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Saturday, June 2, 2012

desire for eternal happiness

We eat every day to gain strength. Not that you just ate and again on Monday next Sunday to eat again. You need to feed regularly or weaken in any way. Similarly, the association is to bring ordinary people, the importance of the connection, and regular dialogue with the Lord in our hearts is a prerequisite for our stay mentally strong.

Often people want to be naive, but without its problems. Our desire for eternal happiness is not, of course, the soul is put into the Constitution, cit ananda, eternal, full of knowledge and happiness. However, our attempts to find this happiness often plagued by unrealistic expectations. Absurdity of our body or our mind we will need lots of luck. This hope was frustrated time and again to the body, by definition, temporary. We can experience eternal happiness, if we combine our eternal souls eternal spiritual principles of good faith by spiritual practices.

The irony is regrettable, it is also spiritual practitioners are sometimes discouraged when they encounter difficulties, temptations and obstacles in their path. At such times we must not forget the magic formula for eternal salvation, "the persistence of the practice." We have our meditation, prayer and other practices, practice every day. Regularity helps us with happiness highest divine experience of combining a higher dimension.

Sing the names of God every day, read the scriptures regularly and offer sincere prayers daily, and the association constant of human beings that makes us spiritually inspired life very easy. Therefore, there is consistency in our practice is the magic pill of happiness.