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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TIME to positive energy

Today I want to put all of our knowledge about food and exercise and the only other thing that most people forget when they are in your fitness journey. This thing is an opinion. My mind! You mean you're not talking about food or workouts with a diet and fitness blog? Not today. And, it is because your mind is the third and final element to obtain the necessary for a healthy lifestyle, fit and full of energy.

I want you more than 30 minutes of the day to think about your work to go. What do you do in those 30 minutes to do? You go into the gym to work? Sitting at home will have to wait to go,? What do you spend your time to 30 minutes before entering the gym? Chances are that you are doing something that has a lot of energy. Now I want you to take the 30 minutes and apply your mind. We humans have the power to literally rewire our brain chemistry. If we think positively, we attract positive start fate. This is because. The law of attraction The Law of Attraction in a nutshell is, if it observed a positive potential when a conscious effort is made in a let's imagine. This makes our vision into energy, which is then aspirated and manifest in your reality anticipates positive impact is converted manifest. If you feel your energy is consistent with the frequency of your vision and reality. In other words, create a conscious being his own reality always focusing on something occurring in a positive way and allow. If you cannot wait, will not, and if you plan to fail that fails. It's simple.

So every day, if you 30 minutes before you want to train, you are considered the best of its stronger cleaner. How can you transform your body? You want to run to be able to four kilometers from the state? Do you want to lose 20 pounds? You want to do in the position to be 30 push-ups before a certain date? VIEW. Imagine that you want to be. While you do this, you say positive affirmations out loud. Things like: "I am happy improved, healthy and strong every day my body feels light, I feel fast, I feel full of energy ..." All that is good, for example, but you. should really believe his goal is achievable. say all these things that you see, you should also feel inside positivity. You have to feel it and believe it or not. Leave fear negative thoughts creep and then only attract more fear and failure. Consider the feeling when you are happy with your body. After all, the actor needs to create that feeling and keep running your positive affirmations.

Now you may think that this is ,"hocus pocus" but what you have to lose? Try it. Try this in all aspects of life, not just your fitness journey. Try your career. "I am a talented actor. I Auditions." Auditions m booking. I'M Making Money. Success that I have. "To do this, every day and see how it starts to attract more positive situations and people in your life.

THINK POSITIVE. Positive action. Be positive.