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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Key to increase your self-esteem

Self esteem is the value that each person herself. This can be positive and beneficial to the quality of life of the person in question or negative

Self esteem

Our quality of life is influenced by what each individual is assessed and collected himself. For example, people tend to give little importance to their values, think others are smarter and do things better and harshly criticize those who have low self esteem. In contrast, people who feel good about their lives, what new challenges and projects continuously, avoiding their fears and insecurities are having high self esteem.

Process aimed at improving self esteem involves learning where they play a very important role in dices.


Self esteem can be divided into:

A cognitive component of acting on all those who are thinking about changing our negative thoughts and rational thoughts are nothing to replace them with more positive and significant.

It also has an effective component that is to work out what "feels" that is about our feelings and emotions.

The behavioral component is to act on, "what we do" our behavior to change our actions.

These three components are dynamically linked so that if one of them acting as obtain other effects. For example, if the person can change a negative thought about yourself as a positive experience is sure to feel much better and this feeling will push him to act.

Learn how to build self esteem

The training process begins in childhood when the little people discover that they are different from others and that eventually there will be people who reject or accept them. From these experiments will generate ideas on what they are worth and what they are worth, for example, a child who is chubby small enough, over time, it can become a happy adult or not depending on the attitude of other people showed that excess weight and of course depending on their attitude.

Adolescence is also a very critical phase in the self esteem of adolescent needs to forge an identity firmly and explore the possibilities that has as a person. If the child has developed a strong self esteem, it is relatively easy to reach maturity happy.

The best way to be successful in life, on the advice we give to others to act. ... Ready "The heart and skillful hands" the difficulties that we have?

Everyone has a problem of confidence in certain moments of our lives, but the good news is that the image we have of ourselves evolves with time and self esteem is not fixed for life God thank you.