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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Consequences of poor sleep

stress levels and sleep deprivation

When was the last time you went as a zombie to your work or school after having slept wrong? A nonprofit organization supporting public education and research dedicated to sleep (National Sleep Foundation) conducted a survey that extracts the following data: 29% of respondents reported feeling very drowsy or even asleep at work during the previous month on at least one occasion.

Recent research has linked lack of sleep to a wide range of diseases, including memory disorders and obesity. Below is more information on the main consequences of not having a good night's sleep:

1) Learning Disabilities.

AprendizajeLos problems researchers have long believed that sleep plays an important role in memory and recent data suggest that sleep disorders may worsen during the night learning. Researchers study concluded that learning a new skill is not consolidated if the person is subjected to sleep deprivation after learning (Winerman, 2006). The dream used to process and store the information learned while awake.

2) promotes obesity

Lose weight addition affect learning and memory, sleep deprivation has been linked to body weight. In a 2005 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that overweight participants sleep less than normal weight participants.

Researchers do not yet understand exactly how do you sleep disturbance affects appetite and metabolism, but conclude that sleep a good night's sleep will not hurt your efforts to lose or maintain your weight.

3) Increase your level of stress.

Students stressing according many experts, most people need seven to Eight hours of sleep each night. What happens when do you not get enough sleep? Symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety, aggression and stress levels increased.

Experts suggest a nap in these cases in order to fight against drowsiness, reduce stress and increase productivity.

4) worst decisions are made.

DecisionesTomar take a wise decision when you sleep is very difficult. In a study published in the journal Sleep, researchers found that drowsiness has a serious impact on the ability to make effective decisions (Roehrs, 2004).

If you face a difficult decision, make sure you are well rested.

5) The immune system deteriorates.

System allows bad Sleeping immune increase our stress levels, which is very harmful to our immune system. Inflammatory diseases are more common after this prolonged overexposure to excessive stress.