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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Awareness and healing and your relationships

Awareness and healing are two complementary processes. Knowledge that leads to healing and the healing process will lead to a higher consciousness. Remember to note that often do not feel the need to heal. You manage your life on autopilot, living according to "social norms" to believe that you know you are good enough to manage their lives and their relationships. However, since in fact believe that he is well enough that it is an illusion, knows they are not aware of a number of factors that have power over you and control your attitudes and behaviors. There may be requirements that do not know that fear, unrealistic expectations and fantasies about his deception, and their belief system that could be wrong thinking on partners and relationships. As long as you do not realize the power of these factors on which to go off by the realization of self-growth and intimacy with success, to yourself and your relationships over and over again to sabotage.

As long as you do not, they do not feel the need to heal, not knowing what and how. One senses that something is wrong, is that something like you want something to achieve promotion to the lives of their employees and / or training and what you want to achieve - if successful intimate relationship, better able to and so on. However, be aware of what something is, I do not know how to engage in a process of healing and change.

Then you can use to combat the symptoms and not the problem: the importance of trying their feelings of frustration and in terms of their relationships to calm these two:

First She tries to stop completely, a partner in finding a fulfilling relationship with the developing, or

Second It begins to constantly search for ways to give you a relationship somehow, knowing that the deep commitment to escape his loneliness, he's too tired to develop a real healing process, which may be the means to lasting intimacy and authentic sound .

In both cases, an appeal against the symptoms instead of fighting the problem.

You can see this phenomenon in all areas of your life: If you have back pain, can be recycled, for example, how many people it can lead to stress, a bad mattress or other factors. While you are not aware of is your attitude to pain, you can try different approaches to free him so that none of them change your attitude and heal. If they fail in their attempts to foster a productive relationship, it is possible to use the excuses and rationalizations to explain their failure. For instance, could be "very selective", not knowing that the fear of commitment, not to allow the foot to stay in a relationship and got him to move to that of another country. Or you can learn how to always behave in a manner in which they work, as in endless conflicts with colleagues and superiors, and even fired continuously. As long as you do not realize that it does not meet your company to be unconscious, takes his unfinished controlling mother, you are not able to heal your past and to consciously change their attitudes and behaviors flow. These on-going damage to the relationship and make your position in jeopardy.

These and similar events show that to be aware of their attitudes and behaviors and the factors that control continue sabotaging yourself and your relationships. Awareness allows you to engage in the healing process, turn the power of these factors have on you, and make the necessary changes that lead to a fulfilling and satisfying.