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Thursday, July 26, 2012

I can be successful without self-confidence?

If you were constant roadblocks meet on their way to success, chances are you have tried to cut corners and find a simple way to the top.

How many other people, you are probably at the point where you're tired, feeling like a failure and was defeated by life. All I want is a life that has meaning and purpose to live, and that their need to feel fulfilled, respected and successful in business or career. But if you lack confidence in yourself, you can have a difficult and painful way to go.

Usually when you hear the cut in the short-term success, especially people from their mistakes, which are in a position that did not work, found its way into talk about a job, learn and not for things of this qualified way. Not very often are called shortcuts to success, if someone tries to continue the process of emotional development that comes with success to skip.

Sometimes it feels like an impossible task to do anything, what we should be and can be viewed as a success. I understand because I've been there!

Over the years I've been trying to take shortcuts to my success in the prevention of emotional growth and confidence to stay in power. I thought I could separate the two and seems to be a safe and successful, but inside I felt smaller than life, I wanted to live. I would like to share some lessons I learned here with you:
First Sometimes did, until you create it does not work

Many people in our society saw this shot, but I would like to offer another perspective for you to consider. You run the risk of permanent and wear a mask to hide his lack of confidence and begin working in this state than normal. Think about it, if they are not safe and comfortable in this facade that you have created, why leave? It is easier and less likely that someone who is not his. Or take bold steps to raise awareness closer to where you want to be on the practice and strengthening the muscles of the trust. Depends on the person, how confident they are and the level of mentor ship in your life.
Second Short-term success

Success comes with many twists and turns in the road of disappointments and moments of euphoria, if you support or lack confidence in their ability, their success will be short lived.

I can share first-hand that a lack of trust that will support the implementation of activities that bring the results you want to avoid. The creation of these results, we have to take risks, take risks, requires you to trust your judgment and go ahead. All this is very difficult to achieve in the absence of confidence.

Lack of confidence prevents you to trust you and believe you can manage the consequences of their decisions.

Some of those who lack self-confidence and no confidence in himself. And often do not have the courage and conviction it takes for an idea to start someone to bring the network efficiently, submitting your resume or on the abundance of your inner genius for expression.
Third Self-Sabotage

Finally, to analyze back in your comfort zone and do anything to get there. Lack of confidence is essentially a fear of things to measure or as a result of the inability to come without moving faith. Our thoughts and beliefs about who we are and what we are able to have our roadblocks. If we do not take the time to invest in the elimination of destructive blocks, we are delaying and avoiding our long-term success. Finally we have our standard trigger button and the "where we belong, we think." STUCK!

Trust requires a coherent, rather than achieving the highest you think of yourself and you believe in yourself.

It is also important to remember that leaving fundamental key to make sure they are really safe to stick together and contribute to their success is not a mask, you think they really are ....

We discuss the basic aspects of Part II

T. Harv Ocker said: "Not only do you have the right place at the right time, to be the right person at the right place at the right time must be."

Stay confident and reach their highest level!

I could not give you all the tools I of this article. The good news is that when you are ready to stop being a victim of their circumstances and are planning to focus on achieving its goals of more money in your career or business and move quickly to success

Saturday, June 23, 2012

motivated and successful In your life

It's sunny and sunsets of life. Sunset of life known as the setbacks of life. The evening of life are in life, life is really painful and stressful. However, they are able to live a lifestyle of motivation in the middle of the dark moments of life.

People react differently to hard times. Some people lose their appetite for consumption, drew others. We lost precious lives of people who committed suicide because of pressure from the setbacks of life. Other people respond to difficult times. Stay motivated even when things look bleak and hopeless.

We can not deny the fact that hard times are inevitable. However, we must expect and prepare them to overcome. We have learned in life that the concern is not the case, but the problem is how to address the problem.

Another thing I learned in my daily life, a lifestyle that is often a decision that most of us have to take, to be prompted.

Let me give you 10 tips on the top, you live a life motivated.

First Be reasonable

If you live a life filled with motivation and inspiration, even when the days are dark, you have to realize that there are problems in this life and are usually unexpected want. Be realistic that you can not deny the problem exists. The situation is that many people are in denial when a problem occurs. This causes more problems for the mind and emotions than expected.

If you are realistic, do not blame people in their own frustrations, insecurities, losses, injuries, disappointments and problems. But put your fears and problems and enable people to help you deal with them. Do not shut the door and press the offending items from their harsh words and sharp that complements. Be realistic and say: "I have a problem, I'm frustrated, I'm insecure and I feel so weak, how can you help me?"

Be realistic, be prepared to be everything in a slowing economy be strong and allow a waiting period, well above the current issue or problem. It is the power you need to keep a positive attitude toward the dark clouds of life.

Second Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself means that you can love yourself and accept it. Love and accept your self is the key to a lifestyle motivated. Once you accept yourself and love, you love life and you expect good things in life.

They believe in themselves to understand that you feel that you have within you the potential to succeed in life, regardless of their current situation. Great leaders such as former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln failed many times in life. He could not run a business, who lost his wife, who on several occasions to be President of the United States. But he thought he had the opportunity to have President no matter setbacks and failures. Ultimately, he became one of the many successful presidents of America.

Product confidence and self-confidence self-esteem creates the motivation and inspiration for success. If you you to trust yourself, you can confidently say: "Before Dark is certainly not the light, after the tears, joy, after the failure, it is certainly successful."