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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ten things you still enjoy your life

Please stop looking for others. Well, I have a problem in this area. I like to please others, because I see how happy the people at risk, but to my joy in life at the expense of others is stupid. Often exaggerated things please someone. It was my son's birthday a few days ago and I had a mule for the party was a success worked. It was, but the next day, I almost had to cancel my appointment, I made a commitment some time ago because I was too tired. Honestly, I have to do a lot to do in this area .. if you look good you do not really enjoy your life so much. Some people are very resentful in the long run.
Do not take anything personally. People have their opinion you have yours. Do not take everything they say about you personally. You have a better understanding of their circumstances and situations and the information we have is much deeper than his superficial understanding of you. You should know if you can have an opinion and in the disposal - is an objective frame of mind, what you need.
Feel free not to defend what you believe, sometimes I've said, I quote Scripture or cite most frequently in the Bible. I am glad to tell you, because that's where my foundation. My life, my values ​​are on biblical principles. I teach the Bible and studying it for a few hours per day. I am proud of my faith and beliefs, as I did, what I am.
Do not be afraid to apologize. Say Sorry, if necessary. It takes more courage to say, sorry for the defense of their errors. Asking for forgiveness increases the respect of people for you. They see you as a person who has the courage to admit that evil has. It makes life easier and more enjoyable if you do not have the defensive all the time ..
Non-stop fun. I have more fun than my kids. Age does not prevent that you have fun. It is your attitude. I am always comfortable and conducive to the animations of things. I do it because I want to have fun. I laugh all the time, my laughter was an important part of me that people recognize me by my smile and I miss when I'm not there .. What I am saying is that life is as funny as you do, is.
Enjoy your life and live every moment, assume that the best thing to come!