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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

think about happiness personal relationship

Happiness lies in your hands

People like to use when it comes to the future of happiness. It is often part of a sentence or an emergency. How many times have you heard people say, "If I could a man at some point really loves to see me as I was happy!" Or: "If my man was best for me, I should be happy!" Perhaps you have heard someone say: "If the stock market goes up today, it would certainly be very happy," But that happiness does not come from any external source.

Happiness is a feeling of satisfaction that they and their cars, their environment and their work. It does not require the consent of the other or allow. There are many things in this world who can not control, but happiness is one of the few things we can control. So why do so many people unhappy?

Greatest charm of a woman, the ability to bring happiness to the people

Someone said: "The charm of a woman lies in its ability to use his powers of persuasion to bring more happiness to people." A happy wife is not bragging, but strong enough to make the trials of life. He also retains his youthful curiosity. Think about how much better the world would be if everyone was like that! But women usually carry a load of trouble. We tend to think about trivial things and worries of life, and forget how to take us even at eight. This inability to let go, it is difficult for us to know the taste of happiness.

Is there to be secrets, a woman happy?

In an online poll for the "Ten outstanding women and happy new to Taiwan," by Avon, 14 May 2007 sponsored the most votes went to Sun Cuifeng that conventional wisdom can not be considered a happy woman. Why? Her husband had an affair with his sister, which led to a child. But that has managed to arise from the shadow of scandal with dignity and was "the happiest woman again." In the eyes of the women of Taiwan, Huang Yunling as no. 9 to the vote, she divorced her husband, but despite her failed marriage, she was able to share their personal problems with an optimistic and positive. Blessed are those who face undefeated for the hardships of life.

There was a woman named Hannah in the Bible. She had no children. Her husband had another wife, Peninnah have no children. When Penina realized Ana was barren, was a rival of Hannah and caused him to irritate him. Under the ordinary rules of Hannah was a very unhappy woman has, but there was a secret pleasure in itself. Bible tells us to say that Hannah prayed God. "My heart exults in the Lord, the Lord my horn is lifted high My mouth is my enemy, I delight in your deliverance." (2 Samuel 1 :1-4) What was the secret of happiness, while Hannah, despite the odds? We know that your prayers that God was in his heart and had a firm faith in him. Since she could impose the restriction and the pressure from his environment and has to overcome a person of true peace and happiness.

Are you a happy person?

If you do not like the world is becoming a terrible place. Several questions were terrible, but real, such as: Who am I? Why am I unhappy? There are many indicators of happiness, including the following nine. Take a look at it. If your answer is not more than half of the nine, then you should do something!

Do you have:

He has a personal support network close relationship? Have the best candidates for a woman, a heart to heart conversation with her husband, are brothers and friends.
Learn to use your time?
Has a smile for everyone? For women, to smile, the best way he looked in the mirror every morning to find a smiling face.
Inclined to see problems in a positive light? Decide to be happy with a woman.
We appreciate what you have today? Contentment brings happiness.
Keep an exercise routine? It is reported that "exercise can help, the pressure in your life. Allows the body to more dopamine, the hormone release induced a state of happiness." Remember, only lazy women and there are no ugly women.
Enough sleep and rest?
Too much time watching TV? To be happy, women need to grow spiritually and in wisdom. To do this, go to school or read books. Take part in a choir, or attend a community college as a way to enrich your life.
The firm belief religious?

Dear friends, if you spend half your life with happiness, it's come time for you to be with yourself. Only you can help you begin this journey. I found that my personal relationship with God gives me strength and peace each day. God cares about every part of my day and wants to guide me through it. Peace of mind, I can experience something that is for each of us through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I encourage you to give your life to Christ and allow Him to be their inner strength.

Now you can receive Christ by faith through prayer. Praying is simply talking to God. God knows your heart and not concerned with your words, but with the attitude of your heart. The following is a suggested prayer:

Lord Jesus, I know you personally. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life and I ask you as my Savior and Lord come. Take control over my life. Thank you for forgiving me for my sins and eternal life. Make me the kind of woman do you want it.

If this prayer expresses the desire of your heart, pray it right now and Christ will come into your life, as promised