Monday, October 29, 2012

Neighbors are neighbors

The neighbor can be "very close friend who lives" or a recurring nightmare. Here, a Decalogue for usability and all reasonable means to help solve problems that may occur.

Who has never had problems with the neighbors? This is a classic waste of others that fall into our garden, neighbors, throw not the sign and cleaned so that the screams of his goals football team, the department has their fitness not caring about other living below plays the drums and make family reunion ends late at night.

The issue of coexistence and tolerance in the community is part of everyday life. In fact, according to the latest report of the conflict through the criminal justice system and strategic planning, which made frequent complaints by residents of the city of Buenos Aires, is the offense for situations resulting from the use of public space without permission of they carry on economic activities, the abuse, intimidation and disturbing noises! ... These data provide Sansó Gonzalo, Director of the Office for Victims and Witnesses of the prosecution of CABA.

In search of a civilized society, experts cite a number of principles that in a kind Decalogue of good neighborliness, founded on the values ​​of coexistence. Tolerance, respect, cooperation, and the work of the team to participate

1) You need to understand that our rights to terminate where the other begins.

2) We need to judge others as we would do with us.

3) Avoid working in the field.

4) Do not hang up your clothes, or in the window or on the balcony overlooking the street.

5) loud music late at night is not recommended.

6) require the maintenance of public space to take, throwing paper in the trash, the collection of waste from our pets, taking care of monuments, etc.

7) Compliance with traffic laws is important to live well, for example, across the street when the light or speed limits.

8) It is also the responsibility of our actions for the common good, for example, to pay the costs on time.

9) It is good, in solidarity with our neighbors, for example, what the group, people with disabilities, pregnant women, etc..

10) Last but not least ... Concern and know that our neighbors!

We must also understand that "unity is strength." One example suggested Hilarza Adrian, president of AIPH (Association of Property Managers consortium's civil horizontal) is that. In a moisture problem, there is nothing better than to join forces that split the cost of resolving if it is not another option As we get angry, it is sometimes the only alternative and the best to solve the problem without resorting to the courts.

On the other hand it is good to know and assert our rights. Since 2007, the Attorney General shall make a policy of access to the courts, which offers several ways for people to be implemented and complaints about their rights.

Based on this initiative, residents must bring management units and reports, which are distributed in different areas of the city where they can access a permanent care facility.

Finally, a series of data. Residents of the Federal Capital, who suffer from disadvantages of living a free and confidential service that offers GCBA called Community Mediation.

His method is as follows: a mediator facilitates communication between the parties with respect to reaching mutually satisfactory solutions to the conflict between them. Options and proposals from interested parties, the agreements with the scope of private agreements are obtained. For more information, residents should. To the Office of Community Mediation CGPC his town, where the Board of Mediation

Learn to speak in public

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Learn to speak in public

Learn to speak in public

Many people fear speaking in public, causing them great anxiety. However, we can improve the ability to speak in public. To achieve this, it is critical to properly prepare and know the subject. Take the interest of the public and speak effectively will make communication more efficient.

However, there is a phobia that straddle the large number of people and go and is done more common. This time we are going to be afraid of public speaking, because public speaking phobia you may feel humiliated or otherwise ridicule. Do you have phobias?, There are horror landscape? Well then you are referring to exactly what this phobia so you can get as soon as possible.

First of all, I must say that fear is public speaking or second name, afraid of what usually occurs usually during adolescence, and it is here that the more we care about the opinions of people like us (family and friends). Then, spread throughout our professional life to the need to talk to people, talk with a stranger, or even a phone call.

Among the various symptoms of anxiety include flushing of the face, the body language of nervousness, hesitation and muscle tension. If you meet these requirements while speaking or appear in public, here are some tips to help you control this phobia.

One. Fear of speaking in public People who have this fear, feel fear of criticism, to be observed by the people, forget what to say, or the reaction of anyone who listens. In short, this fear does not control the situation and succeed or fail in their interventions.

This fear of speaking in public was highlighted in the moments before the intervention, creating great anxiety often can be the reason for failure. In these moments, we usually think shivering voice, hands hands approach Luciano or rapid pulse.

The main reason for this fear is lack of experience. But if excessive can result from lack of preparation or did not know enough about. This causes great uncertainty, and great concern and anxiety to our questions can withstand a.

On the other hand, if the fear is exaggerated too can become our ally, and we put a warning about something that can not be read in all and makes us more cautious. So, help you prepare better and not be complacent. Therefore, it is important to recognize and accept the fact that you can prepare properly and can not be overcome and the reason for failure.

Two. Preparation Anyone can improve their ability to speak to speak in public over the PA dependent and courage that may arise. Let's look at some tips that can help:

- The most important thing is to know exactly what they are talking about and what we want to convey to listeners. Therefore it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the subject and understand the ideas we want to convey.

- Practice and rehearse what we say we give you confidence and fluency. Rehearsals take it as a reference if needed to take some notes on the key concepts of our discourse, but we must not lose the spontaneity memorize it and runs the risk of not knowing Forgot expression continue.

- Knowing what goes on, how the atmosphere and how the public will participate in our conversation, help us to having a better understanding of the situation and increase security. In this way, we can adjust the speech to all the circumstances, adjusting the time or the use of language matches the type of listeners.

- In addition, we must prepare for possible questions that could play, so we can respond more quickly and efficiently. Above all, we need to prepare those that by their difficulty to reach a situation more complicated. We are not satisfied and think it's going to raise difficult issues.

 3. Capture the interest of the public The main purpose of speaking in public is to convey information. It requires to capture the interest and attention of the audience and it is very important not only to the content of the message, but how you say it.

The way we express should vary depending on the public to participate, using language suitable for all audiences. Not the same university in contact with sellers. We fit the theme differently depending on the participants.

To attract public attention, it is advisable to start with what most concerns and stimulate their interest from the beginning. We also use jokes and humor First, there is a close connection first, and create a more relaxed atmosphere.During the intervention, it is important to be passionate about what we talk every now and then to change the pitch of the voice and the rhythm of speech, making it more dynamic and fun. Moreover, the use of pauses, as they are very efficient and create interest and tension.

At the end of his speech, it is important to remember briefly the most important aspects of our presentation and answer any questions. The last words that users must be in the same line that the whole speech, so for example, if our intervention had a passion and energy to finish strong.

4. Which effectively If you already speak effectively is to understand the message, persuade and communicate. Is to make the listener any time to know what he was talking about and see us for what we say, then it is essential to move the defense.

At a public front, speaking loudly and clearly, avoid jerky movements, or tags, are characteristics that demonstrate your faith. If, in addition, display anecdotes or personal experiences, using understandable language and to public participation, effective communication, ie remember listening to get the information you want to convey.

These few tips you should follow if you want to control public speaking phobia, insert it into practice knowing stage fright long-term control and thus make sure much more yourself.

 Always be positive Make it clear that you know the subject and you feel passionate about it.

Do not read your presentation Something very basic not to mention the public, by reading the presentation he uses the notes as notes, as required.

Provides examples Try to make your presentation as concrete and "realistic" as possible, so you can add your own anecdotes and humor to make the point.

Use visual aids Accept what you say visual aids such as notes distribution charts, transparencies and slides, you need to make sure that everyone can view them properly. Do not use visual aids, consisting of your target audience spend more time trying to read them, instead of listening to what you have to say.

Maintain eye contact with your audience Maintain eye contact even when you're out in the classroom or meeting room, classroom, among other, so that everyone feels you are speaking with.

Involving the public People hear only some time after that, the attention turned to other things. If you can make the presentation interesting to be really easy to grab and hold the attention of your audience for a while. It features simple activities and speed to be actively involved in the play.

Finally you should consider the issue, how to lose your fear of speaking, vocabulary and intensity of public voice, for this reason, you should change the tone of your voice and make sure not to talk fast.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Keys harmonious relations

There are different ways of communication, helping us avoid the arguments and development of harmonious relations. Most people, the techniques suggested below quality improvements, not only in his love life, but also in relationships with other family members, colleagues, friends and strangers. In other words, everyone!

The great conflict negotiator, Marshall Rosenberg shared that when he taught his communication skills for non-violent elementary school children who collected the ability to recognize their feelings and share them with more responsibility faster than their teachers and school administrators. While it is true in general that young minds absorb information more easily when we get older and more are on our way, there is still hope if we willing to try. In this context, there are three proven tools to improve communication between you and your partner.

A. Self-awareness. Take the time to become aware of more and more what happened to you if you are angry with your partner work. For example, if you are frustrated because your partner out with the garbage when it is fully committed, but in reality it is not, you can be fully justified to be angry. But we will decompose. It seems to be more than kept his word, and participate in the housework. In his anger, you may feel that you cannot trust to follow him, by what he says, and has done more than it's fair share at home, you can see a lack of association. Win allows self-awareness of the deeper issues and allows for better communication. Once you clarify what is going on inside of you to communicate constructively with "I" am, the word "I" and "me" instead of speaking to accuse or blame.

For example, instead of saying: "Never take out the garbage, I have it!" Anger and do it yourself, you might say: "I would be delighted if you took the trash without could regularly reminded relax and hope that you go on and it's a good feeling to share the work with me. "Feel the difference in emotional tone?

Second Recognition. It would be going too far at this point, if your partner is willing to recognize what they were saying. This means that it is open, not defensive and say something simple like "I know I did not systematically take the trash." As we know our partner said to recognize a defense, he is usually a calming effect annoying. There's also the "evil" because he / she is that there are ways without changing the situation believes communicate. Nero-Linguistic Programming, a powerful approach to interpersonal communication, found that the use of the same words that the other person allows him / feel understood. Orville Hendrix used a similar technique in his book reflects the Imago Relationship Therapy.

Reproduction sounds like: "I would be happy if I took the garbage regularly without you reminding me Relax and I hope that I continue, and it feels good when they share the household with you.." When we are on exactly what to reflect the other person said, the person feels understood and respected. It is a powerful tool in the DE-escalation of conflict and the restoration of cooperation.

Third Responsibility. Task is to take responsibility for our feelings and actions. Again, this is a little embarrassing, to be themselves. So if I was the only one not in the trash bin, I wonder what happened to me. Maybe I've been busy at work and tired to do anything else. I was fixing things around the house and feel appreciated. Maybe I will for something else. Maybe you do not like taking out the garbage. Anyway, I have to clarify this point to communicate well for me.

When working with a partner, it really helps when you. Both a sincere effort to understand and cooperate with other Make a statement, according to another institution of its intention to more harmonious and peaceful forms of interaction that you communicate better, have fewer arguments and constructive discussions to find. If your partner is not going to work with you, shows the intention. Itself and then the methods themselves it is very useful.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

positive affirmations : Talking with friends exile Doubt

"My life is a place of balance, happiness and confidence."
Life for most is all confusing and make things happen, that doubts about yourself and those around you. Surely some good, because it allows you to assess your situation allows, and people who join. This evaluation is often a catalyst for change, which pushed to be a better person. However, the issue is not consistently healthy and necessary. Help disturbing and disruptive behavior that can harm you and your relationships. Our "non-belief" or constant doubt our abilities apply only to what we believe and how we move deeper into our disappointment and self-doubt.
So how do you fight against these negative beliefs, thoughts, persistent pesky self-doubt?
I chose to use positive affirmations. I start my day with positive affirmations when they simple or complex (for the days seem unbearable) are. There is truth in the statement "never as bad as it seems." Situations seem terrible, because the way they see it. View, change, and ultimately change the situation and how you feel about it. positive affirmations to the development of a positive attitude in all situations. So every morning I try to start my day with a positive affirmation. I say out loud, because for me a little more real that way. Of course, it may be too childish fantasy, but if you say it is loud just that much closer to the tangible.
If you encounter some difficulty, his own statements, I listed some of my favorites for you.
I have no reason to doubt myself and my abilities. I am a child of God, and certainly not a place where it is. Where I am, what it is.
Everything you need is right where I am, I must admit.
I am more than capable of doing what I do today.
In love, they deserve the best, and I will not settle for less. I do not give someone a little less.
I know that today is a great day, because if I do. What I feel when I feel to do it, then it must be true
Oh, and my favorite:
I'm going to my big girl panties and put a lot with what comes my way!
Our self-doubt and lack of confidence in our abilities and we take our relationship to fail. Do not get your own way. Begin each morning (every night ... at a time) and I remember the way you are, how good you can be, and how their dreams can become reality. Hey, maybe today's statement should "Today is the day when our dreams."
Until next time ... continue to encourage and inspire yourself and others.
How to make children listen to their views

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TIME to positive energy

Today I want to put all of our knowledge about food and exercise and the only other thing that most people forget when they are in your fitness journey. This thing is an opinion. My mind! You mean you're not talking about food or workouts with a diet and fitness blog? Not today. And, it is because your mind is the third and final element to obtain the necessary for a healthy lifestyle, fit and full of energy.

I want you more than 30 minutes of the day to think about your work to go. What do you do in those 30 minutes to do? You go into the gym to work? Sitting at home will have to wait to go,? What do you spend your time to 30 minutes before entering the gym? Chances are that you are doing something that has a lot of energy. Now I want you to take the 30 minutes and apply your mind. We humans have the power to literally rewire our brain chemistry. If we think positively, we attract positive start fate. This is because. The law of attraction The Law of Attraction in a nutshell is, if it observed a positive potential when a conscious effort is made in a let's imagine. This makes our vision into energy, which is then aspirated and manifest in your reality anticipates positive impact is converted manifest. If you feel your energy is consistent with the frequency of your vision and reality. In other words, create a conscious being his own reality always focusing on something occurring in a positive way and allow. If you cannot wait, will not, and if you plan to fail that fails. It's simple.

So every day, if you 30 minutes before you want to train, you are considered the best of its stronger cleaner. How can you transform your body? You want to run to be able to four kilometers from the state? Do you want to lose 20 pounds? You want to do in the position to be 30 push-ups before a certain date? VIEW. Imagine that you want to be. While you do this, you say positive affirmations out loud. Things like: "I am happy improved, healthy and strong every day my body feels light, I feel fast, I feel full of energy ..." All that is good, for example, but you. should really believe his goal is achievable. say all these things that you see, you should also feel inside positivity. You have to feel it and believe it or not. Leave fear negative thoughts creep and then only attract more fear and failure. Consider the feeling when you are happy with your body. After all, the actor needs to create that feeling and keep running your positive affirmations.

Now you may think that this is ,"hocus pocus" but what you have to lose? Try it. Try this in all aspects of life, not just your fitness journey. Try your career. "I am a talented actor. I Auditions." Auditions m booking. I'M Making Money. Success that I have. "To do this, every day and see how it starts to attract more positive situations and people in your life.

THINK POSITIVE. Positive action. Be positive.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fucked like positive thinking Martial Arts

There are physical laws that govern the universe.

These physical laws are typically conclusions on repeated scientific experiments and observations over many years and were not accepted as a result of the scientific community

In Europe this theory systematic nature (physcis), began with the first Greek philosophers and scientists and has continued in the Hellenistic and Roman period. Further along the lineage Newton, Faraday, Einstein, Galileo, Descartes, and the Higgs boson.

These laws form the basis of our scientific understanding of the universe and our place in it. They are the truth of our existence. Discoveries of physics find applications in the natural sciences since matter and energy are the basic elements of nature.

As a martial artist with inteterest effect on impact, energy, space, distance and time for our success is inextricably tied to the application of control or understanding of physical laws.

As humans, we are subjects and not the owners of physical laws. They are not our will and cling to any measure of control over them. Solid objects, we integrate them into our training and failure.

Well, here's why positive thinking has screwed martial arts training.

While understanding the physical laws that govern the universe (and to some extent the scientific theory of evolution and human development) can help and benefit from the martial artist in training and a base for the development of education and training benefits. Positive thinking does not consider all of the object and the complex nature of the same physical laws. Positive thinking for the following reasons has become the biggest enemy of growth has destroyed real physical, mental and emotional corrosive force to strengthen dreams and aspirations of what they want.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (May 31, 1898 to December 24th, 1993) is a pastor and author (including The Power of Positive Thinking) and the progenitor of the theory of "positive thinking" was. It is an excellent starting point to understand why "positive thinking" as a dogma created a negative effect than the positive effect it can have.

To start. The effect of positive thinking is impossible to measure and prove incredibly difficult. Inevitably, the success is measured by anecdotes and testimonies as to evidence and testing. As psychiatrist RC Murphy analyzed the work of Peale and concluded: ". Untrustworthy and wooden religious All this publicity is justified as it was by a strict division of the partial truth", and referred to the work and the quoted material as in short, tell the people what they want to hear and believe. Surely not a unique phenomenon of martial art's schools and clubs, but we can clearly see that used in some schools.

Another criticism I have of "positive thinking" is the application of snake oil theories of covert hypnosis. Peale and others have been using techniques known form of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Try these techniques to hide and convince his readers to follow his beliefs through a combination of self-hypnosis and false testimony. Peale openly embraced the character development techniques and the Society of Jesus Catholic Church. These were structured for self-analysis, character development and growth. Independently. Of the vast universe and the physical laws that we are all united we cannot fly, can we have a limited power, we do not about the finite speed, etc, etc, etc. is self-hypnosis to unrealistic expectations and impossible, is a dangerous force. Just ask the black belt martial arts is as invulnerable. As a black belt, even after his first meeting with knives, sticks and stones (if they are still alive!)

Cheating kills. Deception focuses the mind on unprofitable activities. Tues-deception and self-deception is widespread thinking in self-hypnosis "positive" gurus.

Peale asserts that practicing his techniques give the reader absolute self-confidence and deliverance from suffering. Critics say that the techniques a well-known form of hypnosis (autosuggestion), are hidden by the use of words that sound benign from the perspective of the reader ("techniques", "formulas", "method", "prayers," and " Recipes ").

Psychiatrist RC Murphy writes: "Self-knowledge, Mr. Peale understanding is clearly bad: self hypnosis is good." Murphy adds that the repeated hypnosis think an individual self-motivation, self-awareness Loss, self-esteem, sense of reality, and the ability to be critical. Understanding southern Murphy described the spirit as being inaccurate, "without depth," and his description of the workings of the mind and the unconscious mind as deceptively simplistic and wrong person "appearing your rules" It is the shallowness of his concept of "just does .. . If the unconscious of man ... can be conceptualized as a container for a small number of psychic fragments, then follow ideas as "spirit drainage". goes from dependence to self-hypnosis, the Peale the foundation of the Lord. philosophy. "

In short, positive thinkers have no interest in what the person has a better understanding of themselves and therefore a basis for growth real and genuine development. It is rather to believe in itself fascinating that critical thinking is not necessarily obsessed. No physical, mental or emotional limit and does not fall below the psychological barrier of our linked to be 'wish list '. This type of fraud can cause serious psychological problems. The approach of positive thinking is dangerous, distorted, unrealistic. "Long run [Peale teachings] causes the failure and disappointment and affect not only boomerang against the people, but against an effective treatment often.

We can clearly see how a lack of self-awareness and self-knowledge can be dangerous for a martial artist. We can also see how the martial arts training so attractive for those who is a superhero character, the desire not to be bound to the conditions, "normal" in some areas.

The last point, and the most important is to exaggerated fears of positive thinking encourages his disciples and followers. Positive thinkers are not allowed to see, hear and speak no evil. This eventually leads to aggression and attempted destruction of those "negative".

For positive thinkers are really human suffering, there is no such thing as murderous rage, suicidal despair, cruelty, lust, greed, mass poverty and illiteracy. All these things are so insignificant mental processes when the thoughts are transformed into cheerful channels simply dismissed evaporated. This attitude is so bad that some of the research its true meaning. Obviously not a real denial of evil, but a horror. A person lays his eyes away from the brutality and human suffering recalls only if you cannot bear to see. So says evil is absolute, just look the other way if you have the feeling of doing something cannot ... The belief in the pure evil, an area of ​​know-how about the possibility of help or support, is automatically a call to action, "bad" means "to be attacked ..." with a system of belief that evil can be challenged and overcome ignored a place to "positive thinking" ethos is not as only insufficient for our needs, but requires more fragile voice choking where growth.

Supporters domain is not Peale mastery of skills or tasks, but the mastery of fleeing and avoiding own "negative thoughts."

What is a martial artist is not required positive thinking, but positive psychology, which is linked to a program of empirical and reproducible scientific activity. Positive psychology, where. Precision potentially catastrophic consequences (for example, if a pilot is to de-ice wings decision whether) we should all pessimists is related we should utilize the pessimistic view of the work, "What is the worst thing that happens if I could stop right or not aware" of this "positive psychology" is

With regard to this phenomenon through the filter of modern society, we can have the following effects.

For example, the idea that positive thinking is a prerequisite for good health. Thinking nonsense, can exacerbate positive or active disease. To a delay in the search for scientific information about the treatment of a disease or condition Optimism is not enough to be a disease in the same way that a car accident can be prevented through positive thinking and a violent encounter is not by an unshakable belief that everything will be in order to prevent heal.
In any case, positive thinkers are convinced that, if something goes wrong, you're not tough enough, or pray to the gods quite right. No, because there are certain laws that govern all irrefutable.

Promoting the idea that all you want is a dream or desire in your grasp, the interests of the individual martial arts school sold a bill of goods to their students without asking the hard realities and tough physical attributes violent clashes.

A denial of such violence actually occurs and challenge how you feel distracted martial artists of their training and is actively working on a training program more realistic. This inability to critically examine the requirements for a violent encounter and react fully self-analysis and to avoid self-knowledge. It also prevents the development of a healthy pessimism that perhaps discuss with the snarling psychopath in the last parking lot or walking alone in the house for two hours, Wasteland not propose the best ideas.

As a people and as a martial artist, an adult must be in contempt of self-satisfaction, compliance, and compliance, and achieve a critical internal forum in which we are free to explore our dissatisfaction or realistic limits. .

Stop martial arts money look inf balls. Start thinking about all the people over the years who said they accept the change, or think positive and smile because it have "it cannot happen." They reason to doubt why I. I bet he's there were times when "it" will happen, and I bet you did not know how. Will you be ready the next time "it"?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Six ways to digital products creativity

This piece is part of a series organized creativity Fund collaboration and values ​​of opinion leaders in the pursuit of profit, commercial space advertised.

Creative thinkers and entrepreneurs, especially in the area of ​​the design is a growing interest, in part because of the current awareness of their ability to solve real problems beyond aesthetics.

By connecting the dots in a unique way to find answers to the most difficult questions and challenges. But the search for answers to the questions, where the role of design goes. We must study to examine the questions themselves, like the principles that guide our decisions that shape the end of the world.

The very fact that we are living, breathing human beings interact with each other and our environment is slowly changing the world every day. And, the things that we have a greater impact on the world. They have the potential to continue to exist on our lives, and re-build. If we do things on the web can have a big impact literally touched millions, if not billions of lives. The impact of digital technology in the physical world is growing every day - both emotionally and human scale of the global economy. As legislators, we have a responsibility to question and think about how the things that affect the lives of individuals and society as a whole.

At Everest, we live an iPhone app for people to build their dreams and achieve their personal goals, we believe that it is best not to create a better separation between self and the world. This belief explains everything we do - and that's why we create Everest first. We have a belief could be formed, and make our decisions based on that vision. Consider as an example a simple question: Do you really want to lead the world in a direction where the most time was spent sitting in one place to watch a clear rectangle?

For reasons that streamlined, many products on the web, have tried to encourage more participation and ways to increase the amount of time that people spend with their products to find. Designers are often responsible for finding solutions to this problem, and are often successful, but the problem is that many of these solutions are not aligned with a broader vision. I will avoid blame, but because to say many of them the commitment to the unity of the Web services in a way that does not create real satisfaction of the person who uses the service or other apparent value society, I think it is safe that this way of working are time intervals.

Given the amount of time we spend in our in box and various social platforms, it seems that these services places where we spend our time instead of the tools we use to perform certain actions.

If we are to encourage people to live in environments that create that we want, we need to realize that in the same way as property developers, architects and interior designers are responsible for the creation of safe spaces for our bodies, the more web designers are responsible for creating Online spaces that nurture mind and soul. When Jonathan Harris said: "We are delighted with our capital cities, cathedrals, museums, monuments and parks, but structures of this size in the digital world to build ?"

Going back to the original question, I personally like the digital consumer is not. To the point where it offers experiences that are as rich and deep as the physical world I also think that people do not do their best while sitting almost motionless, especially since many of us parents are aesthetic thinkers. What if the computer-aided design? More like Cut a piece of wood with a knife this is probably a topic for another day, but devices such as Kind ct remain optimistic. All these observations on digital technology contributes to the belief that technology in a way that. Complements and uses human behavior, rather than trying to use it to replace

This principle has informed most of the decisions that we have taken with Everest is a simple example that we decided to start with the mobile Internet, because we us the people, the product around the world and even to use to do things. We have never had a web experience or analog? Maybe. If a medium is to us something that we can create our goal is met, then it is on the cards, but at the moment our best suites of mobile vision.

Look at some examples of how other purposes decision's about what to do cause people choose:

A. They help organize the creative world.

Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance, a vision that transcends the boundaries between media. Everything worked in the professional, whether analog instruments, a conference, a book, and at least three different products and web sites are successfully aligned with the clear vision of the organization creative universe.

Second Support creativity.

Kick starter is another excellent example of the alignment between the object and the application. He developed a business model. Perfectly into the mission of creative financing Kick starter profitability is directly on the number of projects are funded through its platform. Since his vision is ultimately to people do things in the real world as well as design methods of avoiding the exposure, the addiction sucks.

Third Create a site targeted.

Vacher before Jonathan Harris has set up a platform for stories with long-term vision, a public library of human experience suggested that it seemed as if he felt passionately that a large part of the situation was not specific enough and depth. vacher If you visit today, you are a user, each image fills the screen, encouraging you to focus on very personal stories presented taxpayers. The presentation covered was directly influenced by his belief that the web needs deeper experiences.

4th Provide tools for people touched.

Keenan Cummings, Creative Director and co-founder of migrant believes that if given the rationalized right tools, people are remarkably self-expression in the position. Keenan sees walking as a way for people to. By the places they visited and bring lovely places to expression Accordingly, additional efforts to ensure that the user nicely so in a way that can be shared by your own network to do acknowledge.

5th Empower people through increased confidence.

In an informal conversation with me, said Fitocracy CEO Brian Wang, to me that is the central part Fitocracy mission is to help people, which includes the growing confidence of the population. Sure, users badges to celebrate their successes and not only each other "pillars", but the copy in writing clearly about the product intended to build self-esteem. For example, says the site needs: "Looking good today, the Tiger" while you complete the button to add a workout with the label "I'm awesome."

6th Encourage familiarity with joy.

Finally, I told her, Rachel Nash, time hop correlated design guide, which gives people a daily email summarizing what his life a year ago, its design choices by a first that it will be driven called "the joy of intimacy." Want a product that looks like an old friend. Consequently, the colors are bright, warm, and disappeared like a well-worn book. Hop time is also a well-known for his light-pen, appear constantly and have "functional", so that you can add a layer of personality. Rachel said, be very careful to try to save humanity in social media.

As creators of websites that aim to empower devise others, our principles inform our decisions, colors and fonts that we developed with business models and methods to communicate participation. Our decisions should be based simply on what is the most effective way to advance our vision?

Able to solve problems is important, but not enough. We are capable of something bigger than that, and for that reason alone, we owe it to ourselves and the world to fight for more. As a former Apple designer Bret Victor wrote: "The true path through the meticulous skills no" From Technology "no" design ".. Just a vision of how humanity should be, and the relentless desire to be good, the rest are details. . "

Monday, October 15, 2012

How to make children listen to their views

Self-reflection to help brighten children enter classrooms around the world.

There are two books that are more difficult in recent years. The first is a teacher who will never be easy in the best cases. But in the age of almost unlimited opportunities for distraction and decreased attention span, to bring the children focused on school to work (with apologies to dentists) like pulling teeth.

I know old school to assist young children in urban schools, which often everything, what he was able to create that to break the fight and keep the decibel level lower than an international airport. Each learning that had occurred in this environment, a small miracle.

The other work has become more difficult now of course is to be a student. Believe me, I! Sympathy with your situation, too Today's children are weaned from electronic devices to a web page that contains a text or a video game, and the other to scroll like wildfire. Where a child can learn to draw your attention to a math problem or reading assignment, when there are so many distractions at your finger tips are?

However, I recently saw a movie that gave me hope. Room to Breathe by director Russell Long was shot and killed in a public school in San Francisco. Marina with 900 college students is one of the largest in the Bay Area, and has the dubious distinction of having the highest rate of suspension in the city.


We will see why in the foreground - Launch of children struggling school pen and went frantic. Children are not informed by the Director Ling Busche, not because they are stupid, but because they are not able to concentrate, are:'' It is this feeling of non-stop entertainment and everything in case the classroom is often secondary.''

It is surprising, given the chaotic environment space, Mr. Ehnle houses was chosen for striking an innovative program of self-reflection''''.

In fact, the attention is not at'''' new. She was born 2000 years ago in the monasteries of South Asia. This form of short meditation, focusing attention on physical sensations, is implemented in the classes from San Francisco to Sydney and dozens of other cities around the world, except as a way to enlightenment is a practical way to help children to develop and. learning

The idea is Megan Cowan, schools Aware group teacher who has worked with Ehnle class to give students the tools and skills in order to tame'''' disorder in their own mind.

A difficult task because Cowan, will sit when their efforts for children and concentrate on breathing, greeted with jokes and expressions of boredom discovered. You want to get these troublemakers out of the classroom for the duration of mindfulness exercises, but the member pointed out that public education is excluded.

Sun Cowan soldiers with the whole class and, surprisingly, at the end of the film, some of their most difficult cases'''' came to the value that you offer these simple techniques.

For example shows Omar, whose older brother died in gang violence that attention has been learned, not a step back in combat situations reacted potential. Jacqueline mother tells the camera that her daughter become respectful of others and get better grades now. And, Gerard, an aspiring artist, said that mindfulness helps you focus better when painting and drawing.

These achievements are modest'''' supported by a growing body of research.

In one of the largest studies to date, in the second and third students to school in the city center has significant improvements in concentration, academic performance and social skills, which remained more experienced three months after the end of their program of attention.

Research has also shown that listening exercises that environmental sounds and focus on breathing has a profound effect on the human body breathes, slowly lower blood pressure and reduce levels of harmful stress. The practice is not a panacea. It is clear that many more children need quiet moments in the day to soothe.

But for many of those who attended the training Marina Middle School has a revelation. It has been shown that young people who are not hyperactive previously puppets on the strings of your own mind be exposed. Instead, you can decide how to make your thoughts and conduct. Their own emotions

This is something that adults need to learn. Awareness programs are increasingly adopted in hospitals, treatment programs for drug addiction and even boardrooms of companies across the country.

Mindfulness is not a problem'' disappear'' Cowan said Megan. '' But the way they are. Their boy's experiences modifications to allow more light and happiness''

And children who are calm and happy are those that disproportionately go to school to be successful.

I hope that the training includes mindfulness besieged our country schools, where teachers and students can all help they can get used. 

Esteem talk with girls Beauty Tips Auto

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Key to increase your self-esteem

Self esteem is the value that each person herself. This can be positive and beneficial to the quality of life of the person in question or negative

Self esteem

Our quality of life is influenced by what each individual is assessed and collected himself. For example, people tend to give little importance to their values, think others are smarter and do things better and harshly criticize those who have low self esteem. In contrast, people who feel good about their lives, what new challenges and projects continuously, avoiding their fears and insecurities are having high self esteem.

Process aimed at improving self esteem involves learning where they play a very important role in dices.


Self esteem can be divided into:

A cognitive component of acting on all those who are thinking about changing our negative thoughts and rational thoughts are nothing to replace them with more positive and significant.

It also has an effective component that is to work out what "feels" that is about our feelings and emotions.

The behavioral component is to act on, "what we do" our behavior to change our actions.

These three components are dynamically linked so that if one of them acting as obtain other effects. For example, if the person can change a negative thought about yourself as a positive experience is sure to feel much better and this feeling will push him to act.

Learn how to build self esteem

The training process begins in childhood when the little people discover that they are different from others and that eventually there will be people who reject or accept them. From these experiments will generate ideas on what they are worth and what they are worth, for example, a child who is chubby small enough, over time, it can become a happy adult or not depending on the attitude of other people showed that excess weight and of course depending on their attitude.

Adolescence is also a very critical phase in the self esteem of adolescent needs to forge an identity firmly and explore the possibilities that has as a person. If the child has developed a strong self esteem, it is relatively easy to reach maturity happy.

The best way to be successful in life, on the advice we give to others to act. ... Ready "The heart and skillful hands" the difficulties that we have?

Everyone has a problem of confidence in certain moments of our lives, but the good news is that the image we have of ourselves evolves with time and self esteem is not fixed for life God thank you.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Esteem talk with girls Beauty Tips Auto

I grew up as the only child at home and the eldest of three brothers. My mother and I have always been very attached with clear distancing normal teenager and differences of opinion as adults and mothers of the two.

Although communication was always open to the house, I do not remember having a consider conversation about self-esteem or self-beauty with my mother. I do not know if it affected me confidence grow or not, is that I do not remember that I had a lot of self-esteem when I was in high school, a bit with age, slightly overweight fortunately survived adolescence and youth came in a lot more confident. I feel that much of this is due to the confidence instilled family values ​​during my childhood, not only my mother but, my grandmother and aunts.

However, the world has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Do not let me lie to say that the stereotypes of beauty have changed and girls are much more exposed to the media reckon, internet and social sending conflicting messages. Do you have daughters survived adolescence, nieces, godchildren?

Today I have five tips to talk to girls self esteem and beauty

1. Just talk, ask questions, share. The only initiative to talk informally and quiet, can make a big difference.

2. Talk with them at an early age. Girls react and think differently are girls of 20 years, you know that

72% of girls (aged 10-17 years) feel much pressure to be beautiful

Only 11% of girls (aged 10-17 years) feel comfortable using the word "beautiful" to describe themselves.

When girls feel bad about their appearance, over 60% of them (aged 15-17) in the world, do daily activities, such as going to school, going to appointments and even medical review.

(Source: Dove Global Research)

3. Be a role model for your daughter. Our children are watching, listening and watching all the time, even without realizing it, seize the opportunity. For example, I stopped using the word diet and instead talked about how to have a balance in our lives. And as soon as I can, I remind my children how special they are as individuals, and qualities that characterize how much I love them.

4. Often, girls can open a dialogue when you talk to her closest friends. Why not take advantage of this Situation? brings together a group of friends of your daughter and do something fun together, at some point, you can use this to talk. An acquaintance of mine met twice a month with her daughter and her daughter is close friends for years, learn to cook, go visit a new place, do a sleepover, camping, or just to find home to talk stereotypes about a particular subject, is not a good idea to create a communication with your daughter?

5. If you feel that you do not know where to start, I invite you to help you as a dove resources lead "Live Better, Let's Talk" where Jess Weiner, self-esteem Dove World Ambassador offers valuable ideas. Or follow better life on Facebook where you can chat with other members of the community.

Self-esteem and the concept of beauty girls today are priceless, we will participate Be a role model for daughters dont disesteem about it!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Self Improvement Strategies for the Real personal development

Do you feel holds you back a little experience joy in your life? In this case, it's one of the reasons Mike Williams Jersey Nike countless, everything you could work with their personal growth skills. Other interesting information about this topic and how it can be used in your favor, look into the following tips.

Use other people to advance their personal progress. It can be difficult for themselves and others to reach from time to time, can with motivation and advice that cannot give you experience. Therefore, in order to achieve your goals in life, make sure that the help of their acknowledge colleagues.

Listen to lie on in order. Anyone can terrible decisions and mistakes. Many people try to hide told the others that it was the only viable solution in time. Be honest in your account: recognize and accept their frustrations and errors that usually do not continue to repeat it.

Be aware of where improvements gained valuable primary information. Often, you can see that can set your mood or your values ​​may need to relocate. The real key here is to recognize that if they are based on the lack of essential concepts within. Reach the posterior roots of the development and evaluation of the needs that they may have in their primary feasible.

Resistance is excellent in fact a base of almost every personal development program. Ambitious goals and careful planning are standard operations improvement, but they are of little use if the first event of the entire program brings questions to the desert. Mistakes and disappointments are inevitable - personal development is about LeGarrette Blount Jersey Menteam relocates beginning, not eliminate it.

Align personal goals in life to their real needs. This process can be summarized in four simple questions: What do you do? What can you do? What is the purpose should be sought? And, that's exactly what I really? Alignment is difficult until you address these concerns and to respond to each of these techniques in these areas collectively in the balance and alignment.

Make Eight or Nine hours of sleep half the night every night. Maintain a good sleep routine is important. Their mental health and well be Excessive or insufficient rest can be a serious blow to the psychological state. Also, the erratic time doze also a negative result.

The force found, say "no" if you really awful need. It just is not easy, but it is the best way to stay focused on the essence of your own life. Say, can, of course every little thing to say about the loss of power on a yes to the best things. Reject more often and take back control of your schedule and your daily life.

It's a good thing that we all depend in everything in life, from the experience we have developed, grown by any situation. This applies particularly to the way they grow from inside to outside. If you are going to be able to Mike Williams Elite Jersey person expand to take, and ideas for personal growth you just look at this feasible posts.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Do not do or are processes of the mind

I asked: If I had to give a single recipe or a method or means of realizing, as I summarize? I realized immediately that this person is a product purchase, successfully, what is missing and has to wear obtained by various psychological or spiritual practices, and perhaps the establishment of a base amount. What most successful to say that this is given by the function informs conceptualize mental consistent and objective. He does not know who is to define the tear in this case, not divided. No one understands what the mind of course a process of conception, but the reality of being not necessarily the participation of the Spirit. Understanding what is a revelation is one that leaves no doubt, is so obvious that one wonders: for example, as previously I do not know how I've always followed what I am and what I always will be. Nobody recognizes this understanding is not selected or if someone who has not done anything all that has happened. Some obstacles simply never gave the other prisoners realized suddenly that the cell had no key was, in fact, had no door, no more than the bars, or the cell, c 'is a psychological illusion research has built or performance or merit.

Many understand that self-exploration done with the movements of the Spirit examines the question incorrectly assume that the true merits nature could be an answer through reflection, analysis, theoretical derivation. Tries that most know is: Who moves, who lives, who thinks, who are desperate, who says what is complicated, trying to see the conflict that sees doubt intending to continue their behavior roads to investigate and recognize body sensations, etc., should be observed means of realizing. All that we know, are the property of their identity.

My goal is not to proselytize to the means or methods to implement it, what happens is that I do not cease to amaze me the confusion of the illuminated people. I ask for something they already have. It is like a tiger, the cat is natural to ask to roar adequate way to hunt, stalk their prey. What they do is dive. In confusion and judgment in the identity in the reports, taken over on itself and its ideals to do the requirements and leave the attainment

What do you recommend? You observe, without judgment or even desperate, corresponding to live fully without anything special, but here and now, what we have always been right moves in the asset.

What is defined as happiness, happiness, proselytize, fulfillment, always. What is not a state? We are faced with the full light and give back, we saw the shadow that we get excited about the project figures trapped in the mind, which is designed to be distinguished, to the end to see value judgments. Do not do or are processes of the mind.

The Science of Self-Improvement

"The Science of Self-Improvement" is a comprehensive guide on how to achieve a happier and more fulfilling. It is over seven years of research in psychology and self-experiments and covers key areas for improvement, including beliefs, feelings, habits, relationships, work, health, myriad, practical, integrates and more.

During the tour you will find useful information on the basis of the most important studies of psychology and neuroscience. You will also find a wealth of tips and tricks that you can start today and begin to major changes in their happiness, success and well-being to be seen myriad.

This book is not like most other publications of improvement because it is supported scientifically and evidence-based. Includes many areas of psychology recognized - including cognitive psychology, behavioral psychology, positive psychology and meditation - and puts everyone in a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know if you want to start a new and better in his life.

With this purchase you will receive a download link immediately self-improvement guide science and meditation.

In addition to "The Science of Self-Improvement" I also have some bonuses that will be a great addition to your personal growth and development included.

In addition to The Science of Self Improvement've also developed a manual, Eight meditation exercises that anyone can use to begin to raise awareness can increase in their daily lives, including. These exercises include:

Meditation is an important topic in psychology today, so I wanted to dedicate a complete guide it. Personally, I practiced all the meditations in this book, and found benefits to each and every one of them. I believe that meditation is a very important tool in our self-discovery and personal growth integrates.

Every time you release a copy of the self-improvement update or revise science, you get a new copy. This is a great benefit for the purchase of e-books, if a hardcover is updated, then you must go to the bookstore to buy a new copy, but if an ebook is updated, you can use the download new version at no extra charge .

I am the science of self-improvement, updated and relevant as possible. If the new research is that I think it's important, I will do my best to get it in the e-book, here under and we will send a revised copy.

With this purchase you will receive a download link immediately self-improvement guide science and meditation.

I practiced most of teachings and techniques of e-book - and off - for about five years. This does not mean that I am a perfect person, am far, but I could see significant changes in my life in recent years, and we hope for many more changes in the future.

The information contained in this e-book will remain with you long-term. Ideas rooted in the head, and continue to grow with you until the day of his death. Self improvement is a never ending process of self-discovery and personal growth. It is a journey without a destination in mind, but it is exciting and rewarding.

Although much of this e-book is influenced by my own beliefs and opinions, I have this e-book, so that anyone can find in force. I truly believe that no matter what you want to succeed in life - and a better athlete or a better employee or a best friend or just a happy person - I think this book has a lot to offer valuable tips.

You can use this e-book as a starting point or stone walk in life. Whether you read "improving" literature for years, or who independently. Never read about psychology in your entire life I think anyone can learn to read the pages and start something new, how our mind works and how we can use them more effectively.

Human psychology is very powerful, and I'm surprised more people are not as interested in what I do. The most important goal in life is to be happy

Several suggestions to improve the autonomy

Here is a list of ten tips for self-improvement that will help you greatly improve your life. As humans, we do not want to settle for anything. We want to improve on what we have. With much more than we currently have. So read and learn more about how you can improve your life.

Start your day.

Start your day up early and eat a healthy breakfast. This will help the other nine cards. You could try the same exercise after waking. This starts the day and let him do more.

Plan your day.

Make a list of things you can do during the day. Through each task, after you do that. But it cannot bind on the list. If you cannot run a task from the list, move it. In the task list for tomorrow

Enjoy a break.

Take a break if you, as I was overworked and feel burned. However, this does not mean that you take off the time. It just means that you do something meaningful with your spare time. Pause quality gives the opportunity to meet new friends and interests. And, you will have the chance to feel fresh when you get back to what we do usually be given.

Give to others.

Generosity does not just give money, but also unimportant things like smile, a few tips and time. Help others in any way I can.

Adapting to change.

Not all bad things that can happen to us can be arranged. The most important thing to do when to accept the situation that what has happened to us and try not to think about it.

The acquisition of a new language.

To better understand English, you should try to learn a new language. Learning other languages ​​will help you understand the origin of many English words

Break the routine.

Contrary to your daily routine you will be more open, opportunities and experiences in life. For example, eating is not the standard meal.

Overcome your own fear.

One of the most important tips for improvement is to put your fears. Overcoming fear gives you the security needed to improve.

Live in the moment.

This may be a little unorthodox, but does not help set targets to reduce some of their expectations. Do not get the wrong - it's good to have an idea of ​​what must be in the future. Just do not consume all their energy to get there.

Not procrastinate.

This is a problem for me for a long time. The displacement of an object at a later time, you can blame the time. If you do not pay your rule in this moment so inopportune.

So, act now! Do not apply to improve these tips and you will see amazing results!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Self Improvement you

With the methods, skills, abilities and natural talents, dreams, hopes and desires does not mean anything. You're it. Person other than himself, consciously or not appropriate for what you feel, think and do. Self-improvement has nothing to do with the other. They are only three frames of the activity any time proactive, reactive or neutral. Self improvement is a voluntary activity.

You are the observer's own reality. Because you under your own existence. We live at the three levels of spiritual existence or anything, intellect or reasoning or physical body. We try to do one thing, and it's conscious or not, is in full expansion and expression of who we are to live and achieve a purpose for our lives. To proactive in their own improvement, you should understand these concepts and laws of voluntary activity.

Live, we are immersed in our own being. Our self-esteem or self-image, what we think and feel about our "self" is. This is where we come from, our concepts, dreams and aspirations. This is where we feel motivated and driven towards or away from what we want or do not want. It is here that the intangible visions come to mind. The substance we thought cannot touch our inner reality and our true selves. We are all with the divine source, connected its spirit. Our self-improvement begins with acknowledgment of receipt.

Intelligence or reason, it is our spirit or soul. We go from logical or illogical calculations or methods. However, there are two major forms of reason, inductive and deductive. It is deductive, inductive reasoning about probabilities based on based. This is where you make your choice, our decisions are conscious. There is an invisible wall that connects the consciousness and the body, and it is the unconscious part of our being. This is where we take what they think and feel in the body, the subconscious mind. This is where the paradigms, experiences, circumstances or beliefs are filtered or mixed that direct the actions in your dream body, an idea or a concept. Yes, this is the place to get better hatched.

It is in these first two levels of existence where self improvement ideas are filtered result. Your personal development concepts of self-improvement are incubated here. Whatever you do, do not show the acts of self-improvement that these two planes of existence are in congruence with respect to the orientation of the concept. You might ask, "Why not the unconscious is isolated in its own plane of existence?" The answer lies in the universal law of polarity. The law provides that an opposite for everything. If you have a front, you have a backup. If you have an opinion, you have a physical body. Same currency on both sides.

Self-improvement is to obtain self-knowledge and the necessary steps to achieve what you want. You play your thoughts, feelings and actions by the physical location of existence. You think a cup of coffee and you get it. Now you can realize completely the coffee in the machine, running water or turn on the power? Of course you cannot do. Thanks to the universal law of repetition, you have long mastered the physical activities that result in automatic. You need to do is not it?

Actions occur through your body, and the results are what you thought of the combination of the subconscious. If the result is what you are looking for, then it is logical that your faith in what you did was what you wanted to go. Well, if the result is not what you wanted, then a paradigm of treatment or interfere with this result. In other words, your concept or idea was not consistent with your actions. There was resistance to all or part of your idea. This resistor is covered by the universal law of non-resistance. The law simply says what you resist persists. This is very important to know for your own improvements.

This idea may be something you have to do or think. Procrastination is simply a strategy to delay an activity that can be laced with uncertainty in terms of previous experience in the service of your current reality. If you do not have demonstrated an objective reason for inaction, except in unforeseen circumstances, it is through the conduct of deportation or distraction as a vehicle for non-action.

When this happens too often, then you need to concentrate and focus on your plans to improve practice. If you focus on your own improvement, you really need to be aware of. All obstacles on your way some can simply be ignored or neglected other side needs to be increased or treated. If you are aware of the pitfalls, you have a starting point. Affirmations work best when they receive your income. Your emotions are your fuel that your idea of ​​the finish line.

Self-improvement is all about your evolution, improve and achieve positive growth and business results. You think leads to the development as a separate alignment with the desired results. It is even more than you. This is what you want, what you see as possible for you and what you deserve. If one of these things is aligned, then show the universal law of attraction you have created, good or bad does not matter for the universe.

When you sit down to think about your future, do your self-improvement, or what you want your results and make sure that you feel excited by this prospect, or you. No enthusiasm for short-term personal growth Note that self-improvement. Something proactive and voluntary and not only what happened, Self improvement has nothing to do with the other thing.

Now know that their fate is determined by one's own thoughts, feelings and actions, excited and positive, what your goals or lenses stun resistance and the other side. It may take some time, and do not forget that your thoughts with a sense of accomplishment align need to manifest your own improvement plans.

Optimism is a good deal

While the gurus of positive thinking and self-help fill the theater breaks record live science programs for people with good vibes better and longer. Smile!

Optimism reduces stress, prevent heart attacks and strengthens relationships. Access is the key to personal growth and development through to commercial success. See the glass half full or half empty is a matter of attitude. To understand that is to say just focus on something so important and of course in human life, which is not to be happy and to live better every day?

As optimistic is that to ensure successful outcome. About dragons, witches and other adversities Optimism is the story begins with the right foot, and have each page ready and confident, even beyond these shows eventually. A spirit smile, ready to promote to cultivate hope, by any means., Planning, production, processes, outcomes and benefits

Start with the idea that in all walks of life, optimists are more likely to overcome adversity and live longer and have a better quality of life.

The results are as reliable as an optimistic view in recent times was the optimism generated the interest of science. And, not only that: they interpret and health professionals, and the precursors of effective education, the economy has also learned to differentiate and add more benefits for those who are already known. Success is for optimists.

Everything, good or bad, we tend to feel that ultimately we go to our healthy and comfortable. We all strive for harmony, stability, security and well-being. It then runs the compass pointing north.


Grandmothers said, "First", they may lack the health." Sobrados scientific studies show that optimism not only prevent disease, but also to facilitate the healing process. As stated earlier this year, the prestigious journal Stroke, the researcher Eric Kim, University of Michigan showed that "a positive vision of life can even avoid a possible interruption of blood flow in the brain." Kim studied for two years in 6000 patients, men and women whose optimism / pessimism assessed before. In those 24 months, there were 88 cases of stroke. All patients who had experienced the most held low optimism.

Previous studies by Kim and we found a direct correlation between low pessimism and reduced risk of stroke, but the direct link was found between optimism and prevention. Kim, as well as other experts in neuroscience, is convinced that "hope to those who take the best things in life for their health." Upon recent discovery, said: "We believe that secondary biological optimism can have a similar effect of depression."

Aaron Beck noted creator of a questionnaire to measure depression, states that "results in the interest of modern optimism is played from the realization of the role of pessimism in depression." Researchers like Peterson and Vaillant Selligman conclusion in their study that "optimism is a predictor of health and well-being. Ease suffering and fear of those who suffer from stress or illness."

Applied to the world of work, presented Matthew Lieberman of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) study, which shows up as painful or negative emotions attention and optimism. This affects areas of the brain in terms of motivation, commitment and cognitive function and decision makers for life needs.

Although recently during the past 30 years, optimism is a positive emotion peculiar man of all time. Updated and adapted to each culture must be based on the extracted "attention economy."

There must be a market offers many books, films, lectures, courses, conference room and promising gain confidence, motivation, hope and self-esteem increased. More space at the same time, companies have recognized that working in a stimulating works environment promotes the production and performance.

"Involved many areas of the brain with optimism, says Dr. Carlos Logatt Grabner, scientific and applied neuroscience for human development. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter with the ability to provide a positive reward. Born in the brain stem connected imagine reaching movements at the heart of the preferontal lobe, where they develop the most advanced features of our brain. This chemical bath, our vision of the world always positive. "recognizes the biological basis of optimism that optimism is hereditary, but like so many virtues and strengths, you can also learn and teach. "In this two-way street, where they play emotions and reason, we are able to evaluate, modify, or meanings to events or experiences.'s Why we have to learn and teach optimism," he said in a tone that Dr . Grabner.

By Martin Seligman, a psychologist expert and pioneer of positive psychology: "Optimism is closely related to the responsibility that we connected people who have come ... The optimism of hope or belief that the act may invalidate any adversity Far. From being a simple thought or emotional response to things that optimism is an attitude that comes from the depths of our being. "

Be so optimistic, in short, is an important option. It is much more than the popular notion of "cool" or to believe that, despite everything, "everything is all right." Incidentally, all sense of reality optimism. To put it positively: Optimism is the commitment, acceptance and action. "To move forward, we must be able to proactively consider all possibilities," said Grabner, who argues that the natural tendency to prejudice or optimism "which proves belief that the future will be much better than in the past, and this. "

The adjustment to the conviction

Our mind is "explanatory". This means that, given the facts and circumstances of life, our brains assumptions, stories, opinions and beliefs that give meaning, what happens and what is around us? And build a vision of reality according to our abilities, feelings and experiences (see Box? Optimist or a pessimist?).

Those who have had negative experiences or feelings of failure probably build a profile much more pessimistic than that, despite the difficulties that remain in his desires and looks for new ways to reach the goal .

Perhaps, at some point in life, we must ask ourselves, how we feel, what we think, how we do it ... Since consciousness is likely to discover that it is possible to find new ways and give a smooth and efficient change management. Optimism is a member of the resilience (ability to adapt to the traumatic situations back). Since science has explained that, thanks to neuro plasticity, we can unlearn the lessons or unhappy experiences.

However, many people are reluctant to have a positive attitude because they believe that the optimism a resource to unpleasant situations or unpleasant or disinterested personalities hide somehow avoid. "Our culture is often devalued in optimism, in the sense that the feeling of innocence pervades, ignorance, denial, blindness.," Adriana said Marcovich, Szych Director Marcovich and Associates, a consulting and business coaching training.

It is also true that contemporary society hiper exigente, unhappy, hopeless, some illusion dealers caravan analgesics differs empty talk messages only false promises, prophecies and teachings with an expiration date. But optimism is a choice, and above all a responsible act. We are able to see who said what and for what purpose the research.

A smile here,

Perhaps the smile phenomenon can help understand, to produce what is happening with this, buy, sell, distribute, transmit optimism. How much satisfaction, the injection of positive energy and money in the world is produced, yellow and black smiley face that? Already part of the language in all its variants (wink, and others), is probably the most commonly used symbol for optimism and communicate via chat or SMS consent. The little hand with thumb up, to give his consent to accompany the first place. Optimism is the com modification of life itself?

Apparently, beyond business, and with the principles of psychology and communication, we were able to confirm that "feelings are saying not a marketing pitch, optimism that it does is stimulate contagious" as believe, Juan Pablo and Matias Sueiro social partners, Snack Dutto. This company of young entrepreneurs who use social networks in order to understand the new consumer behavior, bill came to a million dollars in the year 2011, content creation, entertainment and optimistic news for brands (Nextel, IBM, Techint, Santander, etc.) to make their clientele.

Yes, that knows the big companies that everything beyond positive attitude costumes goes to show the elegance and reliability in the market. Success seems to be a sure thing if you lucky man possible, which connects to the daily enjoyment and the wonderful world of emotions, learn to sell.

Cannot forget that compete choice between two great companies that have been waiting to order the letters of optimism. While the world invites you to "Open Happiness" in other parts of the city with small dogs shake their heads and say "yes" all the time to conquer without interruption.

"A campaign that includes happiness and optimism is a sensitive composition. Promotes a positive attitude, smiles and gives results" support Dutto Sueiro and that "in a world where brands compete for scarce second attention, create a link, the joy and enthusiasm spread open heart awakens establish an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand. "

Moreover, while some people still play a minor genre of self-help books or self-improvement contemplated dare, these productions often lead sales rankings. It must. "While other successful genres in the field of research, history and popular science, it could be said that self-help books and personal growth are among the best sellers," says editor Emilce Paidos Paz, who also emphasized, it works like this are not only the ranking the sellers, but also "some pause in time and back in the office, I think that's the main thing."

In this context cannot be ignored, the increase with journalists, writers, psychologists and coaches are radio, television and rooms filled with messages of hope.

Could save an example of recent years, the phenomenon of Veronica de Andres and Andres Florence, mother and daughter, the creator of the trust created. "The book has sold 14 issues, which means that more than 60,000 copies. Between late 2011 and so far in 2012, three times the Maipo theater full of" confidence Editorial Planeta responsible. Translated into Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Italian and German, the book can also be used to make a film distributed by Sony Music.

Emile Paz said: "Events like these are a new opportunity for authors to make contacts, develop the interests of his disciples to new research results and prospects." For his part, Juan pablo sagarna director sport Cases, his company was founded on the belief that it "inspiring life, your contribution to individuals and companies that can continuously make the search process, and Growth."

Since 2002, Sport Cases more than 800 events (conferences, workshops and courses) in companies and institutions in Latin America (Coca Cola, Telecom, Unilever, Bago and more) provided. "In general, our word Sagarna venture has a negative connotation in the areas of personal development, but adults have the freedom to seek, and use that as our perception is a good business to be better mentally and spiritually."

"We are all apprentices, consciously or unconsciously, looking all the time for skills development, discover we want and build on our strengths, follow the director of sports cases. During this process, there are tools that you feel made the pleasure of traveling. "

In the Vision Sport Cases optimistic message's can achieve and the promotion of skills and strengths of each person, when it comes to adding theory and research with testimonies and experiences in good health. "The negotiations are the real attraction Sagarna assure authentic feel. Shall those convened in which the personalities (or referral) to inspire know empathy, passion, confidence and optimism share promise to be authentic and to implement necessary or not to rotate the motor attitude. "


It motivates the business of coaching for employees and optimistic. "All the studies show that optimists are to be persistent in the pursuit of goals and persistent tendency in the search for solutions and alternatives to it, says Adriana Marcovich. Assuming that the problems are circumstantial and some pessimists stage life of a company, the team the role and the Others. However likely to fall more easily into despair, resignation, skepticism and depression. "

Prefer Besides the obvious business optimism Marcovich to say: "A successful company requires optimism." He says, "All" theories of the behavior of power and influence took on our expectations about the consequences of our behavior places condition's found under which the events in our lives a company to start a business, a new product, opening a new office .. an investment to grow more people. acts based sub-have more of a hypothesis on optimism. "

An employee or a producer generally optimistic and motivated, a sense of accomplishment, little progress, continuous improvement, so increased that to develop a higher level of motivation, more satisfaction and frustration tolerance. "Man is likely to build a healthy environment, to restrict access to the welfare and development of the most primitive and violent behaviors that promote retention of resignation to ease paralysis and despair, convinced Adriana Marcovich - The complexity and the. changes, we make progress brings us an excellent opportunity to do that. "

For companies and research institutes of the human senses, optimism is an opportunity beyond any sense of crisis. Social Snack say: "It is urgent, at times, the positive business humanize communication embrace causes that promote to cultivate a sense of social movements whose goals are noble clients are happy, a design flow to create and from the business differently , "so ...... about the characteristics of the products and their difference with the competition, so this sensitive composition that stimulates happiness for the followers and fans is marked, in the best sense of the word.

As employers understand Marcovich provides: "Everyone should be optimistic as a behavior with the hope, motivation, perseverance to achieve difficult goals or overcome obstacles that may occur along the way are linked.

Meanwhile, Gabriela Carrea psychologist and especially in the emotional education, and positive thinking is interested as a tool for the health and future of children. "Research by Martin Seligman and his team sets and show that we are to care for our children in a variety of physical ailments, we can also work on the prevention of problems in the atmosphere. Empowering children reduced in pessimistic explanatory style optimism the symptoms and / or depression. "

Family and school are reliable in nature. "This will really bring to our children, as the experiences of daily life are taken into account in its dimensions advised to interpret psychotherapists: .. The scope of a negative experience, duration and sticks happened responsibility of children to the result or what?"

In short, you have to. Attention to the assignment of cases, "failure or fault," the something that is not wanted or expected to raise pay child or adult "If a child does something wrong, there are three ways to respond: Who is to blame, how long it is and how it might be thought to affect the rest of his life as a child, as follows pessimistic: I hurt the English exam because I'm smart, I can never reach, explain the objectives of the school. With this type, the situation, the doors closed and the possibility of exposure to situations that change their future success to promote appreciation. Another way of thinking it would be the same experience: I was wrong on the English test because I have not studied enough or because the conditions were not, the next time you need to better prepare parents and teachers, of course, are responsible for the development and wide Range. of modeling capabilities in the same situation. "It's important, says Gabriela Carrea has undertake to reinforce positive performance or achievements, promote understanding of problems related to learning to motivate and encourage them to achieve their goals. This encourages autonomy and self-efficacy, creating a spiral that children are able to create the exposure of the learning experience in the future. "

This is not small thing, to know that our children and students actions optimism is that we offer, and which can in our power to give them the necessary emotional resources to live a healthy life, both physically and emotionally dependent on lead.

What you can see?

The psychologist and researcher Martin Seligman identifies three dimensions or aspects of explanatory models that represent the character to remain optimistic and pessimistic (as long and persistent positive), the amplitude (volume, the contagion of mood, optimism or pessimism) explains adaptation (as the person what happened, or what to whom ascribe the causes of success or failure, etc.)

Theories, knowledge and experience of experts, which will help us explore the two profiles. What you can see? How often? If you have two cards and play them according to the occasion? Think you can change this model inherited or acquired?


They tend to be on the negative, missing, focus on what satisfactory and promising future. They tend to believe that. These situations permanently or for a long time often impregnate or infect various contexts of their lives do (work, family), and finally responsible for negative events, or in the variables that can affect where us.


People usually optimistic, however, the passing adversity are interpreted. They manage to decouple particular problem is to do in this area of ​​life is not to another (a problem at work will not penetrate family harmony, or vice versa, for example) are transferred. Finally, cause in terms of adaptation to identify optimists external factors, the adverse situation, problems or pain. So from their self-esteem and self-efficacy, attitudes developed to cope with the bad times.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Consequences of poor sleep

stress levels and sleep deprivation

When was the last time you went as a zombie to your work or school after having slept wrong? A nonprofit organization supporting public education and research dedicated to sleep (National Sleep Foundation) conducted a survey that extracts the following data: 29% of respondents reported feeling very drowsy or even asleep at work during the previous month on at least one occasion.

Recent research has linked lack of sleep to a wide range of diseases, including memory disorders and obesity. Below is more information on the main consequences of not having a good night's sleep:

1) Learning Disabilities.

AprendizajeLos problems researchers have long believed that sleep plays an important role in memory and recent data suggest that sleep disorders may worsen during the night learning. Researchers study concluded that learning a new skill is not consolidated if the person is subjected to sleep deprivation after learning (Winerman, 2006). The dream used to process and store the information learned while awake.

2) promotes obesity

Lose weight addition affect learning and memory, sleep deprivation has been linked to body weight. In a 2005 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that overweight participants sleep less than normal weight participants.

Researchers do not yet understand exactly how do you sleep disturbance affects appetite and metabolism, but conclude that sleep a good night's sleep will not hurt your efforts to lose or maintain your weight.

3) Increase your level of stress.

Students stressing according many experts, most people need seven to Eight hours of sleep each night. What happens when do you not get enough sleep? Symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety, aggression and stress levels increased.

Experts suggest a nap in these cases in order to fight against drowsiness, reduce stress and increase productivity.

4) worst decisions are made.

DecisionesTomar take a wise decision when you sleep is very difficult. In a study published in the journal Sleep, researchers found that drowsiness has a serious impact on the ability to make effective decisions (Roehrs, 2004).

If you face a difficult decision, make sure you are well rested.

5) The immune system deteriorates.

System allows bad Sleeping immune increase our stress levels, which is very harmful to our immune system. Inflammatory diseases are more common after this prolonged overexposure to excessive stress.

overcaming obstacles mental power success

Throughout life is common to have obstacles and our improvement, usually this happens when you change a state, for example if you want to go from being employees to entrepreneurs begin to emerge many obstacles that seek stop our path to self-realization.

Why are there barriers? Arising from mental resistance to change is the ego that wants to stay attached in the same experiences in our lives that we accumulate ideas that build a powerful programming mind, this is called the ego, a both internal design world in a way that is difficult to overcome this perception, leave in a country with a tradition monogamous bill that you can now seven women, what will happen? This person will handle the worst, but why? For the ego of a belief, our mission can not move from monogamy to polygamy, but to identify paradigms that prevent us from succeeding.

When we begin to feel the biggest obstacles to overcome, is to know that this is only our mental creations adversity, so that success is overcoming our mind, accept the fact that resistance to change is in us is a big step towards liberation, because although it is recognized that achieving some level of success can take some work, at least the feeling of helplessness obstacles desaparece.los

People who believe they are governed by external forces, their lives are completely linked, because they always find an excuse not to achieve your dreams, while this was not the time!, God will not!, The next year!, this does not suit me!, etc. If we are subjected to this kind of ideas the way to self-realization will become very complicated.

Understand how the real world is vital for a successful life in the book of the great secrets of mind power AND THE LAWS OF CREATION Andrew Corentt you understand that this physical world is created in the imagination, so if you have all the power to manipulate their own existence, self-power is developed by learning to focus the mind and properly using its internal energy, reading this book will feel wonderful news because you know no external force can affect the feelings of guilt will be wonderful history and apply the techniques to fulfill all your dreams.

Tells us something positive to resistance to change and the ego mind is personal power, to see thousands of obstacles in the way of success and then say I have to use this power to achieve my goal.

We can overcome obstacles if we learn to use the power of visualization, it means making a mental projection of positive conditions for success, creative visualization audios to have the function of taking your mind to a state of calm, both senses are extinguished, the conscious mind lose strength, which means that access to the subconscious is opened, it must be the condition for the realization of mental reprogramming, if we imagine some specific ideas with their corresponding images then fill details will be an order of creation, the power of the mind manifest these ideas, if the display is an excellent tool to make radical changes in living conditions.

Monday, October 8, 2012

QUESTION of happiness and fulfillment

Often discussed and always at the center of individual interest, the question of happiness and fulfillment seems interpretable. D even in a society where the watchwords are productivity, efficiency and materialism.

This concept is so overused, thought unattainable utopia ... And, if I told you that happiness is perhaps not so far? Small everyday actions that can help the development of a concrete and finally a peaceful life? I think probably not. At least not until you read my arguments.

No problem, I like challenges and it is close to my heart, thinking that I'll share with you now and forever in my peaceful life. As an introduction to this worldview, I propose to tell you what I consider to be the pillars of a happy life: that little thought will make you aware of the richness of their environment and the potential is you!

1. The opening and the thirst for knowledge
You've probably heard that knowledge is power. It is devoid of common sense. To create more interaction with the environment, the more you can adapt, learn and integrate the values ​​transmitted.

With openness to the world, you can store the information and knowledge that represent an investment in your future. Individual recognition by developing your eyes against the development of their areas of expertise that will enable esteem and perceived as a collective right person, endowed with a particular social intelligence.

 Learn every day as it is done by the media (specialized preferred), verbal, reading a few pages of a book or visiting expert advice, you can increase your confidence. Promotes the effect on their ability to construct a reasoned argument and debate, giving you the opportunity to express their views.

A happy life is based on a simple observation: one always learns something in contact with other people, whether in criticism or share. It is in this spirit that takes advantage of everyone around us. In fact, the engine of development, is its ability to effectively fulfill their responsibilities to their situation. If knowledge is wealth, so do your research is the best proof of his desire to change his life. So you refuse to base their opinions on their own knowledge and try to place them in a broader context, to avoid personal judgments rush and lack of legitimacy.

2. Pride

Respect and reinforce the confidence you deserve to face the obstacles of everyday life, not selfishness, is a value, an engine of progress in adversity. Without this faith in its potential, it becomes very difficult to find the motivation and success in their efforts. If you still can improve and improve many aspects of our personality, do not forget to recognize the qualities and objectively analyze our life: chess lessons, but successful.

Self-esteem grows, work, providing the means to see concrete improvements affect our behavior. Simple gestures can handle our small defects or relativist our game sports complex, training, change the style of dietary dress, go to bed early ...

 You should also realize that you're not the only person who believes in you. The environment plays an important role in building your character and build self-esteem. Try to encourage contacts with people who adopt a positive mindset and tend to see the glass half full when we see half empty.

His mind and his confidence has improved a lot!

3. Objectivity personal

Objectivity is the ability to not let their personal beliefs or the eyes of others influence your choice. This is the reason that you can set your action plan, if you are on the right track and if their actions are consistent with personal goals that you set. Objectivity is not innate and crumbling their experiences.

For example, if you are attacked in the subway, it categorize transport as dangerous, while statistical studies or experiences other conduct inconsistent with what you say. Objectivity is built through introspection, reflection on preconceptions context and questioning.

It allows you to realize your potential and its intrinsic value, which inevitably leads to psychological healing.

4. Complacency is the key to happiness?

To listen to the people, happiness is a type of condition that the global forcing the pile of good things to be good or see in our social environment. As I explain in my blog, I do not think we live in the wonderful world of Telemetries.

Happiness is not something that materializes during the night. Is defined in terms of their values, their expectations, their mood. I think a set of feelings, positive stimulation to brighten our lives and not as a whole. Happiness lies in personal satisfaction, however small: the morning coffee, the smell of warm bread, a smile that sent us ...

All these phenomena seem to have special meaning, but nevertheless influence our overall vision of life. Personal fulfillment and happiness are at the heart of contemporary debates, however, have difficulty taking the actual measurement.

If everyone can get an idea of ​​happiness, everyone should be known. However, it is an opportunity to think it is close the question of happiness!