Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to stop you kill your dreams before they slip

If you know a toddler who may be vivid imagination.

You are born to dream big!


Young children are an example of the pure unalloyed fantasy. Imaginary Friends for simulation, you are able to create to create a new world in which we live.

Create what you want in your life is exactly the same process. You should be able to get the life you want and make you watch a reality.

Unfortunately drowned our creativity and imagination of the noise of the "real" world. Lost in all the news we say: "realistic" and "practical."

When this happens, our colorful imagination. Instead, see how life can be so beautiful, them. Forward to the things that we fear might happen if they do not act logically focus

We may find that we say: "Who am I to do that", "That's a stupid idea", "That will never work."

Although we believe that these ideas are sure to take a chance to keep, in the end we have a life of quiet desperation about all the problems, we want to avoid, care, instead of getting our imagination what we want.

So by your imagination the best place for you, if the child goes about the monster in the closet, use your imagination to make the life you want.

Everything starts with dreams still remains. Here are some ideas.

As you begin to dream

Have a dream - contact your imagination should be fun, and that is an example to ignore where the seriousness of life and let your dreams again. Table creates a dream / vision board for a visual representation of the life you want to build.

Insert images, words and images that inspire you and focus on key goals and ambitions. Insert the card somewhere to see it every day as a reminder to visualize what you want.

Keep a dream journal - How many times during the day, you have a great idea that falls through the cracks because they do not write? Instead of wasting these ideas find a way to capture. There are many applications that you can save to your ideas on the fly. I personally use Ever note, but a work phone.

Enter a dream that comes to mind. If it is a holiday, a creative idea or something I wanted since I was a child notes as to my mind was.

As fear of inspiration - inspiration can be the most powerful emotions for the expansion of our mind. This is the reason that why people love sports, art and amazing feats of nature. If it seems miraculous power and energy that shakes a little to see. It reminds us how special he is in the world.

The universe is creative in nature and made ​​in our imagination. Find inspiration in your life. Search think the seven wonders of the world and their size. I saw the Discovery Channel documentary in Africa in the past month as a unique source of inspiration. you need to Find something to expand your mind.

Enter the beginner's mind - to open a way and inspired the world with new eyes. you need to keep than Zen Buddhism as a "beginner's mind", in which we approach life as a novice and show how little we know. This helps us to see things with an open receptivity. Stopping child and more take. Suppose that the first world, and. In the package you want to be prepared for a break lens shape

Turn fantasy into results

"It's really no secret of our approach. Further ahead, open new doors and doing new things because we are curious. And, curiosity leads us along again. We 're always exploring and experimenting ... We call it MALINGERING, mixing the creative imagination and technical know-how. "-Walt Disney

For those of you left-brains like me, you can "think" I cannot "dreamers" I have to do things!

In the imagination in the results of both the creative and the rational mind is to enable important, but do not want the left brain creativity before throttling.

Allow yourself to dream big breakthrough for the idea. You can always return to the analysis of a specific plan. This is what Walt Disney mentioned in the quote above, and that the minimum viable product begins to do with Eric Ries explores in his book Lean.

Use your imagination to visualize your life you want. Let your imagination, then you create a system plan on the fly and make their ideas.

Sometimes it's the only way our ideas.

The dream is what keeps us alive! Whatever your dreams may be at this point in your life, or get rich, be in love, or make a difference in the world to embrace and enable them to develop naturally. Held a short time before they have a chance to start.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Practical advice to help you become a better person

Most people live in the United States are looking for some improvement in several areas of your life. These areas of improvement may vary from one professional staff. This article is full of useful tips to start the development.

Wisdom and modesty are two essential elements of life. There are some things in your life that you can not change. Learn things that are placed on the site and a few life lessons to learn not by those who can can. You limitations helps humble you accept this fact. Use wisdom to learn from the past and make it better in the future.

Are healthy, you can improve your other areas. For example, if you are hungry or thirsty, you need to solve this problem as soon as possible. Meet the needs of your body in this way, you can be sure to keep in the coming years. If you choose to ignore the needs of your body needs, there is a good chance that you have to ignore their wishes.

Think of yourself, and of a special part of you that need to be improved, and put your attention fully on this matter. You have a better chance to make real progress by focusing on a theme, but there are others who also want to address. This method also enables a sustainable improving your posture, because habits formed slowly and deliberately be more permanent.

TIP! It can not be devastating to your ego when you are trying to overcome by the development staff. However, the error is not a bad thing if you learn and gain experience is.

If you take good care of their physical needs, get the most out of your approach to personal development. How simple things like exercise, adequate rest and a proper diet, your energy and make you feel good enough to succeed in your personal growth. Although it sounds easy enough to do, it can get one of the hardest things.

Humility is to have a very important function to improve at work. If you realize how much you really begin to understand not matter, you learn that you need. They have made significant progress in improving themselves once that much to learn and willing to all the new things, experiencing accept.

Employees are strong but not arrogant or conceited. Be critical, but soft in their approach, and do not forget, we have to learn to act, before it can reach. A true leader defends the rights and integrity of the practical virtues, something required of a person, in order to succeed as a leader in each.

You have your top priority, because you can not please everyone. You are responsible for ensuring that you are happy. Although it is important to remember is not to go on the other. Make sure you stay true to yourself can really improve your path to personal development.

TIP! Participation in personal development, you say you want better, you deserve better. Note that you do this for you.

This is a good guide for staff treat everyone with respect, even if you do not really have all that they need. His attitude towards them to talk about you and nothing about them.

Identify obstacles that block your path to success. Some people have a difficult time. To succeed at personal improvement, start by identifying the weakness and targeted for improvements in these areas. Take in each region and measures to improve the way to a better future is a lot smoother.

Observe your progress (or regression) organizes a fence. Try a system with which you can share each goal into small pieces. They find it easier to every single component to reach the achievement of the objective as a whole. You can check your progress through daily planners, or you can create a magazine, especially the attention to your personal development goals.

If you are below their targets, take a moment to step back and determine where you went wrong. Search the Internet for people with similar goals. Notice the difference between the selling and strategies. It is perhaps more realistic information necessary or appropriate in order to achieve success.

TIP! The people in your life should have the same interests. People who think like the provision, while reinforcing positive attitudes.

If you do not take care of yourself so you will not be able to take care of others. It does not matter whether you succeed or not in the way. You should always find the time to rest your body so that you can expand.

Write your own conversation. Write down all your good qualities. Put this list on the wall or take. A step further and record yourself reading your list. Why did you do that?

Instead of displaying trophies, awards and medals, ask others about their performance. Focus on others will help you to recognize the potential of the people around you.

Research and implementation of successful practices of others. Select two or three simple habits and focus on them until they become second nature. It can take up to three weeks, up to buy a new habit, so it's important to keep trying.

TIP! If you want to talk a lot, you may have heard that you are compressing the lips and must hear. This is especially true if you want to improve.

It may

With love may your faith and new energy closer to their personal development goals. Faith can not exist without love, and love can not exist without faith. Enable it to make it a priority to your faith in life. Thus, a living example of that people around you.

Learn the habits that people prone like success, and they are part of your routine. Start by identifying some basic behaviors and focus on needed improvements in a single step at a time, until they are fully integrated into the daily life. It is generally accepted that it takes about three weeks, a habit ingrained in their behavior, so be patient and stick with it.

Create a personal development plan by determining what your personal values. It would not make sense to focus on areas of your life that are working their values ​​contradict. Instead of working on aspects of their lives, they want to improve mesh well with their individual beliefs. This way you can make changes in your professional and personal life with you.

TIP! Unless you are willing to work on your personal goals, you will never be able to grow as a person. You need to change and learn to accept unconditionally.

Remove all unnecessary stress in your life. To avoid stress to try to stay calm in an emergency. Know that things sometimes go wrong when working on a goal to overcome ways around the obstacle instead of feeling defeated, if it seems to find.

For people who are on improving various aspects of their lives, it is often difficult to know, what steps to take to blows. This article offers some advice, but you need to put them into action. Read these tips and do not forget the basics, if you lack the motivation.

Monday, February 4, 2013

learning their external authority

I think there are two ways to motivate.

It is "internalized external authority."

It creates an authority in your head. Here's what to do. Find out if you are good enough. And, you know, if you're wrong.

Motivation for the use of internalized external authority which embody the voice for a moment. Calculated statements juicy good about your life and yourself, as in: "You have not worked hard enough to better a better education that you get what you get a better deal!"

Then go back to your main car and start working. If it is loose, use your whip outside authority internalized itself in action.

This method actually works. Most people use it in part or another. The problem is that your peace of mind steals necessary to give a state of true inspiration and creativity. It is probably best used in a commercial environment or similar environments are well trained, highly concentrated work is appreciated.

I was born with a natural resistance to this kind of motivation. Personally, I think that what is lost in this way is greater than what you deserve?. In fact, once vowed that I would rather live on the street, this type of course.

Uncoiling car

It is a further possibility. I think a version of the self-directed approach to training / teaching as a lack of education known.

In uncoiling, parents choose not to exercise authority over their children. His belief is that if the children are learning their own decisions ultimately responsible for themselves. This philosophy is justified by the results, available to students grow healthy, happy and good cooperation.

Uncool for you, take this "inner man" and get the freedom to work outside their own borders.

It is not easy to start. You really go through the same process as the children when their parents do suddenly changing conventional uncoiling parenting style.

In these situations, children tend "act" against their former boundaries, until finally solved their own limitations.

For example, if they are still forced to reduce their consumption of television watching television all day.

If they were forced to the amount they eat cake to reduce border, they will eat all the cake you can find.

If they were forced to be nice to your sister be cruel to her sister.

A disaster? But ... wait ...

After a few weeks of the television all day, the child learns that the TV is not very interested in to find a new interest for your time to complete. Maybe start the woodworking to help learning, their lives.

After eating cake and also get sick, they are eating their own limits on the height of the cake. Maybe I'll start eating more vegetables, just to feel healthier.

Pain after her sister to see the consequences of their actions and remorse. They realize that lead to their own internal moral compass away from these things.

Learn to self-regulate

Respond if someone punishment and reward is, you deny their ability to regulate itself. But this power is there, and it is wiser and more sensitive than an external body could be.

We have learned to rely on external authority. Therefore, we have to internalize the voice of external authority. If there is nobody to tell us what to do.

In the silence that voice that must eventually learn to self-regulate. First, you need to do the opposite of what their internalized external authority tells you, and then from his own experience, know where their limits. To learn more, more intellectual sounding is the case, the experience will accompany inside frozen. It's learning how to do that, you do not think you have to experience.

For most people, this process is dominated by laziness. The biggest part of our lives we have the voice of authority external force us internalized from school and work. So, if we do not vote, our first reaction is to do nothing.

It will take some time to go through this phase. How much longer? I cannot say ... It took about three years, but I was running on instinct and turbid only aware of the reasons why I did what I did. I think if you inaction, fully aware and constantly reminded, are not punished for it, and remember that you have the right to have set their own limits of experience, much less time.


It is an expression for the sound much better than the "non-action" lie.

Do what you can to capture this moment. Enjoy a minimalist. Go WWOOFing. Go to India or Thailand. Sell ​​your car. The sale of your home. Get a rich woman. Sleep on the streets, if you think it will help. Do what it takes.

Rejecting both authoritative voice internally and externally: the important thing is this. Aside from that, what you want, what you win.

Finally, you will be rewarded with two things.

The first is the idea that money is something to do that you "have" no.

The second will come a little later.

It is a grace, a source of inspiration. You find something to do. But no matter what happens.

It is a motivation that burns in you, and if you do that, you realize that the oil on the fire is endless. This is something I want to do, what to do, and yet a source of financial support, if you want or need it.

The inclusion of one or more of these tips into your daily routine, you will be more likely to keep a state of mind, or even the whole day, that will help you live a more peaceful life. And to minimize or eliminate negative moods, your physical body will have access to the energy they need to stay healthy for life

I have this new phase of life, and I can tell you, life is never so exciting.