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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Self improvement begins with who you are today

How much of your self-talk every day consists of phrases like?

If only I could ..

More confident

Be more productive

Procrastinate less

Feel happier

Be healthier

, stop anxiety or anxious

Draw more (or more) in my life

Respect and love me more

In fact, for many of us the chance for improvement is something we strive to correct or change in life? Hope a future state, a better place than we are today.

They are not all bad!

As the press tend to ignore the 99% of the bad stories that millions of good things that happen every day, we choose to focus our negative now tend, I do not like about our lives and set goals to improve things in the future.

Also present bury the positive aspects of our lives now that actually lead to future growth and improvement.

In this sense, the notion of self-improvement and personal development are cultivated by a basic understanding of the beliefs and thought processes to know and feel what is good today.

Self-improvement is a current growth can hold positive thoughts and beliefs, a trip to an exciting and accepted in your life in other places, the better chance to live in harmony with the goal of his life and values.

A house needs a solid foundation does a plant a seed, water and oxygen, and how can a persons develop optimally when it is balanced.? For most of us, this means significantly increase our inner consciousness, above all things that are positive and well because they spend most of the time, tend to find the bad.

How do we achieve a better balance?

Of course, with the right balance with these things in our lives that are not satisfied, is difficult because we have a lot of us know that most of them have not been met.

Interestingly, when we asked people to fight to change your life in order to gain size, asked them to anything you want, against things they want to improve in your life list? On average, there were more things that people improve 3X listed companies (and clarity) about what they wanted in your life that they love each other.

If we can transform this equation and have a balanced list, then we have a solid foundation for growth and improvement.

Believe they are bad, failed undeserved or not worth the time to think with cancer is that we do not move forward until we remove this cancer.

How can we improve our thinking and our starting point improvement greater autonomy?

A. Today attention

We all tend to live in the future, you want to do is ensure that you spend at least 10-15 minutes every morning and evening (before bedtime) is on his list of what you are today, "Today? Things that you like about yourself, what you are good and what you have done in the past.? you need to check at least 5-6 of them and if you do not immediately think of them? They are at the moment? seriously! They are a lot of bad things and some good things to make up for everything

Second Affirmations for Today

I've always been a big fan (and regular) statements? Many of these are demands you about needs and future growth, but some of his claims about today they clearly state the things now stand, or are would like to believe are true.? For example: or "I am an honest, reliable family, friends and strangers," "My friendship with X, Y or Z is a gift" "I enjoy my own thoughts, feelings and talents and enjoy time with me"

Third Meditation

Many people see meditation as a form of escape, a way to improve their future, if practiced, in fact, who is known meditation to improve the immediate moment, and improve their management skills future something in your life. ? Be able to immediately give you calm your mind and focus objectively (without hovering subjectively and without worry or be anxious) in your life is an extremely effective way to get the earth to be immediately grateful, respectful and happy in their lives lays the foundation for future improvement of the employee.

As you can see, the improvement is heavily dependent on changing the basis of life, the current re-categorization of his life, and thus laid the foundation for future development.

Therefore, before proceeding dissatisfied on the way to their current living situation and put all their Paris on the future, try your efforts in pursuing the size focus today and tomorrow even bigger can.