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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

leadership and management : working relationships

We are all in social situations or networking events, or even on airplanes, and people ask, "So, tell me about you." Most of us react to this question in the same way - we tags or hooks are.

For me it would be the following: I am a husband and father of two children. I own a business and have for 19 years. I'm a speaker. I am a writer. I blog. I exercise a lot. I train and advise on leadership. (I could go on, but you get the idea.) You can, and probably do the same thing. But these labels on us?

Want to know more about who I am, if I told you that I? Grew up on a farm, and these experiences have a profound sense of growth and opportunity Want to know more about me, if I told you that I have a work ethic to the non-agricultural Midwest and commitment to the family have? I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and went to church on Sunday morning? When the story of how I chose knew Purdue University to attend for college, you will learn many things about me. If I know why I voted in the group for two years did (in part because the football tickets and the opportunity to go to other states and the Indy 500), you should know more about who I am. And if I told you why I am in the middle of the country (after living in California) back chose would say something that I am.

As in the first list could go on, but I think my point is made.

What we do, what we are.

Too often, leaders want, expect or hope, or that the people we know and have a strong relationship with us as their leader, but we really want to know. In fact, as an example, we can not do anyway.

But as a leader, there are some important things to remember.

As a leader / manager / supervisor are among the most important people in their lives. His influence is real. In his view, they have a big impact on your life, happiness, and even content.
Society, especially among the older generation do not really feel that you know about their leaders clearly. After all, you're "one of them".
This barrier, assumed or actual can certainly get in the way of relationships that are built.

These are the realities in which we live and work. And if we want to be highly effective leaders, we must work together to build a close relationship with us - in spite of these realities.

To achieve this, we need to not only overcome these obstacles, but our personal perception. . .

I do not want "friends" at work have.
Have "friends" at work too complicated - I work around or avoid.
I want to be a private person.

For these points, I would say two things - the goal of the leader is not to be to find friends, but it must be maintained through close relationships, and in terms of a private man, get over it.

I'm not saying you can not intimate parts of your life, but I say that if we carry the highest levels, we must be prepared in the past, labels and share with the people who really get.

I know that this may be unnecessary or too intimidating (or even fear). If this is the case, the better.

One of the reasons why you might be intimidating, is that you are not sure your answer to the question "Who am I?" Self again.

So take a little time to understand that. You think. Kept close about your values ​​and what to expect Once you are clear on what you are willing to share and you want to take action. Help people to know who you really are. And remember that people want leaders that real, not perfect. When parties about who you are, because you feel like a leader must keep, remember that it is not possible and not what the people want a leader queue anyway "perfect".

People want with them, even (perhaps especially) connect with their leader. To give them this opportunity, you must be willing to share more about who you are with other people.

While this may put your comfort zone to be placed a little on the way to better relations and more effective leadership.

Fort principle: What you do not, what you are. To be a leader requires knowing considerable self-awareness and self-realization of who you really are - and the desire to share with others.

Monday, June 25, 2012

leadership management training for low cost

Great management with the management is often crucial for success within an organization. Mufti of leading multinational corporations and local small business and to its qualities leading candidates as a way to motivate, organize, build, with the objectives. To improve a very simple solution for this kind of quality within their executives, managers or supervisors would be nice to get it removed in the training of managers and management.

Online training management can also help build skills in areas that may be of crucial importance for the monitoring job in your small business to another level and make sure your work environment could lead powerful and motivated. Regardless of whether your personal manager the beginner or experienced tend, in their positions of all people have something to achieve. Improving the skills and relaxation through courses or materials that can improve the understanding of their leaders suffer certain personal passion, desire and ability to lead others the right long-term success.

Your company stands to benefit from training in leadership and management, and it is now time for a small investment in your company to do it later. Good management practice or management offers many learning techniques and create a list of great leadership qualities. Many people find the Web-based classes and one hour, and profitable. Perfect if you want us to teach a small number of workers, but often requires a subscription to a provider of professional development. Problems with one or managers often pay for the subscription and allows them to choose their own personal programs pace to get to be the single best option.

The main advantage of online training is the ability to know the next time, if necessary, if this is a function or can be at home. A study guide is a flexible approach for remote administration and management training. Open inexpensively on your own or order a printed book for anyone to print it possible to understand their own directors and managers, their own personal rhythm and time, even if it near your PC. Study guides can also be due to the future of your business, research and returned to training new staff on the road.

The world of electronics, raises a lot of responsibility, confidentiality and discipline problems, the training should address. Managers may experience a new level when he issues as an example to say every time an employee caught the wrong reasons is locked behind them on the Web, or to employees with social networking sites have not been used during the working hours . Terms arise because of this leadership are very interesting, about the possibility that the social network to create a sense of pride and identification of devices in the enterprise. Leaders must be taught exactly how powerful it can be if these people have to promote their own vision of loyalty to the company's website. However, managers need training to ensure that your digital world will not interfere with the free time to work.

If you are less concerned with the investment staff to 72 hours and want to own managers, supervisors and managers, the truth can be by far the most of your leadership and management training, you choose a training workshop. Training seminars on the type generally quite interesting and interactive, and even start a personal trainer from 12 employees to be trained for those. Which way is best for your company, is the simple truth that people staff training in leadership and management to produce the qualities of good leaders. So you can make your own team to efficiently move your company forward.

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