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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lower the rise of the lower limit again

Moms I stay with her. In short, that your children see all the time. You will be too.

They give away their power. You see what they say, yes, if you do not mean. You will see that criticism of your body / frame. You can see that they have an overwhelming schedule. You see that every care but his spirit, his own body and mind. You can see that Rush Rush. You can see that the degradation of your word.

None of us is perfect. In fact, God has perfectly fine :) But that does not mean you can with broken (or not) go to Borders. After 10 years of training, the success of working women, the amazing goals, a growing trend for women - not a state to its limits. Or no limits at all,
or know how to stand / to them. And in turn, teach their children to do the same. The limits are necessary for building a healthy and balanced life, especially if you are busy! If you do not take care of our body, mind and soul that has nothing to give to others, is not it? If we (need, yes, it is a living being, the constant care, love and food, and can not live a "default button") to attend our wedding, we lose the heart of our homeland. If you are not careful on our agenda and our priorities are a victim or a slave to life and others will be too. I do not want you to be a slave to push through their agenda, or others. I have a life to reflect with healthy boundaries for our children's habits, so that if the boundaries of parenthood.

I encourage you to simplify your life. Prioritize your schedule and know what's really important to you, and get rid of the others. Create a plan of self-care so when you say "Mama needs a time to relax" their children to respect this limit and there are no errors, omissions, or be mean about it. They honor a life that loves and your priorities, values ​​and faith / spirit based. If we are allowed to do this, you feel the joy, peace, harmony and love in all the new levels! When he's not far from our borders less life (soooo Been there, done that!) Who is this wonderful for the people who surround us, especially our children.