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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Do not do or are processes of the mind

I asked: If I had to give a single recipe or a method or means of realizing, as I summarize? I realized immediately that this person is a product purchase, successfully, what is missing and has to wear obtained by various psychological or spiritual practices, and perhaps the establishment of a base amount. What most successful to say that this is given by the function informs conceptualize mental consistent and objective. He does not know who is to define the tear in this case, not divided. No one understands what the mind of course a process of conception, but the reality of being not necessarily the participation of the Spirit. Understanding what is a revelation is one that leaves no doubt, is so obvious that one wonders: for example, as previously I do not know how I've always followed what I am and what I always will be. Nobody recognizes this understanding is not selected or if someone who has not done anything all that has happened. Some obstacles simply never gave the other prisoners realized suddenly that the cell had no key was, in fact, had no door, no more than the bars, or the cell, c 'is a psychological illusion research has built or performance or merit.

Many understand that self-exploration done with the movements of the Spirit examines the question incorrectly assume that the true merits nature could be an answer through reflection, analysis, theoretical derivation. Tries that most know is: Who moves, who lives, who thinks, who are desperate, who says what is complicated, trying to see the conflict that sees doubt intending to continue their behavior roads to investigate and recognize body sensations, etc., should be observed means of realizing. All that we know, are the property of their identity.

My goal is not to proselytize to the means or methods to implement it, what happens is that I do not cease to amaze me the confusion of the illuminated people. I ask for something they already have. It is like a tiger, the cat is natural to ask to roar adequate way to hunt, stalk their prey. What they do is dive. In confusion and judgment in the identity in the reports, taken over on itself and its ideals to do the requirements and leave the attainment

What do you recommend? You observe, without judgment or even desperate, corresponding to live fully without anything special, but here and now, what we have always been right moves in the asset.

What is defined as happiness, happiness, proselytize, fulfillment, always. What is not a state? We are faced with the full light and give back, we saw the shadow that we get excited about the project figures trapped in the mind, which is designed to be distinguished, to the end to see value judgments. Do not do or are processes of the mind.