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Thursday, May 24, 2012

To establish limits their unique expression as an individual known.

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The boundaries are invisible lines that are created for themselves and others. Personal boundaries help you avoid can be exploited to or manipulated, but serve to protect your emotional health and spiritual well-being, while creating a separation in what you are and what they think and feel the thoughts and feelings of others. This is a part of his consciousness of himself and that is something you can build and create. By focusing on the development of their personal limitations also strengthens their emotional intelligence.
That is, I must say also that the limits are the multi-dimensional creation in all shapes, sizes and shapes. In this practical guide to our feet, not to wet in the broad theme of boundaries, just beyond the boundaries of relationships, boundaries and limitations of life, self-service.
Boundaries of the relationship -
What are the limits of the relationship? Limit relations have to be a way to express their thoughts and feelings with other people and thus the development of mutual respect, allowing you to show your personal identity. These limits are emotional and physical limits, which currently describe acceptable to you. These limits are designed by you, consciously and unconsciously, through their feelings and life experiences of the past and present.
The development of balanced and healthy relationship boundaries are necessary to get around the right feel secure and loved by the people around you. Your feelings are your guide to understanding their physical independence, psychological and spiritual. Let's take a look at these questions and explore some issues in detail.
Ask yourself;
    Why do I sometimes go against my personal values ​​to please others?
    Let me define others who I am?
    Should I expect that to fulfill my other needs?
    I am not with the words: guilty right?
    I dare not speak, if I do not agree with someone?
    Do you feel you should not change your mind, because I have to disappoint others?
    Do I have the impression that it is all right, a relationship that is not with me is not the end?
Dig In!

Do you feel guilty saying, right?
I can say it can be difficult for some people, mainly because they feel guilty to say. Learn to say no is a social skill, you must be able to do so without feeling guilty. Note that there are many ways to say no, you do not hurt others. The best way I found is that with a legitimate reason I can not do. The reason to feel guilty that protects and helps you establish in your mind why you have to say no. Able to say no is an important step to protect its borders.
Do you expect others to meet your needs?
This is a difficult question because it is sometimes difficult to see in this context. But would the only thing that can ruin many relationships, because it consciously say, "No, I do not know, unless the other to fill my needs," but you do it unconsciously. Through the creation of more self-awareness within, will help you see where your expectations.
If you expect something from someone, emotionally, would like love, trust and compassion and do not indicate how you expect it, you can make you feel empty and lost. The only way around this is to you, what do you think you need another one. This way you'll be able to express their feelings and to protect their borders, the emotional development moves.
I dare not speak, if I do not agree with someone?
If you have difficulty speaking for themselves, what should you ask yourself why. Chances are you afraid of something, you will not like confrontation, are you scared, make mistakes, they do not have enough confidence in yourself, or you feel you can not speak clearly. Learn to speak takes time, but determine only that you take in the situation, small steps to overcome your fear of speaking for themselves.

If you are in the process of strong and healthy, you will work in:
The self-esteem is the key to their own values, you must believe, you are worth more.
Emotional Intelligence Increase your knowledge, you learn to manage their feelings, develop social skills
The feelings-feeling is the best way to establish healthy boundaries, is the best way to recognize first how you feel when you cross their limits?
They Communication Learn to communicate effectively solidifies the boundaries of healthy relationships.
The best way is to understand the limits of the relationship to each and everyone who is near you, think, then read the questions over and over again that this response is that you think a particular person in your life . This is important because chances are you will find that the boundaries of the relationship, not all the senses and can not allow that some people in your life to go all over you and others.
To develop relationships when "healthy boundaries" should be established, the creation of mutual respect, true love, and at the end of the trust. Through the development of healthy boundaries that really live the life of your authentic self!

Own limits
Borders, your car is very important if you want to get the life you want.
Remember what I said earlier in this practical guide, not dipping our toes into this complex issue? Well, this quick guide, I'm not going to sub-personality in great detail, but you must understand that even, there are several sub-personalities, and may your life and not always necessary to check for the better!
These sub-personalities may have a different agenda, what they do with your life and how. For this reason, you must take time to explore these characters, to hear that little voice in your head. You will find incredible strength, he knew he had and weakness that you already own back. But now let's take a look at these questions and explore some issues in detail.

Ask yourself;
    I would not be emotional?
    I fell back into things I know are not good for me?
    I love all to myself?
    Should I make decisions to strengthen the healthy lifestyle?
    I'm disappointed easily?
Digging In;

I fell back into things I know are not good for me?
Ok, I'm sure we've all done this, the question is: Do you think to the point where you want your life to be sabotaged? Vent a little is good, but if it's not in the way of your goals, it is time to rethink how to forgive his stop creating healthy boundaries. The best way to do this is to ask why, why am I doing this? Why I think this brings me happiness? Once you start asking questions, allow me to listen to your inner dialogue, having regard to the first thoughts that come to mind.
I'm disappointed easily?
The disappointment we all feel in ourselves, but not something to sit on a regular basis. It is very easy to focus on yourself too hard, so that you can damage your confidence and disrupt their internal unity.
To think my way to avoid self-deception that there is a reason for everything in life, disappointment, even then, I will focus my attention on letting go. I know that letting go is not as easy as it sounds, most of the time, you must force yourself to let go and when the feelings arise again, use affirmations to let go again. You may need to do this over and over again until completely let you go, but it's worth it.
Ok another;
I would not be emotional?
Emotions are okay, but increasingly emotional, negative feelings about themselves and the world around you catch, take in the wrong direction to the life you want. The best way to avoid emotional increasingly the first account that is more emotional. One can see that you use EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques or affirmations to keep you from emotional condition.
Keep it cool!
You can easily feel a certain disdain, if you are in the process of creating healthy boundaries for themselves. This is because the sub-personalities, which I mention above is a particularly inner child. If you feel the challenge is undoubtedly the inner child in you.
Sometimes it is easier to establish healthy boundaries in your life for others, but when it comes to developing healthy boundaries for yourself is, can be difficult.

If you are in the process of developing strong, healthy boundaries, the need to work in:
Build confidence and improve your quality of life is to recognize your guard dog, if things have not really there. When the inner child is out of control, is the best thing to do to get tough with yourself and set boundaries.
Start small set of goals, if necessary, but the goals in life. Even if you are retired and living on an island now, you can always set goals that reflect a healthy mind, body and spirit.
Development of skills using techniques that release emotions in a work such as safe and effective treatment that any statement or EFT EMDR magic of inner self-healing powers. This will automatically bring positive change to the boundaries of empowerment and self.
Consequently, it can easily be understood by a trip to the word of the boundaries. The best way is to meditate, journal, and allow you to open and honest.
Take a moment to read the questions again, think of the inner child, he or she is too lenient, or power, these are things that you have collected on the spot at that time, a fort built inside yourself, while the world around them in order.
Its boundaries are, your guide to help you make choices that benefit their authentic self to lead you in your life.
Moving Forward

Purpose Driven Life Limits
Everyone wants to know what their intention is, that's life and to be honest, is your goal in life is not always easy to understand, especially as you can and do change throughout your life. The good news is that you do not need a crystal ball to know your purpose in life, because if you maintain healthy boundaries for yourself and others to establish in your life, you walk the path of your purpose in life automatically.
I know my goal in life has changed and developed in my life and I can certainly say without a doubt, I'm on my way to explore my potential.
How can I know?
Because I always try to learn and grow with every breath I take. Ok, not with each breath, but do not just watching TV or playing video games online sit. I think the collection of new ideas and very busy with continuous adjustment of the things I change in my life to make it better!

Ask yourself;
     Do I feel that I speak freely?
    I would not be taxable?
    Do I feel I can make big changes in my life?
    I do not feel safe?
    I can not protect myself, my goals?
Digging In;

Do you think you can express yourself freely?
If you can talk freely to dream the impossible. You can with the people closest to you in your life by allowing you to connect your goals and dreams, or make you feel like you can not?
Be able to share these thoughts and ideas with others is important if you really want to achieve. The fact is that you do not need support in their lives, even if this support that the freedom of speech and listen to others.
Your life is your own! Feel free to express themselves, and if not, you can stop feeling that you do not dream the impossible, and it is sometimes necessary to control for the life that you want to dream.
Do you feel you can make big changes in your life?
When you reach the "good life" is to do the impossible, possible!
My mother told me that I go to college, he said, "is the only university for the rich." Maybe that was true in his mind, but in my mind everything that was possible and I was not scared, big changes in my life to make for them. After she told me that this moment, then I protect my personal boundaries in terms of my goal in life, said: "I can do what I want" Then I began to know how poor people, when in college and did give me.
Think you need to do to the life you want, and then restricts your use of linked Driven Life.
If we cross the boundaries that we normally think of the lines we should not think. But sometimes you have to cross in order to explore more deeply to ourselves and our experience of the world's largest. Once you exceed a limit that can only be restored in this new experience.

If you are in the process of developing strong, healthy boundaries, the need to work in:
Sleep as much time talking about goals, but it is important to have the freedom to dream. Dreams can not become targets and that's fine, are important because they help to extend the study to itself by expanding its boundaries.
Can handle the self-confidence in the knowledge that everything is your way to help you take a chance comes. The risk is needed to explore the limits of use for life, without risk, trapped in the auto-play and never feel that your life is important.
Opens the need to be open to change in your life. Through openness, and new opportunities for growing self-awareness that fit their use limits the lifetime of your life is increased.
Discover, have you not afraid to discover your purpose in life, even if you try too many different things in life. The goal in life is always to develop your experience of life itself add.
Take a moment to read the questions again and think about your goal in life have limits in place to protect you express, and be open to opportunities to make in life? Think about your past successes, goals and dreams. How to express and protect them? Are there things you wish you had done differently? What is the number 1, what you can do today that will change the course of his life and to get closer? Get the life you want
The limits in all shapes and sizes, as I said this practical guide, below is a list of things that, how healthy boundaries that help to think the life you want to create.
His happiness, which is really happy with how he feels about his life and which direction it?
His trust-What limitations, rather than their confidence and to protect it?
His ethics, as they defend their moral and compassion while allowing for other opinions?
Your faith, how to protect their beliefs and allow you to still behind them again?
Its values-what support your values ​​and boundaries are not?
What kind of integrity that you are up to the underlying integrity in their relationships limits.
Look at any of his relations "in your life and ask good on myself when I say that person? Where are my boundaries are low?
His sub-personalities-How do you think your limits in the car you are a little hard or too soft for themselves.
His goal in life all of your limits are supporting your goal in life? Feel safe and risk-taking on new experiences, to grow your life and expand your awareness allows you to explore?
"They have limitations that have to do with all aspects of your life. These limits are to make your life and you move forward and not hold back!