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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Scraps thinking young - Tips for Life

More than words, I'll share tips for you who are young, fresh, and the ... intermediate or advanced who cares, young people in the spirit, but you must know exactly how and in what manner.

I have not yet figured out exactly why so young I heard so many good tips that have the ability to think and plan ahead, maybe because I was young "enough time to take care these thoughts later. course, if Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg think like me, or the vast majority of young people worldwide, the company does not exist, or another name, or it may simply be another owner A young dreamer if no executor, administrator of his life determined aware, and without prejudice, having nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Do you have at least the director of your life?, Whatever their age, are just numbers, what matters is that you do not lose their entrepreneurial spirit, their strength of youth just because others say it is too old to return to the house ... is the most stupid sentence can give!, and it is not that person is stupid, or are many stupid, just try to imitate it, they do not see the need to risk, why, if everything is done .. . but no, every second there are people, new ideas, new inventions, new opportunities, and if you are too young, I tell you something: Used once and for all, do not let the success of fashion , luxury, status, material occupies an important place in your life, everything that happens, but if it starts deep within you know how to learn to be humble, conscious, generous, open-minded you develop and get rid of the "shame" and others .. . Success will come when you need to go, but will last longer than you can imagine.

No warranty will not be affected, but they do insofar fences grow, learn and know within yourself and your higher power, which is your guide to materialize at any time even in the most complicated life.

Youth is a perpetual state as you know what to do, do what you want to do and finish what you started, no matter what the result, try again. Young people can be ephemeral for those who are lost in the sea of ​​materialism, fashion, fake friendship and a strong desire to be someone without knowing how or why. However, when you wake up, react and reflect on what you have done or not done, there is no time for regrets, just published, leave all the past behind us and start thinking, not only to reason, the reason is limited, read, write, study, learn, make, try, fail, bereavement, bankruptcy and knows that only the most privileged, perhaps one of them.
Reflection is the most powerful tool of scholars and geniuses, far beyond knowledge and experience, if you do not learn to think always go without direction or in the wrong way. How can you learn to think?, Is doubtful, if not ask why, why, what advantage is that I can get good or bad future, is to create a balance to determine what you can get from a decision, any decision you make. All this will help you have your own identity, its own ideal, its own personality. No attempt to identify with something genius writer or any other youth movement X social and ideological., No, it's about having your own judgment, ability to assess their own and believe in what you believe, not to judge others or we feel superior even to share, but to teach you ordered.
Meditation is a powerful tool. Meditation helps you to plan, learn to forgive, to love, to calm your ego, connect with your soul and your higher power, God. If you do not understand or know God deeply will have two tracks: the endless suffering mental or misplaced.
How youth is, why react in certain ways in different situations, why so many mixed feelings, failures, errors, etc., you know you are in a learning process, the maturation of their emotions and feelings, so I took as enfrasques not only in one direction, and if it is negative, angry, but learn how to transform that anger into something positive. Enjoy fall in love and do it just for fun, without waiting for a request, but dignity.
Never make decisions or say something when you're really angry, and if it's not do it again, if you start practicing early there will be very little to regret it later, no harm people and learn to be better decisions during his life in all its aspects.
Study course that you can study. In the early years of our youth eternal lot of free time study and / or learn: business, technical, sports, nonprofit, explore, experiment .... in all areas: music, painting, drawing, mathematics, mechanics, robotics, food, etc. Of course, you do not have the skills for each of them, but I know the basics, and I'm sure you will find something! their passions more enjoyable to run X or activity, and could be something that you participate in the future, something that you can take advantage of the economy.
And to learn to do things very well!, Do not matter if you take more time to learn to use the time, but more importantly, learn to do things the best way that ensures quality, sustainability of jobs, reliability or cost and generously. This is labeled as a person determined and committed, serious, valid and reliable partner for any business, company or person. Turn value to the world.
Learn, study and practice each of the human, civil and moral, and then live with that freedom, so that you will feel free Salinger, lightweight, capable, just because you know that the negative values ​​that destroy , damage, harm, cover and become a burden on the time and most people carry the burden of their lives, both suffer.
Super ate constantly never assume that you know everything, you do not need more advice, you do need to know more, read or take new courses, even if they look like this blog on the Internet You will always find new useful information to help you complete what you already know, or at least remember the foundations of knowledge, life, goals that we have.
While all these tips and I hope your life is better in all aspects, do not take life too seriously, yes, progress, study, read, learn, but do not reach 10 degrees or more is should not be your priority, if not, we learn that you can use to your advantage. To get rid of their prejudices, fears and mental negativity, you can enjoy your real friends, your family, your pet, a sunset or a flower, never ashamed to recognize what makes you happy. If you are studying, but also supported, as fun, responsibly, with intelligence, with wisdom.
Not a decision lightly, see their activities without having to worry about what comes after all that God puts us on the path of opportunities and challenges, the key to life lies in the acceptance of any good and bad in everything, and we can not win, that everything is possible at any moment divine, but we lose if we forget everything learned.