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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The importance of faith in the seduction of the day

The importance of faith in the seduction of the day

Our beliefs have a great influence on our behavior, we motivate and make what we do. It is difficult to say something without believing it will be good and that experience will help us learn to grow as a person. But ... Which beliefs? What are and how to keep them?

Beliefs are our principles and values, internal cards that we use to make sense of our world, we ensure the stability and continuity. We all share some basic beliefs that the world will support every day, is what to believe in the laws of nature and therefore not to jump on the roofs of buildings, and I tried every day fire burns.

Beliefs come from different sources, such as education, past trauma, repetitive experiences, beliefs, etc. We build from our experiences in the world and to generalize other. Beliefs that come ready-made in our culture or the environment in which we were born. Expectations of the people around us in childhood affects us in the preparation of these convictions. We believe what we say about ourselves when we are young because we do not have the means to test those beliefs and without success to continue since the change.

If we believe in something, we act as if it were true, influences what we every day. That we receive and strengthen our belief, and that is an act of positive or negative feedback that faith.

The importance of faith in trying to seduce day

It was a clinical experience in some patients, the placebo effect, so patients better if they think they offer an effective drug, even if all you give a placebo, i.e without load proven medicinal properties. Faith makes healing. Drugs are not always necessary, but belief in recovery always.

Suppose you have discovered during puberty or have I repeatedly said that the league is not at night than during the day and usually did. This is in your subconscious limiting belief that a day to generate not be directly connected and act as if it is. Around a universal truth the waiver of a lovely lady by his belief that "the day is not connected", your comment's belief positive, treat firming the truth expensive to approach a girl because the day that is the belief by these measures strengthened .

We have to believe a little critical and everything they say. You really cannot be bound by the day? Have you tried? Why do you get these conclusions if you do not know? Are there any scientific studies that show the day to not be bound?.

Now imagine a different situation is that adolescents found that the night is bound and that the day is not normal, but if you decide to try a few. Sales to interact with the girls and have fun as a three-year old child with a new toy. This belief is negative feedback "is not bound by the day," the development of more positive beliefs will be "can be connected for the day," and each time will cost you less to approach a girl and see link to the natural and normal days.

Encourage positive beliefs with practice

Encourage positive beliefs create our skills and results. There is a saying: "If you think you can do something like that if you cannot think, you're right."

The best way to know if you can do something is to try to believe it can achieve. What he cannot, and if this is not possible, quietly, you will notice. If you think that something is impossible, never knowing whether or not possible.

We want to overcome these limiting beliefs, and we know that the practice alone and unaided, is itself rultados complicated and sometimes missing, so if you want to know more about the day Seduction, offer customized workshops and group discussions Barcelona and Madrid. Contact us for more information.