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Sunday, November 25, 2012

8 Steps to make your life project

If you participate with enthusiasm something you have planned to choose carefully, the chances are increased running properly. Are you sure of what you want and how you can get it.

Probably you have already planned some aspects of your life so far. Or maybe not. As it is to read the following tips will help you set up or change how you want your project to life is important, so it will be possible to begin or continue to enjoy life to the fullest and be happy as you deserve.

It is important to take the time, the following questions about what you want most to answer for you. But perhaps you will define a Life Project. Detailed and clear start in a few days!

A. What is a dream? Let us answer "dream" awake for yourself what you really want. Dreams and fly as high as you want. Then take a pen and paper because you have to keep track.

* Remember that there is no limit to the developing number of dreams or what they seem. The universe gives us the ability to block what you do not want to do not be in your life and what you want to wait. So go ahead, plan to enrich your life with all your dreams and goals.

Second what are the things that really matter? Any concerns that you think our relevant to the objectives, to see clearly what is intended to integrate your life project. Perhaps always wanted to have more knowledge in a particular area. Or maybe you over tighten the idea of ​​traveling and discovering new landscapes and customs, but not the time or the resources to make this dream come true today. Another example could be that if the difficulties they have experienced their parents to the rent of the place where you remember to pay raised, probably one of your goals in life to be buying a property. If you identify with any of the above goals, they are in your list.

Third what you want to accomplish? What are the things you do? Now is a good time to take note of what you take to do with your life. Do you like the idea of ​​working with volunteers to help the low-income people? Have you ever wanted to get the recognition of your professional work, and it will increase your reputation in the workplace?

* Lists that can be reached in the personal, professional and / or academic.

4th Which level of life you want? Your answer will determine the kind of life you want to lead. Do you see yourself in a modern apartment in the city? Or are you excited for them a quiet life in a place far away from the bustle of the city, where you can enjoy nature and beautiful sunrises in the fields? Or maybe better not hesitate to come and to go wherever you decide if you want, and can you spend time traveling to new places?

* Maybe what you want is to increase your bank account, and then live in a beautiful house in an upscale neighborhood of the city, drive a luxury car, and enjoy the quality and style of the clothes. Basically, you want a high-level of quality of life.

* It is important that the kind of life that you would indicate wear, then makes this important point in the writing of the plan of life. Internalized in your being, ask your heart. There should be no wrong answers in the development of this process.

5th what's funny? Perhaps this word for you lock yourself in your studio and dedicate yourself to write, paint or design without interruption. Or maybe you like in extreme sports and I to take the field at the first opportunity and mountain biking or climbing. While you might prefer something quieter like bowling, yoga and dream of traveling in Europe. Anything that you feel happy and dynamic account makes so take note! :)

* If your answer to any question. 5 is a reduced "No, not that I like going through your mind, what is it?" Then it is time to take seriously the issue of joy in your life. Need a little time to learn about the activities that you feel really reflected well. When was the last time you danced to exhaustion? While incredible moments that you spent with your family or friends To record all the activities that you find fascinating, even if you feel interested in understanding some new, try to practice when you add to your favorites list! After all, what is life if it is to live with happiness and joy?

6th Destinas? It's time to live with your family and friends? I mention this because people are very happy and satisfied agree that. Often experiences with family and friends If you know someone in this group, then put it in your table.

7th Why help others? Help those who need it cultivates values ​​such recognition, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. You can do financially, devotes a portion of your time and energy to contribute to the well-being of people and animals at risk. Simultaneously creates positive feelings within you, then do not hesitate to include these activities in your life project.

8TH And what are your expectations for personal growth? Try to improve your performance on a daily basis in some respects, will help move you successfully steer your objectives remain to achieve. Here we have short-term goals for the different areas of your life.

Begin to structure your project past life, do not hesitate to the point that you can modify deem necessary and start living the life you want. Really more happiness and satisfaction Note that a life plan should help the accused in achieving your goals, you want to inject a motivation for the same stars!