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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

magician hypnotic trance

The magic is commonly caused occur as the art of change, defined by the will of the magician. Whether it effect the intention of changes that occur primarily magician in her own mind in the universe or target hardware, most forms of magical practice, a combination of ritual and the deliberate induction of a "worrying" consciousness, a trance or hypnotic state.

Competent practitioner of magic rituals often emphasize the need to initiate and maintain a state of trance deep enough into all the work. This is designed to operate in both solo and group exercise. Many of these workers are not familiar with the field of hypnosis, hypnosis, or refusing to use a variety of reasons, but almost all agree that the induction of a trance state is required to work most effectively.

If you are with the principles of hypnosis, it is clear that hypnosis basic technology that is behind most forms of magic. The induction and maintenance of a state of trance is what a hypnotist in the practice of auto-suggestion or does "self-hypnosis."

The word "trance" is apparently derived from the sweat of America, "to go anywhere." The induction of hypnotic trance, the mind in extraordinary states of consciousness, where you can make voluntary changes that would be impossible in a state of worldly consciousness to cross.

As part of the hidden powers of hypnosis to be the agent of the gods or entities associated with psychotropic functions, such as Wotan and Mercuries of people travel between the worlds and facilitate harmonious interaction between the parties to help put together conscious and unconscious / subconscious mind. (There is a correlation between this and the synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which was shown in its natural state, while in a hypnotic trance.)

To induce mastery of the art of hypnotic trance states, it is possible, an astonishing array of occult and paranormal phenomena that have been historically the domain of wizards, sorcerers, witches, shamans, priests, monks, fakirs, media induce media clairvoyant and others.

Use of hypnosis, most occult phenomena more accessible than the level of trance as "sleepwalking" known. The state is like a lucid dream, and makes suggestions to the subconscious mind to live as if they were truly your reality. The measure rather somnambulistic state of theta brain waves that are measurable and correlates in dreams. However, hypnotic somnambulism with the sensory awareness of the issue has increased rather than decreased increases are related.

In a very deep hypnotic trance is a powerful open communication with the subconscious, allowing direct access to the realms of Ericson, in which the imagination can conjure up ways of thinking of all kinds, including the villages of whole worlds of living beings. Ericson this realm, the same famous aircraft from another dimension, which Plato in his doctrine of the forms is discussed, and is the same as "astral" plan, as generally known in the occult. To manifest one of the fundamental principles of the use of magic, the desired results in the objective world, is that "the purpose of generating their own thing" - made an event or result clearly in the astral plane is moving, the forces, a manifestation of the to make ground level.

Many generations of occultists who have practiced the art of astral projection have focused on the plasticity of the "astral matter" and to what extent are manipulated by the conscious will and desire can be commented on. In reality, our thoughts and power of our imagination and create ways of thinking on the astral plane beyond our ordinary perception of confidence, but most of these forms was quickly dispelled. (Otherwise, all thoughts of mankind would, the energies and emotions of a chaos of events much more chaotic than we live now.)

Mastering the Art of entry into a state of deep hypnotic trance can gradually free rein to exercise our ability to astral energies and astral worlds. Once this was done intentionally to benefit from the ability of the powerful subconscious mind to shape and form, to take these substances, given in accordance with the wishes and instructions of the conscious mind.