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Monday, July 23, 2012

Why the results are the ones who think they are

for example when everything that happens

Several years ago I was working hard to achieve certain objectives in an area in my life I've never been, almost reaching the kind of results I wanted to achieve.

As these objectives were as foreign to me, I had many questions that will only increase as he continued poor performance. I felt like I was in a spiral of negativity that I unfortunately thought I was contributing to poor results, even before the experiment.

I began to fear of failure and expected feelings of failure, as before, I was tempted. My thinking in this area has been my whole life long in the direction of fear, loss and negativity distorted.
Positive attitude

How to be the case for me, I looked at the books and education, help me solve this problem. I had a problem of mentality, that I to deal with the development of what I thought about my results. I never really feel safe - always - until you see the results I wanted, but I could certainly work, as the small steps, to interpret it, and the many failures that I lived today.

In short, I needed a change of attitude, a better way to see how it works.

Read some books or listening to audio materials act as a disturbance "small talk" mental for me. Listen to experts and people who have the goals I am working really helps to have achieved. It is also good to statistics gathered by people, the large studies, in order to get to understand the conditions that affect us all know how I can make intelligent decisions as a result.

An important book that came into my life at that time, had learned optimism, Martin Seligman, and later his book Authentic Happiness, and movement. Their studies have shown that optimists live longer and feel happier in general.

He also showed that people born with a natural inclination to optimism or pessimism will be able to control and there is not known whether high or low, if you will miss an optimist or a pessimist is determined at birth.

Seligman noted that, despite their genetic default view of the world, can be trained to be more optimistic. I was encouraged by that and immediately started to look the way they reacted to people and events of my life. Although we can talk a good talk when it comes to and supportive people around me now is, I realized that, in general, usually defaults to a pessimistic interpretation of my life, at least in my head.

Years earlier, he had become an active monitor of my own entertainment as a way to cure my anxiety and panic attacks. I learned that I responsible for what I felt was because I spent most of the day the curse in my head about me all the things that are "evil" were in my life. By monitoring experience than I thought I was good enough to formulate my interpretation of events again.

I wanted my self-talk analysis to another level and work to my standard response to events from negative to positive, which also change the true word always presented results. It is not easy, because you first if you feel you lie to yourself. It's like when you convince yourself that things change and try it is really not so bad, when in fact, I do not think so.

I found a positive training techniques to be particularly effective. How it works ...

Pessimists see bad things that happen as a permanent and ubiquitous - and that's always the same - and a sign of a disorder that I did personally.

All companies that fail build and is not to earn money so that all businesses fail in the future and that's why I'm a failure as well.

If the events as an optimist and a temporary step towards positive results seen. They see mistakes as a result of what they did or personally to the environment rather than a character flaw or something with them.

This business does not work, because my time was not right. I learned some marketing techniques that the construction of large, help me with my business side. I'm getting better and better, and possibly a profitable business.

This is a simple rotation, but to a great extent that you apply immediately. See setbacks as temporary and a reference to a technique that did not work, instead of a permanent fault in you as a person. Note that the time to continue working to improve things.
What is with feelings of failure?

Train me to be positive in my interpretation, that the world was a good first step, but that does not mean that suddenly stopped. I realized that I could think was better about the events, but to change my feelings very difficult. If you experienced any positive result from the real world, I felt much better.

Worse, I'd feel better is often a kind of positive sign, only to fail him. I felt tired and bitter. It's like stepping on, falling only to again fall this time, it hurts even more.

This has been especially attentive to my feelings, because I began to take an inventory of concepts like the Law of Attraction. The law of attraction says that the universe is made, to answer how you feel and think - what is the echo back. Some people are dedicated to the solid rock of this idea, while others think there are a lot of nonsense.

Traditionally I am a babysitter in the area, but happy to give things a chance if you help me with something, I work. I'm afraid if I do not correspond to my positivity has not been very positive, I just wanted to convince myself mentally for something else - think positive - even if the world gave me positive results for the positive sense II.

I began to wonder if my feelings were in response to what I thought and my thought was, as a reaction to what I felt. Then there are the physiological conditions, such as when I'm hungry, I'm usually cranky and so think and feel negatively. When I eat, suddenly things are all good again.

Without doubt, be happy is not just a full stomach?

I realized that it involves many variables and to understand that they are all connected to each other is important. What was important for me was staying abreast of the state it was before all else to blame.

For example, if I were hungry, or angry because something bad happens am, I must note the reason for my feeling, but do not let this feeling back in my world view.

This is an important step. Before that I could afford a bad result, missed meals or ruin my day. I spiral into negative thought patterns, I rant on and see this as an indication of personal failure. But now I've seen explanations of weather and that I remembered not to let it affect me, because it will change quickly.

There is nothing to think of life, so why not about what I like about it?

It sounds simple, but you probably know how easy it is with a negative feeling, you have to be stuck in your day. You can determine how everything that happens to you, interpret, and if you believe in the law of attraction, the reason why they still have a bad day or a week or even months to have his (negativity, the resonance and drag it) .

I was very good at letting go of things. I still struggle with the physical aspects of life and the reformulation of them, for example, when I sprained my wrist falling off the bike I had a week of severe pain and weeks rather recovery, which led to severe depression.

The same is true for the hardest parts of life that if my mother had her stroke. Some things need to be sad, of course, but sometimes we give too much weight to small and transient events, and let them control our lives.

He cries when he is worth tears.
Inevitable consequences

Optimism, positive training, the law of attraction, abstinence, emotional congruence, all these concepts came together nicely when I heard of Eben Pagan teach a fantastic idea, he said -. "Think in the inevitable"

The thought is inescapable to think and act as if what you are doing is inevitable because it happens that creates the conditions for.

The idea is the inevitability to know the confidence that a result is available if you do certain things. This is an absolute fact. You need to pass the time. When and how it is made affected by weather, luck and other things that you can not control, but the conditions are in luck, timing must be made and, if one considers that what is needed.

Once you know the terms of your only job is to translate the reality. The formula is simple -

Study System -> Implement the System -> Obtain the result.

Obviously, for this you need a proven system based on fundamental work. You should also seek ways to strengthen the inevitability while you work. This take on the responsibility for concrete results, and you begin to see clear conditions. Once all conditions are met, you have your results.

For example, when building a blog that you might have on small successes, such as with their first 50 drives, and then 100 subscribers by e-mail, and write your article 100a as the characters that are on their way. These are prerequisites for the success and tangible results. Continue as in the ends and on top of a ladder to success.

Take out of fear

I like the idea of ​​inevitable because immediately removes the fear and doubt and win and negativity is what he is in a process of case, a number of steps taken, if correct, the price. It is not by chance, simply collect resources and knowledge to get, then do.

Most people, when something new to the outer shape of what you are feeling begins to approach, as it is lacking in knowledge and the experience is not the fear of failure and all sorts of reasons.

Inevitable in thinking from the start you know you can achieve what we want, because you have what it needs to know to go there. All that stands in the way of implementation. We do not plan to fail, or the time to think about all the reasons why you can not succeed to spend. It's a waste of energy.

This may seem a simple concept, but it's actually quite difficult to master. We are humans and we are afraid of challenges and self-esteem. Trust is necessary for you to really think, inevitably, all the time, and trust only begins when you succeed.

For example, when I think about starting a new blog, I'm sure they will succeed. I know the process and the only real challenge is to spend time to do the work.

With my startup company that I do a lot of things I do not intend to do and we are facing many challenges. Every time I see a competitor that is doing well, it's easy for me to doubt that we do not have to feel success, we must give up.

When I think inevitably in my house, I know I can not help but move to the success. Of course, I might want to turn, change direction or strategy, or our target market completely, but it will be because we follow a process. We see the problems people have and how to adapt our society to solve these problems. If we do this long enough, we can not because the principles on which we work with our sound to be successful.

This last point is important. Inevitable idea is not blind. You do not have to say that you are successful, you must know the principles that operate out of work. The laws are tested, what many others have used it and succeeded with him. His faith comes from knowing that the process works and is reinforced every day as you slowly create the necessary conditions for success.
Start with what you can control

If you lack confidence in me right now is the best thing you can do a process of learning from, what we want to achieve, and then implement them.

It is important actions take place as soon as possible so that you can learn real evidence, not assumptions (Try to lean). If you do not start, always a kind of result, good or bad, then your emotions will often kill their chances (thinking too much and not doing enough).

Trust comes only at the end of the stock. Think fatality is used to keep your mind on the task, rather than balancing the silly things like how other people are better than you, or how you have never been before, or how it did not take. So your emotions under control, makes you focus on the positive results and get your energy flowing in the right direction. Everything is in order.

Ultimately, all I can control what I think is the way, and therefore to interpret everything that happens around them. Why is this power of perception on things that will help to not concentrate? This is what I call a fool.