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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Display vs. Vision: What is the difference?

active imagination

Display and vision involves the use of active imagination while relaxing. When you visualize, there could be many scenarios that you play on your mind study. The first is a projection at a certain point in the future. Thus, the visualization and vision is often assumed that mean the same thing, because it brings to imagine an idealized vision of their own future.

At first I did not believe it. Difference between the display and Vision I thought the same thing. Therefore, I use the terms interchangeably. That's when I started about to learn what's involved and the vision that know me made the difference.

What is the difference offers advantages. You are able to achieve a higher level of self-understanding and therefore increase their success. You begin to realize that there is much more to sit and imagine an ideal situation.

What show

Visualization is a one time process. You have to show a few minutes. Letting go of tension and stress, the first to reach the alpha state of relaxation.

In thought because your imagination is called to display the desired state of future results. Alternatively, you can watch the game of his spiritual guide, healing your chakras, clearing negative energy, connecting with your inner wisdom for answers and so on.

What is the vision

Visualization is the process of life planning, which leads to greater self-knowledge. And there are aligned with their creativity, talents and strengths. Develop a vision centered on the heart, which allows you to your highest potential.

A vision is centered on the heart of one that is meaningful to you. You are on the path to a life that matters. In the vision, process visualization exercises, you may have to help transform your dream. To do this consistently, to manifest your dreams.

Envision From the Inside

You can go wrong if you do not know quite when their own future. The thing is, you want to be able to create the best possible quality of life for you. You can in active imagination during the visualization process to participate, but maybe something you really do not want to see a perfect image.

It usually happens when you take on the dreams of others no doubt. Immediately assume that we want the same things: red sports car, the bungalow with pool, a beautiful romantic partner, success and recognition and so on. We believe that we are satisfied with them. And so, without a bit of quiet time to spend to learn more insiders, we could, in the eyes of a dream that is really wrong inside echo.

In the absence of complete response, it can be difficult to express the ideal image in the mind. This is because you are sending mixed signals to the universe. The universe is not in a position to act when it is not clear in their desire. You can not be your focus.

Therefore, it is important to align with what the heart. Visualization is an approach that is centered on the heart on the inside, because it allows you to follow your passion, what you love and love what you are doing is forcing. The vision includes a busy life, I live and express their unique innate. Under this vision, by the powerful Law of Attraction to make it usable.