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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Six ways to digital products creativity

This piece is part of a series organized creativity Fund collaboration and values ​​of opinion leaders in the pursuit of profit, commercial space advertised.

Creative thinkers and entrepreneurs, especially in the area of ​​the design is a growing interest, in part because of the current awareness of their ability to solve real problems beyond aesthetics.

By connecting the dots in a unique way to find answers to the most difficult questions and challenges. But the search for answers to the questions, where the role of design goes. We must study to examine the questions themselves, like the principles that guide our decisions that shape the end of the world.

The very fact that we are living, breathing human beings interact with each other and our environment is slowly changing the world every day. And, the things that we have a greater impact on the world. They have the potential to continue to exist on our lives, and re-build. If we do things on the web can have a big impact literally touched millions, if not billions of lives. The impact of digital technology in the physical world is growing every day - both emotionally and human scale of the global economy. As legislators, we have a responsibility to question and think about how the things that affect the lives of individuals and society as a whole.

At Everest, we live an iPhone app for people to build their dreams and achieve their personal goals, we believe that it is best not to create a better separation between self and the world. This belief explains everything we do - and that's why we create Everest first. We have a belief could be formed, and make our decisions based on that vision. Consider as an example a simple question: Do you really want to lead the world in a direction where the most time was spent sitting in one place to watch a clear rectangle?

For reasons that streamlined, many products on the web, have tried to encourage more participation and ways to increase the amount of time that people spend with their products to find. Designers are often responsible for finding solutions to this problem, and are often successful, but the problem is that many of these solutions are not aligned with a broader vision. I will avoid blame, but because to say many of them the commitment to the unity of the Web services in a way that does not create real satisfaction of the person who uses the service or other apparent value society, I think it is safe that this way of working are time intervals.

Given the amount of time we spend in our in box and various social platforms, it seems that these services places where we spend our time instead of the tools we use to perform certain actions.

If we are to encourage people to live in environments that create that we want, we need to realize that in the same way as property developers, architects and interior designers are responsible for the creation of safe spaces for our bodies, the more web designers are responsible for creating Online spaces that nurture mind and soul. When Jonathan Harris said: "We are delighted with our capital cities, cathedrals, museums, monuments and parks, but structures of this size in the digital world to build ?"

Going back to the original question, I personally like the digital consumer is not. To the point where it offers experiences that are as rich and deep as the physical world I also think that people do not do their best while sitting almost motionless, especially since many of us parents are aesthetic thinkers. What if the computer-aided design? More like Cut a piece of wood with a knife this is probably a topic for another day, but devices such as Kind ct remain optimistic. All these observations on digital technology contributes to the belief that technology in a way that. Complements and uses human behavior, rather than trying to use it to replace

This principle has informed most of the decisions that we have taken with Everest is a simple example that we decided to start with the mobile Internet, because we us the people, the product around the world and even to use to do things. We have never had a web experience or analog? Maybe. If a medium is to us something that we can create our goal is met, then it is on the cards, but at the moment our best suites of mobile vision.

Look at some examples of how other purposes decision's about what to do cause people choose:

A. They help organize the creative world.

Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance, a vision that transcends the boundaries between media. Everything worked in the professional, whether analog instruments, a conference, a book, and at least three different products and web sites are successfully aligned with the clear vision of the organization creative universe.

Second Support creativity.

Kick starter is another excellent example of the alignment between the object and the application. He developed a business model. Perfectly into the mission of creative financing Kick starter profitability is directly on the number of projects are funded through its platform. Since his vision is ultimately to people do things in the real world as well as design methods of avoiding the exposure, the addiction sucks.

Third Create a site targeted.

Vacher before Jonathan Harris has set up a platform for stories with long-term vision, a public library of human experience suggested that it seemed as if he felt passionately that a large part of the situation was not specific enough and depth. vacher If you visit today, you are a user, each image fills the screen, encouraging you to focus on very personal stories presented taxpayers. The presentation covered was directly influenced by his belief that the web needs deeper experiences.

4th Provide tools for people touched.

Keenan Cummings, Creative Director and co-founder of migrant believes that if given the rationalized right tools, people are remarkably self-expression in the position. Keenan sees walking as a way for people to. By the places they visited and bring lovely places to expression Accordingly, additional efforts to ensure that the user nicely so in a way that can be shared by your own network to do acknowledge.

5th Empower people through increased confidence.

In an informal conversation with me, said Fitocracy CEO Brian Wang, to me that is the central part Fitocracy mission is to help people, which includes the growing confidence of the population. Sure, users badges to celebrate their successes and not only each other "pillars", but the copy in writing clearly about the product intended to build self-esteem. For example, says the site needs: "Looking good today, the Tiger" while you complete the button to add a workout with the label "I'm awesome."

6th Encourage familiarity with joy.

Finally, I told her, Rachel Nash, time hop correlated design guide, which gives people a daily email summarizing what his life a year ago, its design choices by a first that it will be driven called "the joy of intimacy." Want a product that looks like an old friend. Consequently, the colors are bright, warm, and disappeared like a well-worn book. Hop time is also a well-known for his light-pen, appear constantly and have "functional", so that you can add a layer of personality. Rachel said, be very careful to try to save humanity in social media.

As creators of websites that aim to empower devise others, our principles inform our decisions, colors and fonts that we developed with business models and methods to communicate participation. Our decisions should be based simply on what is the most effective way to advance our vision?

Able to solve problems is important, but not enough. We are capable of something bigger than that, and for that reason alone, we owe it to ourselves and the world to fight for more. As a former Apple designer Bret Victor wrote: "The true path through the meticulous skills no" From Technology "no" design ".. Just a vision of how humanity should be, and the relentless desire to be good, the rest are details. . "