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Friday, November 23, 2012

Increase your retention and success

One of the best things of nature that humans possess is persistence. According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy, "endurance" is synonymous with determination, perseverance, the "act of endurance, repetition of certain behavior." It means trying to hold persistently to achieve your goal or do something good.

You've probably persist in the past, how did you? How long and how often taken steps to achieve their goals?

One of the keys to persevere with a positive goal is to know exactly when it needs to be. Once it recognizes the opportunity to be fair, is probably at the end to get what you want as long as you can use some strategies to help you this ability. And how often do all the tasks, practice makes perfect.
Techniques to improve the resistance, and the best result of their efforts:

A. Anyone can be stubborn. If you thought that there are times not to withdraw the goal of existence, do not hesitate and start trusting his marvelous power now. We all have the ability to persevere.

Second Well, if you asked, "What does it mean that persistent?" This means asking with our mental and physical energy, mental clarity is important, with passion, dedication and discipline, lead to achieve our goal.

Third Sufficiently clear goal. Explain what you want. What do you want to achieve the goal? By focusing on the end result or goal in itself, not to encourage you to continue.

4th Faith can move mountains. Perseverance is not necessary to have a talent or skill, just have faith and believe in yourself and what you do. It is important to trust the project and if you do not open the door to tomorrow, and then will open a lot more if you do not give up.

5th Try alternatives. If a proposal is not so, then others. Even if you feel confident, repeated a proposal Valaree study sharpens your data and try again. Many times persist experience is the way to achieve the desired goal.

6th Along the way you can change your mind on the goal you want to achieve really. For example, if your interests have changed, or find that your goal does not seem so full and significant life today, do not hesitate to change course with confidence. And then it is time to reformulate a plan to achieve your new goals.

7th Do not give up. Avoid going out, unless your passion is the tilted horizon to the other, or certainly less important.

8th Get the benefits of those who have benefited from the perseverance to inspire success. Stories of perseverance and success, people are everywhere. Writers, musicians and people from all walks can be inspired by their stories of passion and glory.

* JK Rowling, author of the famous Harry Potter story, said that when he made his first novel, Potter, many publishers rejected his manuscript several times before it is finally accepted by one of them for printing. In these months of waiting Rowling sat the next chapter of his book to write Harry and his crew. Ultimately stop Rowling sat.

* Now we can include Michael Jordan, who was hailed as the world's greatest basketball player of all time. Jordan said he was never accepted into the basketball team at his school through high school. And I did this challenge with determination. He stayed with his passion and eventually reached all the goals by the sport he loved set.

* You should choose your heroes, the character who inspired with his attitude and perseverance enjoyed the process control system and finally got the wonderful fruits of their efforts to give up. :)

Remember, clear about his goal. Have confidence, experience and fit the necessary information on the approach to achieve your goals. Do not give up. And finally, the example of FIG admired her strength and endurance have a passion and love need to realize their dreams.

We can say that persistently simple, but requires a serious effort and dedication. And the best part about these stories is that they all have the opportunity to reach!