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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Leverage the power of the weekly goals

Leveraging the power yours goals

How not to write a novel

Anthony Trollope, Victorian novelist and one of the most prolific writers of all time had a way of structuring a week. He wrote about 50 novels in his life, but spent only a fraction of the time to write that most of us work every week to spend. In addition to writing three times as many novels such as Charles Dickens took a full time job and managed to leave fox hunting a few days apart.

And yes, Trollope was married and had children.

I will not tell you how he did it all for the moment. Instead, suppose you write back to a novel, Trollope, in a minute. So, naturally, want to break your goal down into smaller parts in order to "write a story of 50,000 words." How to do that?
Let's say you decide to go with a daily goal of writing 10 pages. It is quite difficult! But say this for the time being remain. To check the "write 10 pages" at the forefront of today's task list.
Monday to write 10 pages. Tuesday to write 10 pages. Wednesday, something that came with his family, not you write a. Now do what? Revision 20 pages, on Thursday, would be pretty dang hard, so that 10 pages is new.
"Writing 10 pages" is your goal for each day, day after day. No matter whether you have other commitments. Whether you are 10 pages of yesterday or the day before to do the list of things you say and do today.

Now, make this fun ...

Well, as you encourage that? Close to zero, is not it? It is painful, and should write a novel (not all) of the monotony, we're talking about creating an unprecedented amount of artistic expression! So how can you organize your schedule?
One trick is to output in pages per week, not to see pages per day. Let's say you pull 40 pages, which is quite manageable. You want 10 pages per day, 4 days a week. The other days are for rest, recharge, and the care of other obligations. Let's see how it goes.
Sunday, October pages. Buena. Monday, October pages. You started halfway to your destination, and a week! Tuesday and Wednesday, no. There were other things. But, you see, you go on Thursday and Friday, you need to know which pages on the weekend after all. And the nail. The week has passed and the 40 pages, the great American novel of the 21st Century written. Pick up Saturday!
In fact, this is how Anthony Trollope wrote 49 novels in 35 years. Ten pages a day, four days per week.

Bozo buckets = much better than the right heavy organization chart

Introduction: Goals Weekly

Every day you make a list of things to do than to see the half of it slipped into the next day and the next ... I think a bad way to live. The structure of the day are things that I did yesterday. Paper, the same sad duties.
Keep lists of daily tasks is the upper limit of their planning. Instead, try to create weekly goals.

A week on the task list is similar to the first day. It is working on it, and when they are ready to hit. What is the difference here?

It depends on what you do in a week to one day. A week is thinking big. Broader goals and plans. And you are for two things:

The main goals in life
Their relations

Now I'm not going to cover what your goals in life, here (see this article for ideas, full disclosure, I wrote it). But here are some questions you can to give you a good idea of ​​their goals and some sample answers.

Create what you want? A poem. A painting. House of Representatives. Family. Companies. A family business. Bar Association. Restaurant. Not for profit. Fiction.

Where to go? India. Mexico. A concert by the Rolling Stones. The bullfight. New York City. Overseas, alone. Every major league stadium.

Who does not it? A mother. A father. A grandfather. I liked it. A good friend. Tattooed. A saint. A ghost. Amateur genealogist. CEO. Vigneron. Someone who is a hero. Mayor. His own boss.

What do you want to achieve? A marathon. No criminal. Graduate School. Kilimanjaro. The Great American Road Trip. Dip in the Mediterranean. Run to the Eiffel Tower. Be a film extra. Obama shakes hands with.

What do you want to learn? Arabic. The Constellations. Countries around the world. Every day something new. Murray Thai. Thai. Thai cuisine. Ruby on Rails. Patience.

What do you want to stop? Smoking. Drugs. Drinking. An eating disorder. Sugar production. His bored. Nail biting. Shy. Doubt. Soda. Procrastination.

The important part is the climb up the pieces that can be completed within a week. The people could do this in many ways, but here's what worked for me:

Start small. Trollope aims not write 10 pages every day, your goal for him was more modest. You will quickly learn how to do it in a week, and is probably not as much as you might think when you start to make these goals. But it does not matter, you will soon find out.
New 4.2 Goals per week. One of the goals of a week is fine, if large, urgent and important. However, this means five or more goals you are likely to do things, too small or unimportant to the list of weekly goal. These are the big rocks "of his life. Choose a little more important than the weekly list, and really with the rest when you can.
Is it enough to feel like success? One of the best parts of weekly goals and is felt by all, he had a good week. Ask yourself: "If I can achieve these things, I feel the week was a success?". If so, you're good to go.

So your wish is a place for the goals of the week, and while this is a good start, a person's life, the only of himself. This leads to relationships.

They are (essentially) their relationships

"There are many kinds of success in life is worth it," wrote Teddy Roosevelt, based on the special as "a successful businessman, the man or the train or a farmer or a lawyer or a successful doctor, or a writer, or the President to kill a man or a ranch, or the colonel of a regiment of combat, or grizzly bears and wolves. "
He should know. Is almost entirely been one of them.

But as a father, he said, "makes all other forms of success and achievement lose their importance by comparison."
Even when planning your weekly goals, remember their relationship. They have many things you can do with your time, and many things to work. But there are many people playing different roles: mother's father, mentor, godfather, uncle, employees, managers, players, and so on.
When focusing on the idea that leads to the daily tasks, it is very difficult to govern this relationship. Why? Since it is impossible to adapt to all relationships in a day. Being a parent is simply a full-time employment only, and is in addition to being a full time employee and who is not even close to all roles. How can we try to cram them all into your schedule?
Steven Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, says he does not see the list every day too. Instead, try another role to play within a week. Could be Sunday "Family Day". On Friday, you're with friends. Tuesday is to call another friend, and Wednesday you can get an e-mail to the grandparents. One day is not enough time to wear all the hats we wear. A week is a lot closer.
So make a list of all lead hats, should all the important relationships in which you need to play a role. And then decide what is important to do in the next week for this role.
Who = Who are you to yourself or others that you

And then he quotes.
Such top-down planning has changed my life for the better.

What are the goals for me every week

Sunday is the day of my quiet week. But not only beautiful things and thinking of going to church, toward the mountains for a walk or go out with friends, etc. But Sunday is also my agent, "weeks of planning days." I enjoy spending time do not worry about meeting or something. Instead, it is time to reflect on the weeks ahead, behind and want to do what I can do and be.
And if successful in the next 6 days, then I fall into bed Saturday to get everything he wanted for the week. It's time to relax! When I wake up on Sunday, I will feel good.
Here is my system:

Think of my main goals on Sunday
A small break, I want to achieve certain tasks for the week
Write goals in a score of 3-4 3 x 5 card
Glue the card footnote on my computer screen
When I reach a goal, remove
At the end of the week, a record in my diary that the targets were not achieved, and how you might do better next time, if I missed something

And then I'll start again, registration certificate of the week after the top note. The interesting fact is that they begin to collect cards. To do this, and finally a few months, you have a whole series of them for small and medium-sized tasks, most of which (I hope) you did. And you know what? It feels really great.

The objectives of this week glued to my screen with a bunch of old goals behind it.

If you plan to start your week without doing major projects and supporting First things first, you start really, really matters. Over the last six months, I have to work on weekly goals of a muse, and start writing my own blog plan, and a trip to the mountain. Kilimanjaro, and finished reading the entire Bible.
In short, it was the most productive six months of my life and I'm excited to see what happens in the coming years. What would you do in the situation in six months?

Somewhere between life-sized targets and the monotony of daily tasks lists, it is the power of the weekly goals. This is a pretty great time to reflect on the big rocks in your life and relationships, but not so large that it is straightforward to think. If you get all of your goals for the week, it feels like a big success, but if you do not have another chance in a few days.

Many people talk the talk about goals in life. Who has not heard half a dozen friends with the dream of building his own house, have a fabulous vacation, or start a business? But how many of our friends in the end, to do these things, and how is the path of desire have been? "Entrepreneurs" who calls Noah Kagan. Do they not get it. Use the power of the weekly goals, the most important dreams in life to really forge.

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