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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hypnotherapy VS Empathy

Ok that's empathy has its place in hypnotherapy?

The answer is no, it does not belong. Start with a definition of empathy. "Empathy, identification, or spiritual experiences, feelings, thoughts or attitudes of another subsidiary."

Imagine I would like to explain the above definition a little, he says, "the intellectual identification with someone else," Well, it is even by this one person to dig through their own experiences, so that there would be someone else has this experiences. You can not do that with the production of feelings and emotions of that person could feel that I agree with this part of the definition.

So, to show empathy to feel what we think, to understand the other person really to sympathize with them. Well, this is dangerous as a hypnotherapist my clients often come with a lot of complaints is one thing that is important in all this that they are usually very painful emotional states. Of course it is what inspired me to look for hypnotherapy in the first place.

Certain emotional states, from which the client's status anxiety, depression, anger, fear, loneliness, etc. In general, a mixture of these feelings is usually very intense levels. So we are going in the direction of empathy! If we do that, we have to feel what they feel and once you're good, you really think we are ready to help? For example, only a few people I've seen on the edge of a panic attack! Do you really think it would be good to help someone?

In the past I've had clients who have influenced my condition, it started becoming a problem with me, so much so that I do my job well, because when you feel bad enough that tend to go inside, it to meet. The excitement actually distract you and puts you in a state that is different from his trial.

For example, you can concentrate to 7-2 bits of information per second, consciously, unconsciously, you can also track over 11 million per second of information. What happens is that you can use all its capabilities to help clients cope with their fear of fear, etc. It is as if you were on a freeway in rush hour traffic, suffocated firewall bumper to bumper, while he can not do anything as long as the travel 5 miles per hour. The downside is that you are calm and relaxed as you like, what are his very few vehicles free of charge and can be extended about 100 miles per hour. Thus, many mental resources to use, to focus on the customer what they say, what they do, body language, for example. To help find the best way.
In addition, if you are in a state of fear that they maintain are the things to be treated differently, their attention to other things while you focus in a state of being calm and relaxed, you have the things are quite different processes are also re- on other things and differs from the conclusions and decisions. So if you are relaxed and calm, which is likely to see what's really in your face and your unbiased by fear.

So when it comes to empathy with the client is a no no! You must keep your car in a state where you do your job to the best of my ability to feel, while protecting your car into scrap and negative for these states. I met other health professionals who do this and then complain that they feel depressed and anxious, and so all the time, they can not understand why! It is easy to go to identify with a few customers each working day before the negative conditions of the customer and this builds over time, because in these states are usually negative at work, while at home, for example.

Now to digress a little, I'm sure you talked to someone, a friend, relationship, and all their shit on you dump! Then you feel like shit, they have again and again to the point where it starts, done to avoid this person. Everyone knows someone like this brings us to avoid or spend as little time as possible with them. Why, because they make you feel bad, I would also recommend that you do not do that to people you meet, as friends of the family, etc., because they will feel bad, I also have a tendency to wonder if others are trying to do, change to protect themselves by all possible means. Yes, I am aware that this is a common way to connect people and get to know each other in order to gain the trust is. However, costs and alternative routes to deal with people who do this in order to connect this behavior to limit as much as possible.

Asked Rodney was studying and working in the field of hypnotherapy in Melbourne for over 5 years. To help in your business website with more information to people when booking a session of hypnotherapy to lose weight are interested, stop smoking, a phobia? To quote S, one or two. He also got a blog that has more information about hypnotherapy, NLP and the work of rapid change.