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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The use of interviews to select

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Why did you even asked for your business website? Because you have a website where customers or clients and curious enough to click on your site, you are probably curious to hear his story.
What is your story? Everything is much more interesting and more likely to bring to clients and customers to use their wonderful products or services.
Who will tell the story of your business? You (or your business partner or key employee) can do a great job of telling the story, if your company has the quality of the presentation should be a compelling reason for customers and clients to create, to sit and to experience it.
Is it a marketing tool? Yes, you add the emotional power of "marketing audio" to your marketing toolbox. Customers and clients feel and hear a little with my best pitch sales hide? Some do but most do not it. Difficult to sell is a change for many people, especially the younger generation.
What can you do? Now that was a pop format is very promising results for a business interview format, which goes on your website as a podcast. When properly done, professionally, that sounds like a radio interview and positioned as an expert in your field, or maybe even give an aura of celebrity and in your name. If done correctly, a business meeting can easily book your credibility and builds trust in you as an expert in your field. As you reach the sign that you deserve?
When the hell should I start? Begin to trust with the search for a professional help you. Find someone who knows how to make the most of a theme of the business interview. Someone you trust, as you watch TV presenter. OK, can you afford? Do they also participate in the promotion of your company in this way? Not? Well, what can be found with someone, like an anchor national news agency sounds?
You say you do not know how to get a hold of someone like that, but he found a friend who will ask for free? Congratulations, you probably know how to save money. Now go online and find an interview conducted by lay people. How long to sit for an interview? Was it really motivated, go ahead and buy that product or service?
It's time to be realistic. An interview with a business man who sounds like he or she heard on national radio, made a great effort to enhance its character as an expert in your field. They know that to get a job well done, you need the right tool. No get, not a tool - find the "tool" that can help your story sing. Otherwise, stop time and money, or even damage your brand image. As you know, can damage their brand jeopardize capital gains or business.
In order to improve its brand image in order to hire experts. What are the capabilities of the other, to locate in an interview, rather than the voice quality? The ability to ask the right questions to ensure a smooth transition from the script (so beneficial for your story) to achieve and to follow an interesting conversation piece. The auditor must have enough experience to know when to repeat a response, or extend, or condensation, or insert a personal story - or maybe even help you visualize the person you are talking about. These skills come from someone who has done numerous interviews, successfully.
What are we talking? How could they know what you're asking? Well, that's why you should do a "pre-interview," so they know all the good things and both are on the same page. They actually have a new "outside" view of your company and your products or services that reach can also talk to consider a few new pages for you.
What about recording its history interview? The good news: not even be interviewed personally. However, contracting professionals must have their own studio, so that the interview with a patch of high-quality phone, the clarity of his words are recorded maximize recorded. The fact that it may be convenient for you does not mean that you are using a mobile phone, to perform maintenance. You should really use a landline phone and a decent, or maybe use Skype on your computer. When you register, even if you are on the phone, make sure you are in a quiet environment.
Where and when would be the best way to be continuous and not by business calls and employees who will come up with questions to be distracted? OK, maybe you can relax and calm at home. What about your children or pets? You want to avoid the distractions and noise. A room with a minimum of hard surfaces is better. Think the opposite of your bathroom tiles. Comfortable furniture, curtains and carpets all help to dampen the sound of a room and make you look more professional. As strange as it sounds, if you can be comfortable talking on the phone to hang in a closet full of clothes that would give you the desired tone.
Remember, the taped interview, when you are rested and ready, exhausted and helpless. You want your best side, is not it? Not feel that I read from a script, but you know how the mind can do tricks on you when you say that to forget the important points. Spend some time with time to focus on the writing of the points you need to focus on the consumer or customer. Put yourself in their shoes. Next, place the documents in front of you - with enough space and good light - so you can digitize your eyes light points, while questions were interviewed by telephone. Remember, it seems only natural conversation and is very much attractive for the audience as a script to read. Errors can always be changed for the final production.
Pressure? Of course not ... if you are professionals, their own studio and a sound engineer, the time stands still and Schnitzer edits have to rent. Therefore, you can relax and take some time to gather your thoughts and deliver your precious wisdom ... at their own pace.
To rearrange the order of the Q & A New? No problem. A sound engineer, you can even get some effects of the perfect music and sound to the sound of your interview as a big deal, it really is. And the ability to listen to your podcast and corrections before it is loaded on your site or on YouTube. His business is that it sounds good. There is no pressure.