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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Login relationships Self Help

How to know our relationships are built, use them as mirrors to find things within ourselves, we must turn our attention. In the search for the person who holds our sympathy with a critical eye, we do not know the fact that the reflection we see in the mirror inside with a view of the problems to concentrate we deal with.

No matter how you change someone else cannot try. People do not change, if they have a reason to make improvements to the interior and also not to be found before. Punish and criticize you're beloved, you will open up a space in the binding relationship. You will love the demolition of the bridge where flows. If you see the need for self-improvement is also a marker directly on you, so that you can find at the end of the similarities themselves.

Relationships are on a slippery slope. You can so caught up in trying to improve the behavior of the other person and character, they are not even aware of their own. A relationship cannot be upgraded until their self-awareness. Therefore, if you are not aware of the inner battles that can occur, you will attract others their experiences trials and challenges that are designed to keep you are pointing in the direction of their own healing bring.

The only thing that is wonderful relationship between the two parties more experience. If two people are working to improve themselves, to criticize and punish others faded and is really deep love for each other support person and spiritual growth.

Often we want to force the control and the other, meet for her healing to our own needs and fears. The amazing thing about is our relationships is that the other person is limited in their growth and healing, as we grow and heal well. Therefore, no amount of force or pressure to make a step forward in their own growth and healing.

If there is no growth and healing at the individual, their relationship and dry pond, resulting in either a rupture grows as a person, and not the other, or in a stabilized experience empty and withered complacency love and passion both followed only in their pain. coexist

What you want in a relationship that you have. The person I always start because both. In your experience they reflect exactly what. At this time, both good and bad Unfortunately, most people are not experts to be aware of this truth in many cases and do not realize that the relationship also a reflection of their bad qualities, so if you love her on your well being.

Look in the mirror of the relationship can be a beautiful experience to see if you get love, compassion, passion, confidence and all the other wonderful things that do with the union. Unfortunately, it is easy to see the bad reception. However, when you begin to exercise themselves, you realize that all things happen for the worse, both large and small, in relationships and other features, all designed for your comfort. They realize that by many manifest and to discipline yourself to take every opportunity to work their own problems to know that how will anything be leveling their new state of consciousness, including growth and see changes in their beloved and relationship.

Relationships are not only about having love and passion and all the wonderful things that come with them. The main elements of its own growth equation in the higher levels of consciousness and spirituality. When you begin to practice self-control to continue to carve their own negative thoughts and to change the use of their own pain, their behavior and patterns of characters that directly improve their relationship, whether an order that is not serves you that improvement, can grow both as a person in the spirit of divine love adjustments or start, new people to gain new experiences with new mirrors.