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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The myth of the work or life balance

My family and I were sitting in the living room floor, glued to the TV. Nijkk Wallejnda, Flying Wallertnda was on a tightrope above the Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls and took me by surprise. The degree of concentration, preparation, and all other company and another at my feet in a 2-inch cable to go, much less than 1,800 feet above, is astounding.
How surprised and from where I was fascinated by the attention he was able to share my absolute favorite analogy of the most frequently asked question of my clients. Extract corpses.
Mr. Wallenda balance needed to travel about 1800 meters of cable treacherous whirlpool, prevailing winds and moisture. At the end of equilibrium, in which his family was there to welcome and enjoy the performance. Nice story.
If we begin to balance our work and private life to find, the journey is much more dangerous and much more. Slippage and our family and career aspirations, or both could decrease our control, and send us reeling. Experiments of this kind of balance do not end with a loving embrace, and press conference. In fact, often too late.
Because the term and concept, work / life balance, popularity has about 25 years ago saying there was no significant gain in the lives of the people won, they want balance. Do what you can, using his personal life outside of the pole at one end, seems to be the life of another, and keep it perfectly stable illusory. It also seems very attractive.
Think about it ... Imagine that you are our man Nik on the wire. You take the stick and place the work on one side and the rest of his life on the other. The more the pole to a better balance, so we will do about 40 meters long.
Assuming you can actually get to go the center of balance on the wire. At this point you can not even think about what is on each end of the stick, because all his concentration to stay alive! Try to make your job a little closer to you to fall. Want to turn your head and look longingly to your family? No, if you wish to maintain balance.
Steady As You Go ... Always looking ahead, to ensure that your measurements are correct. Focus! Stay focused! You just have to keep forever. Fun, is not it?
The truth about work / life balance is not there. It is a myth that never happen. The concept goes away from too.
First, we must assume that life is static. In order to be a balance, need to have the elements remain constant. In other words, a place to come, and balance to stay, nothing can move later.
No promotion. No family growth or movement. No greater spiritual depth. No improvement in health and challenges. Produced without the participation of the community or new relationships. Static.
Does your life ever again say that? Of course not! And I do not know anyone who really wants to. This is our second point.
The following equilibrium assumption is that you do things you want to be first rate. Would you really want to go anywhere and stay? Nothing imminent or in progress. The same thing over and over again and again ... I do not, and I bet you do not!
Conducted in more than 4,500 interviews in the past 15 years, I have thousands of people who want to "balance" to say hit. However, when I ask them to describe what will your life be like if a balanced look, none of them described the balance.
Whenever you have the same perspective. The people of teachers describe and CEO of the start-millionaire restaurateur mother of all bloggers the life that could never be compensated. I heard from a life of challenge, adventure and variety. Life, moving and shaking all available dynamically. No balancing act here.
With these descriptions, I had the privilege to help these people to take control of their lives, to take over their businesses and future. In describing what she really wanted, everyone realized that it was much more than the balance. That's my challenge and hope that at this time.
Take five minutes and write down what your life would be if they were compensated, as desired. Share a summary of his discovery in the comments and tell me what you think your biggest obstacle to its realization. I look forward to seeing your answers and see where I can help, your next breakthrough.

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