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Monday, December 10, 2012

10 ways to start believing in yourself

Believing in yourself is another way of saying that you trust. What is trust? Confidence is having a bit of security and is often linked to self-esteem. This is to be sure of yourself. You think you have a lot to offer and they are valuable. Much of this is accomplished by the achievements and successes. Some people pass through the opinions of others.

Do you trust also means that you think you can handle any situation that comes your way in life. To help you prepare to acquire knowledge and experience.

Many times we do not fight for what we want, either because they do not believe that we can do, either because they are not motivated. You can not be motivated by fear of failure to achieve our goals and what is often caused by believing that we are not able or are not worthy of success. Motivation requires self-esteem and confidence.

You must realize that you are valuable and worthy since birth. Here you have some tips that can help you improve your level of confidence:
1. Volunteering

Nothing makes you feel better about yourself to help others and make another day that much better. Feel useful and needed by others to improve their confidence and self-esteem. You can learn new things about yourself, the things that make you feel good and things that make you feel safe.

Acts of kindness improve your mood by increasing serotonin production. It is an activity that everyone wins!

"Being useful to others first, if you want to be good to yourself."

2. List

Make a list of everything you have experienced and / or achieve in your life. Then you can start adding new things as you go. See the list is something that produces incredible motivation (I speak from experience).
3. Surround yourself with people who support you

If you have people around you who criticize the way, your words can affect your perception of yourself. At least you can understand the following facts to then it is best if you can eliminate from your life or at least the minimum to reduce your contact with them.

- You must understand that their words are their opinions only.
- You must understand that their opinions are not facts.
- You must learn not to take things personally.

Find people with values ​​and interests similar to yours to support you and help you progress. These people will trust you and I know they are there to help when needed will give you great motivation and confidence.

"A true friend does gets in your way unless you go down"
Arnold H. Glasow

4. Start accepting

Believe in yourself, you must accept as a person. How can you believe in something you can not accept everything? If you do not accept you as you are then you reject a part of yourself and maybe even come to hate. It is impossible to believe in you, like rejection and hatred are present.

Accept that you need to start increasing your confidence gradually. Remember that you can not improve what you can not see or are not accepted. So do not be afraid to acknowledge the good and less good.

You better accept it as you try to fight against yourself. Once completed, you can change or improve what we do not like. Each owner of his own life and we all have the potential to be better.

"Once we accept our limits, we can overcome"
Albert Einstein

5. Shift your focus

Stop focusing on what you lack or what is wrong in your life. Focus on instead of being grateful for what we have and for all areas of your life that are going well.

Each time you "hear" you think something negative (and probably feel as strongly or down), re-think something that we are grateful and smiled.
6. Face new challenges

Create opportunities for you to prove that you are more than you think you are now. What do you think you are as a person probably could be defined by others. Again, this is only your opinion.

You can start small by taking a class or doing a workshop to teach something that is considered a weakness in you.

You want to make it big? Learn something new. Take a vacation in peace. Starting a business / company. Do something that scares you.

"Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body."

7. Keep learning and growing

The. More knowledge and understanding of the things that we will be able to handle any situation This includes learning more about yourself, namely assistance.

This means that you should read much, take courses and participate in seminars and workshops. The journal is a valuable tool for self-exploration. Explore! Search!

Study how the way we work, how human beings function in general and how the world works. We will begin to learn and how to use this knowledge in any situation, you gain experience and give you wisdom. Wisdom and increase your confidence.
8. Set goals

Set small and achievable in the short term to show you that you can achieve what you set out with a little effort.

"There is no lazy people, people who not only have goals that inspire"
Tony Robbins

9. Stay their own expectations

Often, the lack of confidence is that we are pursuing goals that others have set for us and not our own goals. It is not your job to meet the expectations that others have of you. It's your job to live up to their expectations, you should realize their own dreams and use their talents, skills and gifts to serve the world.
10. Stop comparing yourself to others

Appearance, achievements, success and everything else should be only yours. You have all the tools you need to achieve your goals and not the goals that others have done.

I wish you the best of luck in their efforts to start believing in yourself. This is a very laudable.