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Monday, June 11, 2012

Knowing what you want and make it possible!

How to do your life and / or your business? Stagnant, boring into nothingness? Did you survive with the fulfillment of loan repayments, or are just trying to go the next group of money obsessed? Do you have trouble maintaining their positive expectations about life and / or companies?
Many of us live and in this way has to change! The government will not do for ourselves or our family or friends. So what are the steps we take to make life life and the value of our businesses in attractive companies?
How to be a fulfilled life is to dream, exactly what we want to do, and then make them happen. A simple explanation, but very few of us can put into practice!
You can put into practice, these steps if you now! First, is located in a quiet, comfortable, I will be free of interference. Make pen and paper ready when you need to write some things.
Now we want to do some brainstorming. For the next ten to fifteen minutes, write down everything you want to do. Some rules for this exercise are in order. Do not evaluate what you type! For example, if you go abroad on holiday 12 months - do not stop to think if you can afford. Just write. The evaluation may occur later. At this stage, write down all the things you are happy to accept that there was nothing that could not be done would be.
Ideas for priority
When you are finished brainstorming, you have a list of things you would like to do - and I hope it is a long list! The next step is to check and sort the list by priority. Neither of these items assessed in terms of feasibility, etc., while the ranking. Write down on paper what you want most. In the following, write what follows, I prefer to do it. Would continue until the list in the order are the most sort of what I do. Also set next to each of them if you want.
Take a short break before moving on to the next step.
Now you see the first three items on the list and ask yourself?. "What prevents me from doing these things, these things will be clarified when you write these reasons, for example, if your first choice to go abroad for 12 months, not their reasons for not to be able could:
+ No, you can afford it;
+ I can not leave the shop unattended and
+ I'm afraid, is not to like it when you get there.
Remember that you are in the three things he would do more looking for! So we will not allow reason to stop them, right? Now spend some time thinking about what you can do to overcome these reasons. Even without an evaluation can help brainstorm. Write down all the things in the sense that these obstacles could be overcome to come. You can write things like:
+ Sell the business;
+ Save to reduce personnel costs money, so that you can afford;
+ Read more about where I go;
+ Hire a manager to manage my business in my absence;
+ Sell the house and pay the proceeds to ride;
+ To develop my business so I have more money, etc., make, etc.
Once you have a list of solutions (no matter how stupid may be some), then you can evaluate. Remember, it is sometimes the change or extension of a stupid idea, which has the solution. From this evaluation process, develop a plan for how you do, do what he wants.
Is there an action plan
Your last step of this process is to make your plan into action - immediately! Wait, do not wait until a more opportune time - the best time is always NOW!
But do not let your big plans to stop, some smaller plans now. Choose one or two things you can in the next month, which will cost you not make money. You do! You'll have to do to feel like a different person.
Okay, but you can apply this process to your business? You can be sure. Instead of asking what would you do instead of asking what you can do to make your business more attractive to your customers so that they do more business with you?
Here, too, use brainstorming to help you. Follow the steps above and propose a few ideas to help you revive your business again. Also, remember that the best source of ideas is part of its customers. Ask them what they want - and then give them as much as they can do this with a profit. If you can not do it at a profit, how can you make a profit brainstorming. Always strive for continuous improvement and completion of their service to their customers.
You'll notice the difference, to make things in your life and business!