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Monday, October 29, 2012

Neighbors are neighbors

The neighbor can be "very close friend who lives" or a recurring nightmare. Here, a Decalogue for usability and all reasonable means to help solve problems that may occur.

Who has never had problems with the neighbors? This is a classic waste of others that fall into our garden, neighbors, throw not the sign and cleaned so that the screams of his goals football team, the department has their fitness not caring about other living below plays the drums and make family reunion ends late at night.

The issue of coexistence and tolerance in the community is part of everyday life. In fact, according to the latest report of the conflict through the criminal justice system and strategic planning, which made frequent complaints by residents of the city of Buenos Aires, is the offense for situations resulting from the use of public space without permission of they carry on economic activities, the abuse, intimidation and disturbing noises! ... These data provide Sansó Gonzalo, Director of the Office for Victims and Witnesses of the prosecution of CABA.

In search of a civilized society, experts cite a number of principles that in a kind Decalogue of good neighborliness, founded on the values ​​of coexistence. Tolerance, respect, cooperation, and the work of the team to participate

1) You need to understand that our rights to terminate where the other begins.

2) We need to judge others as we would do with us.

3) Avoid working in the field.

4) Do not hang up your clothes, or in the window or on the balcony overlooking the street.

5) loud music late at night is not recommended.

6) require the maintenance of public space to take, throwing paper in the trash, the collection of waste from our pets, taking care of monuments, etc.

7) Compliance with traffic laws is important to live well, for example, across the street when the light or speed limits.

8) It is also the responsibility of our actions for the common good, for example, to pay the costs on time.

9) It is good, in solidarity with our neighbors, for example, what the group, people with disabilities, pregnant women, etc..

10) Last but not least ... Concern and know that our neighbors!

We must also understand that "unity is strength." One example suggested Hilarza Adrian, president of AIPH (Association of Property Managers consortium's civil horizontal) is that. In a moisture problem, there is nothing better than to join forces that split the cost of resolving if it is not another option As we get angry, it is sometimes the only alternative and the best to solve the problem without resorting to the courts.

On the other hand it is good to know and assert our rights. Since 2007, the Attorney General shall make a policy of access to the courts, which offers several ways for people to be implemented and complaints about their rights.

Based on this initiative, residents must bring management units and reports, which are distributed in different areas of the city where they can access a permanent care facility.

Finally, a series of data. Residents of the Federal Capital, who suffer from disadvantages of living a free and confidential service that offers GCBA called Community Mediation.

His method is as follows: a mediator facilitates communication between the parties with respect to reaching mutually satisfactory solutions to the conflict between them. Options and proposals from interested parties, the agreements with the scope of private agreements are obtained. For more information, residents should. To the Office of Community Mediation CGPC his town, where the Board of Mediation

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