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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another approach to the mind relaxes

Life is a "power of thought" that "think" like a soul / self and you are a physical body (the centers of the heart and the brain and intelligence) is a form of life energy and therefore as inherent to the company. Live from a place of wholeness has nothing to do with the "end of thought", but the repeal of the illusory form, faulty thinking or asymmetric. Any practice to try is to bring their thoughts to silence one of the misguided practices that can take you never to get to a place of wholeness - try to get your mind to silence, it is only an act of repression they may give temporary relief, like a drug, but also the resolution of conflicts / problems that can be dealt with in your life. People have spent years bringing his "thoughts" by force of will to silence, and all that they do observe is (temporarily) a state of dull false peace, which has a very natural for him, and requires a maintain constant effort - the practices are forms of "discipline" against nature itself and do nothing to mid freedom, creativity, focus and conscious life. The problem is not with the "thinking" that the problem in the approach that we developed is for the mind, this is only part of the formation of the air / we get a company primarily based combat system.
There are two ways you can think of as

A. Relaxed awareness (or relaxed-thoughts)

Second Focused Mind

Very few of us are aware of how aligned "relaxed awareness", and therefore we do not realize the immense potential of this approach for new solutions and solve internal conflicts., Most have "focused thought" their origin in, and in many cases we have to focus on the negative rather than solutions, and therefore end up creating a dynamic negativity allow us (which eventually gives way to a physical reality), while based in the resistance to a balanced solution / implementation. Concentrated thought is to "create" a powerful way to solutions, but only if your focus is on solutions. It is important that the "right way" to use the potential of concentrated thinking, living and conscious understanding. In my opinion, if you expand the relaxivity of thought, it is very difficult, the right mindset focused align - you people are still trying to see focus on positive thoughts and end up living in fear of problems, conflicts and challenges.
Since the ability to relax is a necessary condition for the possibility of harnessing the potential of concentrated thought, I will discuss the mechanics of the mind relaxes first, and deals with the mechanics of the "right way" to the use of concentrated thinking.

The goal of relaxed awareness

"Conscience relaxed" is just a term I coined because it involved a detailed description of the condition of openness when are aligned with that in mind - it can also serve as "think relaxed." Relaxed awareness is part of the ability to be "allowed", which comes in the form of thoughts and emotions without suppressing try and not to try to impose a solution. You can try it now, just stop for a moment to think of an "effort" to reflect and let happen. The pointer is - not "try" to think, do not try to solve something, do not try to find solutions that do not try to get rid of what's happening, just "be." I hope you understand that I'm not asking you to "trance out" in a passive state, I beg you not to "FOCUS" to anything, it's just "being" protected without conscious thought and without a thought. There is no such thing as "passive", which is just another escape mechanism, and there is no such thing as "fear-based approach" which is another protective mechanism. Relaxed thought, it is an escape mechanism to make some "rock" dazed state, it is not about the approach, but actively "be" without trying to strive in order to try to "be".
You may not be able to communicate pointer'm to come here, and that's because you will probably try around the neck to relax the mind to understand their educational someone trying to "fight" in any case try to separate somehow - they are two ends of the same thing, based on the fear of life. Even if I give the mouse pointer "Just Be" can be interpreted to be "tried" than to sit back and simply, and to continue efforts in "his" to do, and because all can not be your energy is focused on this effort to be relaxed and therefore can not "afford" what comes to mind. Apart from the effort, without a state of being "passive" - ​​is a compromise. Here are some tips to know when you are relaxed and thinking the right way.

- You must not try to escape, to suppress or deny any thoughts that arise

- You do not "try" to think, but to think you can pass, no way you want to happen

- They are open to all the feelings that arise in you, including raw feelings of fear, anxiety or irritation

- You are not distracted in any way by an external stimulus (This is useful when you are relaxed, thinking with closed eyes, for the first time)

- You're not trying to be "passive" and separated. I can not enter as a pointer, it is up to you to be honest with yourself, if you, as a way of dormant sense of peace as an escape or "spiritual idea" go try passive.
- Do not try to be aware, or to try to see thoughts rigid when your consciousness is directed to a thought or feeling, you could, and if you drop a thought or feeling helps, too - Try n not you, to control what their conscience based.
- You're not trying to relax or feel good, do not do not worry, you're not trying to feel something "extraordinary" state.
The tendency of the mind is "repetitive" any thought that feels like a concern, problem or challenge imaginable. The mind several times about their true desires, preferences and interests (- the thought of the heart, the brain, that is, if I "mind" say everything including I) think. The fact that the mind is a tendency to repeat what he feels is "important" for him has said that the state of "relaxed thinking" not a state of denial - if something is important for the mind, the thought is repeated , unless a solution is found, or if it loses its meaning, understanding or perspective. not, therefore, in "denial" in connection with worry thinking relaxed - if you are not trying to be passive and aloof, the relaxed state of mind will never be a state of denial.

The reason for the relaxed state of mind includes solutions (or brings wisdom) That's because in this state, "" We do not try thinking of the past, air conditioning, which can roots imbalances or delusions, but allow you the intelligence of the to help life, a solution / balance the thoughts of his mind. It is conditioned with an intelligence far beyond the mechanics of intelligence thought to be connected. In many cases, if you are relaxed with the mind, you can see for yourself, be automatically connected to solutions implemented (eg not feel inspired, something on google ultimately to find a particular solution). Other advantages are mentioned below as relaxation

- Develop will (stop and develop the ability to "respond" to the idea of ​​your mind) a sense of inner strength from the "removal" of thought in his mind released. The more relaxed-connect with your mind from feeling more bastion of thought impulse of the mind is open.
- How do you practice relaxed mind thinks that the movement to reduce and eventually reach levels balanced when there is a strong impetus for you before further. The dynamics reduces not only because your mind is to find solutions and expertise, but also because you are not feeding the pulses. By the narrow focus
- You can reach prospects that are rooted in the wisdom and integrity, and he is not on the perspective of a single stick.
- After emotional enrichment begins to be released in conjunction with the mind relaxes, it is because they are not removed, the emotional release comes naturally, and you (as) and are not new emotions by identifying unconscious patterns of thinking about.

- You deserve inner stability to every challenge as he begins the trust in the intelligence of life to find the offer solutions to these kind of being "without resistance."
- You feel more in tune with your intuition and wisdom

Relaxed Think like a whole new area for you feel. It is how to develop a new habit, and it will take some time before you start getting used to it, and begin to see the potential / power solutions. For a while, you'll just have to work to agree with the natural state of relaxation of the mind. Do not be too impatient, do not try to "do things" - these two attitudes is difficult to really connect with the relaxed openness to think.
With focused thinking the right way

"The idea," focuses on is, if you think, consciously or unconsciously some thoughts / object, feeding their attention and interest. The first step in the use of concentrated thinking, rightly, be aware. Relaxed during training, think that every note you do not have the pulse of the unconscious thought patterns solve the usual models / common thought. they were a "unconscious attention" focused before before you actually start with conscious thought -. the only way to get the momentum will liberate increasingly relax in the mind (relaxed awareness) At a time when momentum has rooted his unconscious thought patterns published, you can relax your mind and focus, think about balance, two ways of thinking are necessary for optimal living conditions.
I repeat that it is very important to find a stable "relaxed-thoughts," looking before you can think properly focused. He relaxed thinking that freed the last moment of negativity in your head so that it. For a new approach For example, you can rooted in a form of struggle have on the basis of the mind and soul can be a great boost to this idea through years of careful unconscious, and in this state, when you try to find your focus on a change in view on wealth base you a lot of resistance comes from the mind (their last album). When connected with the idea of ​​relaxing, you can lose your mind on the drive to enable away, so that his mind. More resistance to your conscious attention
If you are the last minutes of his mind to solve (relaxed awareness), you can begin to deliberately focusing the mind. Here are some tips on how best the vision align with centered approach based solutions.
- Not to focus on the debt base idea is useless

- Do not "negative" to the perceived focus in a situation that can only be seen and focus on the growth rate of the state willing to provide you. Always focus on thinking in terms of growth / maturity. Introspection is a powerful way to focus on the future.

- Do not stay focused on the problem. If you have a problem, you need to know to look once it's there, nothing is served by the constant obsession about him. If you see a problem, you can see his opinion on a "solution necessary" (a reality that does not have this problem) to formulate. Change your approach to this "solution necessary", and keep your mind focused in this direction.

- Use your specific vision, the reality that you see, and you get an idea of ​​the nature of light and darkness involved in this reality - the reality of life is that every situation has a clear and dark character. For example, to bring a romantic relationship experiences, but also a lot of time and energy. If it easier with the nature of light and the darkness of a desired reality occur aligned, because they show a maturity to cope.

- Use to focus not only concentrate the mind on the nature of the light of reality, such an approach seems to be "positive thinking", to when in fact it is only fools think, because it is also based on reality and therefore resistance physical reality manifest your desire. This approach can also be avoided, that the resistance you can have the true reality of his desire.

- Downtown thoughts in equilibrium with the relaxed mind is optimal for better solutions and resolve internal conflicts / resistance.
The center is thought to be part of a "conscious creator", where you decide what. Reality that we want Problem is that if a person on the life of mistaken he / she tends to think a person's delusional and such insights can concentrate focus exclusively on the image unrealistic or incorrect to use the reality - that we are only one way of life has become a kind of denial or ignorance is why it is. important to have a connection with relaxed awareness that allows you to overcome the clutches of the dynamic imbalance of mind while developing a better understanding of reality allows first -. the more you understand the reality of life oriented his thinking being For example, if you find that all the realities of life, have a light and dark character, their way of thinking and not illusory, but begins to correspond to reality.