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Monday, September 3, 2012

Dream than expected means

to make further progress in our humanity, spirit and power of learning from a generator positive way

Along the way, we should be on a rib and a goal that we believe strongly aspire to the foundation of our belief structure. We know that our beliefs, our thoughts, our actions determine the impact in some positive or negative results, which we will get change. Of course we all know that the right results, wanted or what. In the allotted time, but there is a balance between the concepts that everything is exactly as we expected against human wishes

These human needs are sold rather than a sales contract and the expectations we may have in life. In addition, the illusion and the challenge is greater than the errors that we often set since the fall ... greater. Why is that? We know that we can take, and still accrue to express ourselves and manifest many sins of Dante. These sins, all tend to deepen in the same general approach and greed.

Greed and the golden calf and the changer in the table gives us a valuable lesson. Because we know what. These cultures and individuals But what about people who have been injured and is on its way? What about them? When the ditch and the lines of reality blur that will eventually account? It can be assumed that the expectations and the material world is not an issue to be. We are moving into the world of karmic results at this point, and finally the shares of ... the system does not define the results. Order based on the results of social concerns me may lead to a form of group hysteria or worse if the story is well-educated.

This means that there is at the time. To mankind at a critical point in which it is to help a risk of bone fracture There are those who give up the evil deeds behind the curtain, and peace, and those wonderful friend and have gifts and talents, the shares without pay and suffer. No reason given in the chaos theory, which reinforced to achieve the desire for common ground on the contract of sale of the machine.

Means to dream about the expectations that? The way to act like we in the last days And if actually in the trenches and literally, what would you do? This should govern our actions in the here and now, even beyond a theological discussion and linked basic goodness, humanities and ethics. For those who are capable of this view, it is what happens to each of us to achieve the desired goals. What other people think of when you're gone? What kind of life do you live? Is rooted in ego and or rooted in humanity? How do you feel when you look in the mirror? Are you able to see other positive or always bashing?

A goal that I have, the incredible kindness and generosity of intelligent concern, love, kindness and positivity to others and the curve is to give advance. The best curve on a person after all it is her smile.

In fact, about the expectations of the media, who are willing to hold the ladder, to help others and take the heat dream or they move in? We are rich or poor the ability to basic humanity that lead cost little and save the world and live the dream. It can be positive or negative in approach and even food or put out the fire ... also lead to the results, the expectations that exceed provided in the present. Whatever you do, again as good or bad, and to define and be yourself and often.