes that challenge. Very often they are unable to break the psychological barrier and do things to improve your quality of life.

All this is in your mind! An effective approach is to external stimuli, with the help of friends and family that you can not escape stew in their own feelings or consultant who exactly dig what actions you know out of necessity.

Peer Pressure

There are many social and human beings in the world are one of them, of course, work in our communities and it is rare that people find to live completely on their own. No communities would have never built skyscrapers, networks of rail and air travelers. These things are built into our nature, but it can also intensify negative feelings.

See the people more active in a group with apparent ease and joy is hard not to be taken into account in a failure, or left behind. With a lack of confidence to a mental wall between us and the opportunities that surround us to build. I lived it and now recognizes, I can objectively and see people.

One of the thoughts that play is often thought that other people are constantly judge me, think about how stupid or ridiculous about my vocal sounds, etc. This is totally incorrect and usually most people is very likely that in varying degrees to how they look and sound to reflect, you should not have to worry about what others think anyway. There is less said than done hard, and I found that the presence of others in a common situation to give you a great strategy, to trust himself, he once again produce. When you are together, you feel self-doubt, because they are all interacting in the same thing and know the difficulties and others. An excellent way is to find a mentor who you can trust and feel is completely natural and without fear.

From there you can boost your self.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Remain optimistic even found a negative relationship

We've all been there at one time or another. Maintain a positive attitude in a negative world is a battle all in itself. Maintain a positive attitude in the midst of a negative relationship is a hundred times worse. I was married to a negative, and grew up in a negative sense, but the funny thing was, I did not. By adhering to the cycle and stop that because of its location, will continue.

If you

My last statement was married to a woman falsely negative. His world is a reflection of you. I was also responsible for everything negative about the relationship. In fact, it was my relationship and it was 100% responsible for all the negativity in the relationship. I was to perpetuate what I thought was negative and then I went to outside influences on what was going to blame.
This may not seem to make sense, but it's true. It is said that people's attention more on the positive and negative. It is also said that someone more negative attention than no attention. In this sense, everyone reacts differently. Think about it.

The best thing you can do in any relationship, there is something negative to find positive and only concentrate on, know that if you leave the relationship benefit, so that it will be. If you are married and you try very hard to make it work, then it is so. You must decide in each case, the direction you want to go to.

Once you have made a decision and decided that the action plan, then it is time to do so. Make your choice, and you know, work out whatever direction things for the good of all that is involved. It's hard to believe sometimes, but it's true!

If you go or stay, to find something positive and always focus on it. Anything you focus on expands. Just continue to focus on the good qualities that evil is hardly noticeable. If you decide to go, and then think of the liberation and freedom, and these thoughts to the forefront of his mind to hold.

Looking for gold in all situations. You have more power than their settings, circumstances and situations, anything that "touches" or perhaps "influence" of his life. The only power that has nothing in life is power given to you.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Positive attitude in the workplace

We all worked in a hostile work environment at some time or another. Sometimes it
feels like there's nothing you can do to "make a difference" in the workplace, that can not be distinguished. However, such a jump is always working environment full of negative people?

Our own negative contributions

The first is how to contribute to the negativity? One thing that come to listen to other people and complain that things are not fair in the office. Another thing to sit there and listen. There is something else contributing to the conversation!

Whatever we focus on expands. If we agree with people when something negative about, we have added fuel to the fire. The best way to deal with other people who have to change that to the boss or the different policies the subject or politely withdraw from the situation as soon as possible to complain to handle.

Redirecting the negative and positive research

The best way is to be bullet proof is always in good condition. Looking for gold in all situations. Find the positive in the workplace. All are happy and positive effect on wages. Nobody has a problem cashing the check every two weeks. Although people always complain that the salary is not enough, but happy to spend money!

Negativity to you always

But the advice remains the same for gold. If you ever develop a positive and focus on the good in every situation, nothing can happen bad. This is true in most cases, no! His attitude shows through and completely overshadow all others know it or not. Whether you know it or not, his actions speak for themselves.

As a positive rate is much better than constantly complaining. We must work to change the negative into a positive discussion more. If it were easy, would everyone. If everyone would do it, then everyone would be successful. One can not succeed until you change your attitude. You can not expect success to decide at first, then to be happy, positive and motivated.

Focus on the good

Concentrate on what is good and most things that are good for focus. Focus on the evil and you will find more things that are bad for development. It really is that simple. If the date is null, then stop focusing, which is really annoying. Be happy and thankful to have a job and have the ability to work. Just to find the things I like about you will find that your day will be much easier. The practice of these things will work anywhere in the negative to positive rewarding!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to cure a porn addiction

The porn addiction is similar to other types of dependencies is to determine whether established the compulsive behavior of individuals seriously enough influence to our daily lives, including what may be a simple task, this person is apparently not diagnosed. Unfortunately, many addicts do not recognize the symptoms until it is too late, some will not accept, they have a problem.

A porn addict usually can be found, either by reading or viewing pornography (or a combination thereof) in excess, to the point where they have difficulties in the normal, everyday situations, without this activity. A porn addict may also think about pornography on anything else. If the dependence reached this stage, it is important that the patient is trying to appropriate treatment to reduce the impact on their quality of life studied.

Pornograpy dependence has become a common complaint, with increasing numbers seeking help fight against the disease. The increasing availability and easy access to pornography, especially online, has contributed to this growth in numbers. Fortunately, as a direct result of these growth figures, which offer American Society of Addiction Medicine is now officially recognized addiction to pornography and is therefore defined much more than it was before, which means that, the specialized treatment and service professionals are now other more personal assistance.
While porn addiction unlike most known symptoms with no physical substance, the effects may be similar and just as destructive. Addicts can discover a variety of symptoms, with some few signs and other suffering a complete inability to live your life. Some patients may find getting out of bed, or even go to bed at all, a great challenge to stay with a couple of addicts awake for days at a time, unable to pull his attention away from their addiction. Some addicts are controlled by their impulses, are not able to get a job or a family to keep. Social situations are often the cause of great importance for drug users and their social skills, can sometimes be reduced by not able to turn their thoughts away from his obsession.

Although nobody knows exactly what causes addiction in general, it is suggested that sexual abuse, or feelings of abandonment may lead to addiction to pornography to pay.

As more and more patients, treatment, research on appropriate treatment, including looking for addiction to pornography is booming. Currently, the most effective treatment of the discussion and therapy. Other treatments are available, although the success rate remains well to date. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which both have a few more doctors for the treatment of therapy. EFT is the addict has played in various pressure points throughout the body, and the sacrifice of EMDR is to move the eyes in a series of model directions. It was from those who practice alternative techniques is moving, the signal processing of emotions in the field of pornography can block in search of the brain.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to heal a job

My current outlook for the treatment and the treatment is that the will of the individual apart with your past, another important element for the liberation of our models, with the help of someone who has reached a certain level of presence. And treatment (therapy) the unique technique is always secondary to the presence of the assistant. For me, it will say it again, he can not enter'' what we have.'' So if the person that help has not reached what we are working on, only a certain level of working or processing is not going to happen, to work at all.

The ability to hold space is essential for this work. What I mean is that to help the individual, the healing has reached a state of being where they are to be present in the situation and are not the thoughts, emotions must be identified, feelings and sensations of the body and mind. And thus they can see how someone who they have come, as opposed to the story that is the individual to be identified. After this process, the past has been included and is currently frozen, begins to publish and flow.

A profound example

An example that illustrates this perfectly is in the writing of Grant McFetridge. In his books mention the volume of U.S. revolutionary consciousness a hint that during his empirical research, it would not be cured by a trauma in itself, so if he can help the others, came to sabotage the process forever. And unconsciously, to feel they do not go, because the person that will help the process has not been resolved had. So that's why it's still important to work on ourselves before first have to help others, or at least say a certain level of mastery that you help others.


A recent realization that the years of treatment, that she comes back to consciousness. Away from the story of who we are and what we can do is our true nature. This could be pure consciousness, the more self-confidence or the universe are called, for example.

Our history is something that we lived our lives, how we define ourselves and makes changes have been difficult. Even if it does not make you happy, it is still difficult to let go. And it is because of how the ego. That I know that on the basis of what is familiar, and that's what come later to identify with, for safe home environment, in the spirit of the ego.
In the early stages it is very hard not to identify with our history. Thus, through this process of recognition and treatment of our pain, even if we identify with it yet, so we can begin to see us. As if you have not tried any of our pain and still be completely identified with our own spirit, it is almost impossible to watch us.

As for treatment other than healing?

Now prefer to use word processing, as opposed to the word of healing. This is not only "cure" word has all kinds of connotations, and is not a word that people relate in general. Also bring not express what is happening. To some, that what had been repaired broken or is implied to be healed.

But as the saying goes - "No problem can be in the same consciousness that created it can be solved." - Einstein If our past is in the process is not manufactured or modified, but simply assumed it to be is, as Carl Jung once said -. "Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering."

To try to change the past shows that the mind is a problem with the same level of understanding that attempts to solve the problem and avoid creating that his main goal is to harm. This is what is known as a red decoration or painting the door. While doing in the past, or we are better, remember that we are observers of the mind and spirit are not.
As we move through the life of our past, in the frozen trapped in our bodies and our minds. This is often due to trauma and also due to trauma in childhood is rarely seen the original. And if I can I go back these memories, and the recognition of them, the natural flow.

How and why does the treatment take?

A few months ago I read a book called "Why love matters by Susan Gerhadt. Is Sue Gerhardt, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist UK. This book is about different things to do with the child's development. And the things that they in talks during treatment. For me, this country is the idea and explained why it works.

Heal the contrary, this may be a bit airy fairy, and something that people are who are in spirituality or religion. And because these labels is the only reason to do this work is minimized and dismissed. The treatment of the other is neutral, and eat and drink as important as our own well-being. There is no fairy tale air, spiritual or religious about treatment is a normal part of a healthy existence.

This book tells how it occurs and what happens if they do not. So I will do my best to paraphrase what was said and I have my own bias.

The left brain is responsible for processing and sorting, it is to fill a bit of a closet. Be classified in our daily experience and in the correct order. The right brain limbic-related areas, the more emotional and does not work with the same restrictions and structures such as the left brain.

If our emotions are processed in a functional way, passed on the left side of the brain and from there, they are arranged and placed the order or sequence of when they were. However, if a trauma that is not up to the brain first left and you stay in the right hemisphere. And because they are always there to tempt erupt at any time and at inappropriate times. This makes it difficult to "present", and causes a reactive behavior.

So, when caregivers are in line with their own emotions that the child can express their feelings well, and makes it through the treatment of the brain on the left to go. If nurses are not in a position due to their own emotional repression, for example, will remain the feelings of the child until they are processed by the left hemisphere.

Imagine a closet full of everything in order. Once the design is closed you can not see. If you have a specific file to open the draw, but it will be a choice. This is what happens when the process was taking place. Now imagine filling a cabinet that contains the files of the box and on the top. Here are constantly in his mind, one can never escape. This is what happens when emotions are processed.

Therefore, Sigmund Freud, "talk therapy" was so effective, why is effective and in conversation with a friend or therapist. This is because, by talking and to be aware of our emotions are processed. As I already said I, do what the difference is that the therapist is likely to be much more clear and focused to a friend, which leads to a higher level of processing.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to be sociable

You do not have to cringe when a party, speaking to large audiences, or simply speaking into a classroom. Learn how extroverted, and mix with different types of personalities to be. Change you can enjoy your relationships with social interaction and hope to participate.

First, analyze the reasons for his shyness. Effort to the various scenarios that you are nervous when they know how to make people face. Arriving back in the annals of the history of the interaction and see if it's a bad presentation speech, for example, was. Perhaps it would have occasional or persistent bullying by a brother or an outsider at school.

Start with individuals more observation. You see people like them and begin to interact with some useful suggestions. Avoid contact with the fear of wrong moves, reducing the feeling of relaxation. Studying the actions of successful people in the interaction. In most cases, these people are not happier or wiser and more beautiful than you. You can, however, the nature of the interaction of age.

Identify the things you nervous when it comes to be an extrovert to make. Shyness is mainly due to intense fear and worry about the bad things is a good example. It could also keen to make mistakes, while the verbal contribution.
Try to find your niche. It is much easier to work with people who share similar interests and hobbies as you mix. Start practicing your skills and interaction within a family atmosphere. It could be anywhere from a meeting with fans and colleagues for a big family celebration.
Choose a group that provides open space below, or general information, opinions and anecdotes.

Donors and others in a dialogue with you to avoid interest. Make room for all the people who can meet you, but without much discussion, centered. Watch what you sign these people to communicate with their bodies. People begin to feel anxious, when they uninterested in conversation.

Motivate people to express and opinion. Make a conscious effort to draw some satisfaction from a conversation if it was boring and empty. With regard to individuals in their interaction may well be a pleasant company. To give you the attractive aspects of a conversation is still satisfactory and shows his true face of communication.

Put a little effort to add names of people who remember imported. This is a fundamental part of the beat with lively dialogues and friendly people. This is an important step that makes the individuals they are faster and better suits you. A large number of tutorials available to keep its name.

In anticipation of the success of the initiative, be outgoing. The fact that you are dreaming about more personal feeling to express dissatisfaction. Align behavior patterns they consider appropriate for interpersonal relationships. Set clear goals that are easy to handle. You can lose importance and unique name, if lack of clear goals of social interaction.