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Sunday, July 8, 2012

learning strategies with Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Anyone Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Anyone who dreams every night, they know it or not. A number of people they swear to never dream but the reality is that they do. People think they do not dream, I can not remember their dreams. It is imperative that all of you to understand not only dreams, but we all have the ability, the number of dreams we experience increase. There is a certain kind of dreams that refers to a lucid dream, and you can find technical lucid dreams, so you can activate this unique encounter at will.

To be clear - a lucid dream is really a dream where the dreamer is aware that he or she is a dream. This is often called "coming awake in a dream" is sometimes known as spontaneous. No doubt some of you reading this, maybe at least one lucid dream have experienced at some point in their lives.

If you had a lucid dream, you know, what a fantastic experience, it can be! Requires no aircraft in the world of dreams - for example, say you happen to have a dream that the clouds flying style of Superman have! Suddenly you realize dream! To fly now, not only in the air like a bird, but the possibility of exactly where you want to fly to the next!

In the world of lucid dreams, the sky is literally no limit set. But wait! Even the sky is the limit in the world of dreams. If you are unable to induce a lucid dream and take control, they can not do anything - fly to Mars to travel the world a movie star, a tank drive so far - nothing!

But how do you want? How do you create the potential to enter the lucid dream state at will? Well, the reality, the main analysis was done on this subject, especially by a researcher at Stanford University under the name Stephen LaBerge. Dr. Laberge is the man in a lab environment that lucid dreams are not only real - but also created a number of methods may exercise any lucid dreams to lucid dreams are more frequent or even lust.

As you

The first step in increasing your ability to control your dreams is always more to learn, to dream, and remember that much better. The most effective way to do this is a dream to keep a diary. Every night before bed, a pillow and a pencil by his bed. Learn how you wake up several times a night to record their dreams. Or you will be able to write at the bottom, so do not forget the early morning.

In developing the ability to dream more vividly and often, you are ready to move to the next level - learning methods of lucid dream!


One of the best methods for inducing lucid dreams is cute, which is equivalent to the mnemonic induction of lucid dreams. LIGHT is designed for beginners. This is a four-step method, and we talked about the first - learn to remember more dreams.

Once you achieve this goal, the next step is to do a so-called "reality" many times a day. Is the concept that several times a day to stop what you are doing and ask yourself, "Did I dream this time," It is clear that most of the time you wake up as soon as you hit "No, I'm awake ! "

But if you look at the habit of making regular check on your state of reality, tend to perform well starting in their dreams. Sooner or later you are dreaming, you must perform a reality check, and you will realize, "Hey, I'm dreaming"

The next step is simply to make clear statements. This will only tell you how the dream you think you're dreaming and "wake up" remember sleeping in preparation. You need these statements a few times during sleep. Just keep reminding you: "Tonight, I remember that I am dreaming, and you can realize my dream state." You can say things like "Tonight, I want to lucid dream." Repeat this procedure several times.

The final step is the kind of sweet dreams, you are viewing. For example, say you want the dream to walk on the moon's surface have. Just use your imagination to interpret the scene in your mind. Make your visualization, which so vividly and honestly as possible - and try to keep in your mind that you can sleep.

Sweet is just one of many methods of lucid dreaming. An excellent resource is the Institute for more clarity, you may have on the Internet for more learning strategies and teaching ability, lucid dreams can be.