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Saturday, November 3, 2012

human dimension rights

The title of this article is very good, impressive, query, admiration and feelings, too. To break and because education comes in Hui la previous plans were very traditional, as our old "old saying.

Educators Hui la break systems, thanks to the world of education reform, although some others keep repeating tasks to tasks does not make sense, of course, there is a small part ADVANCED finally reached the principle of equality.

Therefore means the doctrine of the "lake": M, Method A is the most beautiful thing in the world is love, and R that every person the right, then there is love SEA method and reason that are not in America America new because should Mexicans and with 30 years experience and with the support of the PTA in the continuity of the educational process, and that the family is formed, and the first training center for the human person, then follow the instructions in the schools practiced Huila with ethics, transparency, love, commitment and sense of belonging are.

It is important to say that the feelings are not only a state of mind in the facilitation of sensations, ideas, memories, experiences that affect the individual, represented in our students involved, which our reason to be. They are people who deserve our sympathy, which is used with the fall of the word, or better, is obtained through dialogue and consensus among civilized people, well used, because feelings can help to develop a process intellectuals, complete their own education. The pedagogy of the "March" should be very useful in our classrooms

It is important to people today as planned. Disenchantment against the powerful world of reason You want from drowning that that many people importance of studying human rights, the intellectual property was selective, almost idolatrous that determines escape freedom felt, or will have the same feelings. No thrills needs outside the context of the right side, as if it were a foreign element to the person. Many times we have defined man as a rational animal, but we have forgotten that this is the case, are particularly excited or feel. Emotional intelligence is the love of the government. Undoubtedly, this human dimension, well-lived, helps the person feel good about themselves and others.

In education and training

Thus, the "sea" several dimensions, which are of vital importance as the human dimension, representing the role of the human person,importance of studying human rights of the students, with individual properties to assess each teacher says and understand the limits based on idiosyncratic linking urban and rural, rich and poor, but mostly it's an association that fully aware, is that every student.

What happens is that there is no learning curve or assimilate faster than others, but there is no equality itself is all the time in order to reach the same goal, which is funded by promoting teaching skills and administrative provisions must always be because the study.

A second dimension is the creation, by the different rates of learning developed, because it is a little more advanced than others, and many educators is teaching methods that are mainly or conceptual work but there are some that are obsolete and archaic modeled traditionalist in the application are . It's like a trumpet sounds in a vacuum, without a sound echo, because you lose, not a repeat basis, and therefore personally think it should be scrapped

A third axiological dimension that determines the power of the moral and ethical values ​​to develop both the students and the teachers. It is a living example that the student tries to imitate and follow, the most typical case of teachers in our department. However, it is important to remember that in this dimension are happy pills and what the philosopher Aristotle argued that it is the realization of the human being, so our children to be sent to the Education "ON" with a smile and affection for each of them.

Every teacher should break the mold, students had to increase and the interaction with the teacher and peers. Welcome integration and the development of respect within the school community to be more ideological and their raisin Demetre.

A teacher can be identified with the doctrine of the "sea" when it comes to promoting coexistence, respect for otherness, tolerance and above all the great friendship comes. If not, is a traditionalist and an educator who deserves some training pads and are all available by him, an endogenous, exogenous, but the Department of Education, has a high degree of responsibility, which we allow teachers to high quality educational sense.