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Lower the rise of the lower limit again

Moms I stay with her. In short, that your children see all the time. You will be too.

They give away their power. You see what they say, yes, if you do not mean. You will see that criticism of your body / frame. You can see that they have an overwhelming schedule. You see that every care but his spirit, his own body and mind. You can see that Rush Rush. You can see that the degradation of your word.

None of us is perfect. In fact, God has perfectly fine :) But that does not mean you can with broken (or not) go to Borders. After 10 years of training, the success of working women, the amazing goals, a growing trend for women - not a state to its limits. Or no limits at all,
or know how to stand / to them. And in turn, teach their children to do the same. The limits are necessary for building a healthy and balanced life, especially if you are busy! If you do not take care of our body, mind and soul that has nothing to give to others, is not it? If we (need, yes, it is a living being, the constant care, love and food, and can not live a "default button") to attend our wedding, we lose the heart of our homeland. If you are not careful on our agenda and our priorities are a victim or a slave to life and others will be too. I do not want you to be a slave to push through their agenda, or others. I have a life to reflect with healthy boundaries for our children's habits, so that if the boundaries of parenthood.

I encourage you to simplify your life. Prioritize your schedule and know what's really important to you, and get rid of the others. Create a plan of self-care so when you say "Mama needs a time to relax" their children to respect this limit and there are no errors, omissions, or be mean about it. They honor a life that loves and your priorities, values ​​and faith / spirit based. If we are allowed to do this, you feel the joy, peace, harmony and love in all the new levels! When he's not far from our borders less life (soooo Been there, done that!) Who is this wonderful for the people who surround us, especially our children.

physical health and mental health improve yourself

Self-improvement is very important for your mental health, so you happier and more inspired. The mere creation of goals and pursue them can help you feel more satisfied. Look at this writing for advice on the use of personal development to the mental well-being and thus to improve their physical health.

Wandering training is fantastic and to see a solid strategy and keep the points in prayer and in thought. It is also very healthy, physically. As you reduce stress, is manipulation of their right of freedom of association. Try to at some point to see how it be to your psyche.

Everything must be ready for a healthy lifestyle and maintain successful. It could be a "reach" of the collection, the list of goals or more different points. With a list that you keep your balance, asserts that encourages, and indeed, showing an improvement. Keep the list, and yes, it may be advantageous to keep it mixed in a notebook.

Be sure to protect your car. With a pair of earrings elements of defense against the difficulties healthiest in the world, means that it most likely stick to keep their beliefs and their promises. His most dangerous enemy to be yourself, you change your own worst enemy in the largest single ally.

Create cards for its glossary of the text. Do not cut through the pages of your publication! Photocopy of each page. Carefully remove any small word with its definition and tape for their own purposes, flashcards. If you care about, it is possible, descriptions and long term, as a way to get to reap the entire right side of the credit card

Mental health and physical health has an impact on the others because it is important to maintain a healthy body and mind. If you really want to feel healthier and more content, personally, use the staff development to achieve the desired goals and really feel a lot happier. Follow the instructions in this article, and you'll find a new zest for life!

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reduce stress increase their personal development

personal development

It is natural and healthy to bring feelings of anger expression, but you need to do when he is calm. It is necessary to express these feelings, if you find yourself a way to solve them, but when he is angry, it will not help nadir.Desecrate help others. A key to the most powerful personal development will be passed on to third parties. Beyond collecting a few coins in a jar and meet people or even animals in need. Help those less fortunate that you put things in perspective and help you become a more redondeadas.Tus individual thoughts are angels or demons, when it comes to developing who you are and who you want to be coming. You should be aware of your thoughts, every minute, and you catch yourself thinking negatively, trained to re-evaluate what is happening and to find something positive that can improve productivity pensar.Used very simple: get up early. Get up early not only increases the confidence, but it gives you more hours per day to complete the day's work. If you have more time, you can use a little work to slow down and make sure they do, the work of all time.The increase their personal satisfaction with life is sometimes as simple as learning to give back environment. Sincere gift of giving and love is a great way to increase their self-esteem. Better yet, there are so disinterested a great way to demonstrate in their personal spiritual development Community.The, it means a lot. But if that's your kind, do not neglect the physical, as it is the foundation on which to build offers. Be used as a great holy ascetics, to say to his disciples. "Make a friend of the organization, but it will help you along the way" Show your prospects that you are in control of their entertainment and entertainment. If you leave so low that they generate confidence in your prospects. This is the classic case of "fake it until you do." Do not forget to use your sponsor for help if you have in your cabbed .Preseason about what I think it's reasonable to get. You must not believe everything everyone believes, but it is important that you try to defend his faith, that you and others. If you can justify your belief, then it means that the interior of the real used.Preseason stay calm and not overreact to a situation where we stress is a common response to unpleasant situations. To reduce stress, make sure to breathe deeply and to find ways to stay calm. One of the easiest ways to reduce stress is to slow down, just jojoba.Ugo these places, whether at home or at work, which must remain free of clutter, it is your office. This is your personal workspace, if you know where you need everything. You must have the organization, such as files and boxes of important documents and holders of things like pens, business cards and paper clips. What are your goals? What do you like? Many people have said to extend over and relax your mind, read a book! Well, yes and no. Some people do not like reading in general, but I'd like to read or study something interesting for them. If you have the time to study something of interest to take, then take a step in the right direction. This has a positive impact on your diva.Mantegna a journal of your innermost thoughts, feelings and ideas. This is a great way for you to be able to travel in time and see how they grew up during that time. Take some time to the things that really go to write a long way in promoting the growth personal.Chandon personal development is to ensure that you are always honest with others and are honest with themselves. This is important not only to build his own reputation, but also to develop. Honesty covers Lying, lying by omission and build false hopes for themselves misdo.Si want to be even better, is it so important to help others. If you do community service, or simply help you see someone on the street to do his good deeds never go unnoticed by others and you help yourself make others feel better really! A key stage in personal development is to keep a diary of your feelings, goals and ambitions. Over time, you can follow to keep as it develops over time and how close you are to realize their dreams. With this method you are using to improve the path and achieve their development goals personal.Si need no further motivation to inspire your personal development plan, you are not alone. Anyone with a little inspiration to start on a daunting task. It is now time to take the advice in the previous article and find out how life can be good.
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I can be successful without self-confidence?

If you were constant roadblocks meet on their way to success, chances are you have tried to cut corners and find a simple way to the top.

How many other people, you are probably at the point where you're tired, feeling like a failure and was defeated by life. All I want is a life that has meaning and purpose to live, and that their need to feel fulfilled, respected and successful in business or career. But if you lack confidence in yourself, you can have a difficult and painful way to go.

Usually when you hear the cut in the short-term success, especially people from their mistakes, which are in a position that did not work, found its way into talk about a job, learn and not for things of this qualified way. Not very often are called shortcuts to success, if someone tries to continue the process of emotional development that comes with success to skip.

Sometimes it feels like an impossible task to do anything, what we should be and can be viewed as a success. I understand because I've been there!

Over the years I've been trying to take shortcuts to my success in the prevention of emotional growth and confidence to stay in power. I thought I could separate the two and seems to be a safe and successful, but inside I felt smaller than life, I wanted to live. I would like to share some lessons I learned here with you:
First Sometimes did, until you create it does not work

Many people in our society saw this shot, but I would like to offer another perspective for you to consider. You run the risk of permanent and wear a mask to hide his lack of confidence and begin working in this state than normal. Think about it, if they are not safe and comfortable in this facade that you have created, why leave? It is easier and less likely that someone who is not his. Or take bold steps to raise awareness closer to where you want to be on the practice and strengthening the muscles of the trust. Depends on the person, how confident they are and the level of mentor ship in your life.
Second Short-term success

Success comes with many twists and turns in the road of disappointments and moments of euphoria, if you support or lack confidence in their ability, their success will be short lived.

I can share first-hand that a lack of trust that will support the implementation of activities that bring the results you want to avoid. The creation of these results, we have to take risks, take risks, requires you to trust your judgment and go ahead. All this is very difficult to achieve in the absence of confidence.

Lack of confidence prevents you to trust you and believe you can manage the consequences of their decisions.

Some of those who lack self-confidence and no confidence in himself. And often do not have the courage and conviction it takes for an idea to start someone to bring the network efficiently, submitting your resume or on the abundance of your inner genius for expression.
Third Self-Sabotage

Finally, to analyze back in your comfort zone and do anything to get there. Lack of confidence is essentially a fear of things to measure or as a result of the inability to come without moving faith. Our thoughts and beliefs about who we are and what we are able to have our roadblocks. If we do not take the time to invest in the elimination of destructive blocks, we are delaying and avoiding our long-term success. Finally we have our standard trigger button and the "where we belong, we think." STUCK!

Trust requires a coherent, rather than achieving the highest you think of yourself and you believe in yourself.

It is also important to remember that leaving fundamental key to make sure they are really safe to stick together and contribute to their success is not a mask, you think they really are ....

We discuss the basic aspects of Part II

T. Harv Ocker said: "Not only do you have the right place at the right time, to be the right person at the right place at the right time must be."

Stay confident and reach their highest level!

I could not give you all the tools I of this article. The good news is that when you are ready to stop being a victim of their circumstances and are planning to focus on achieving its goals of more money in your career or business and move quickly to success

Monday, July 23, 2012

Why the results are the ones who think they are

for example when everything that happens

Several years ago I was working hard to achieve certain objectives in an area in my life I've never been, almost reaching the kind of results I wanted to achieve.

As these objectives were as foreign to me, I had many questions that will only increase as he continued poor performance. I felt like I was in a spiral of negativity that I unfortunately thought I was contributing to poor results, even before the experiment.

I began to fear of failure and expected feelings of failure, as before, I was tempted. My thinking in this area has been my whole life long in the direction of fear, loss and negativity distorted.
Positive attitude

How to be the case for me, I looked at the books and education, help me solve this problem. I had a problem of mentality, that I to deal with the development of what I thought about my results. I never really feel safe - always - until you see the results I wanted, but I could certainly work, as the small steps, to interpret it, and the many failures that I lived today.

In short, I needed a change of attitude, a better way to see how it works.

Read some books or listening to audio materials act as a disturbance "small talk" mental for me. Listen to experts and people who have the goals I am working really helps to have achieved. It is also good to statistics gathered by people, the large studies, in order to get to understand the conditions that affect us all know how I can make intelligent decisions as a result.

An important book that came into my life at that time, had learned optimism, Martin Seligman, and later his book Authentic Happiness, and movement. Their studies have shown that optimists live longer and feel happier in general.

He also showed that people born with a natural inclination to optimism or pessimism will be able to control and there is not known whether high or low, if you will miss an optimist or a pessimist is determined at birth.

Seligman noted that, despite their genetic default view of the world, can be trained to be more optimistic. I was encouraged by that and immediately started to look the way they reacted to people and events of my life. Although we can talk a good talk when it comes to and supportive people around me now is, I realized that, in general, usually defaults to a pessimistic interpretation of my life, at least in my head.

Years earlier, he had become an active monitor of my own entertainment as a way to cure my anxiety and panic attacks. I learned that I responsible for what I felt was because I spent most of the day the curse in my head about me all the things that are "evil" were in my life. By monitoring experience than I thought I was good enough to formulate my interpretation of events again.

I wanted my self-talk analysis to another level and work to my standard response to events from negative to positive, which also change the true word always presented results. It is not easy, because you first if you feel you lie to yourself. It's like when you convince yourself that things change and try it is really not so bad, when in fact, I do not think so.

I found a positive training techniques to be particularly effective. How it works ...

Pessimists see bad things that happen as a permanent and ubiquitous - and that's always the same - and a sign of a disorder that I did personally.

All companies that fail build and is not to earn money so that all businesses fail in the future and that's why I'm a failure as well.

If the events as an optimist and a temporary step towards positive results seen. They see mistakes as a result of what they did or personally to the environment rather than a character flaw or something with them.

This business does not work, because my time was not right. I learned some marketing techniques that the construction of large, help me with my business side. I'm getting better and better, and possibly a profitable business.

This is a simple rotation, but to a great extent that you apply immediately. See setbacks as temporary and a reference to a technique that did not work, instead of a permanent fault in you as a person. Note that the time to continue working to improve things.
What is with feelings of failure?

Train me to be positive in my interpretation, that the world was a good first step, but that does not mean that suddenly stopped. I realized that I could think was better about the events, but to change my feelings very difficult. If you experienced any positive result from the real world, I felt much better.

Worse, I'd feel better is often a kind of positive sign, only to fail him. I felt tired and bitter. It's like stepping on, falling only to again fall this time, it hurts even more.

This has been especially attentive to my feelings, because I began to take an inventory of concepts like the Law of Attraction. The law of attraction says that the universe is made, to answer how you feel and think - what is the echo back. Some people are dedicated to the solid rock of this idea, while others think there are a lot of nonsense.

Traditionally I am a babysitter in the area, but happy to give things a chance if you help me with something, I work. I'm afraid if I do not correspond to my positivity has not been very positive, I just wanted to convince myself mentally for something else - think positive - even if the world gave me positive results for the positive sense II.

I began to wonder if my feelings were in response to what I thought and my thought was, as a reaction to what I felt. Then there are the physiological conditions, such as when I'm hungry, I'm usually cranky and so think and feel negatively. When I eat, suddenly things are all good again.

Without doubt, be happy is not just a full stomach?

I realized that it involves many variables and to understand that they are all connected to each other is important. What was important for me was staying abreast of the state it was before all else to blame.

For example, if I were hungry, or angry because something bad happens am, I must note the reason for my feeling, but do not let this feeling back in my world view.

This is an important step. Before that I could afford a bad result, missed meals or ruin my day. I spiral into negative thought patterns, I rant on and see this as an indication of personal failure. But now I've seen explanations of weather and that I remembered not to let it affect me, because it will change quickly.

There is nothing to think of life, so why not about what I like about it?

It sounds simple, but you probably know how easy it is with a negative feeling, you have to be stuck in your day. You can determine how everything that happens to you, interpret, and if you believe in the law of attraction, the reason why they still have a bad day or a week or even months to have his (negativity, the resonance and drag it) .

I was very good at letting go of things. I still struggle with the physical aspects of life and the reformulation of them, for example, when I sprained my wrist falling off the bike I had a week of severe pain and weeks rather recovery, which led to severe depression.

The same is true for the hardest parts of life that if my mother had her stroke. Some things need to be sad, of course, but sometimes we give too much weight to small and transient events, and let them control our lives.

He cries when he is worth tears.
Inevitable consequences

Optimism, positive training, the law of attraction, abstinence, emotional congruence, all these concepts came together nicely when I heard of Eben Pagan teach a fantastic idea, he said -. "Think in the inevitable"

The thought is inescapable to think and act as if what you are doing is inevitable because it happens that creates the conditions for.

The idea is the inevitability to know the confidence that a result is available if you do certain things. This is an absolute fact. You need to pass the time. When and how it is made affected by weather, luck and other things that you can not control, but the conditions are in luck, timing must be made and, if one considers that what is needed.

Once you know the terms of your only job is to translate the reality. The formula is simple -

Study System -> Implement the System -> Obtain the result.

Obviously, for this you need a proven system based on fundamental work. You should also seek ways to strengthen the inevitability while you work. This take on the responsibility for concrete results, and you begin to see clear conditions. Once all conditions are met, you have your results.

For example, when building a blog that you might have on small successes, such as with their first 50 drives, and then 100 subscribers by e-mail, and write your article 100a as the characters that are on their way. These are prerequisites for the success and tangible results. Continue as in the ends and on top of a ladder to success.

Take out of fear

I like the idea of ​​inevitable because immediately removes the fear and doubt and win and negativity is what he is in a process of case, a number of steps taken, if correct, the price. It is not by chance, simply collect resources and knowledge to get, then do.

Most people, when something new to the outer shape of what you are feeling begins to approach, as it is lacking in knowledge and the experience is not the fear of failure and all sorts of reasons.

Inevitable in thinking from the start you know you can achieve what we want, because you have what it needs to know to go there. All that stands in the way of implementation. We do not plan to fail, or the time to think about all the reasons why you can not succeed to spend. It's a waste of energy.

This may seem a simple concept, but it's actually quite difficult to master. We are humans and we are afraid of challenges and self-esteem. Trust is necessary for you to really think, inevitably, all the time, and trust only begins when you succeed.

For example, when I think about starting a new blog, I'm sure they will succeed. I know the process and the only real challenge is to spend time to do the work.

With my startup company that I do a lot of things I do not intend to do and we are facing many challenges. Every time I see a competitor that is doing well, it's easy for me to doubt that we do not have to feel success, we must give up.

When I think inevitably in my house, I know I can not help but move to the success. Of course, I might want to turn, change direction or strategy, or our target market completely, but it will be because we follow a process. We see the problems people have and how to adapt our society to solve these problems. If we do this long enough, we can not because the principles on which we work with our sound to be successful.

This last point is important. Inevitable idea is not blind. You do not have to say that you are successful, you must know the principles that operate out of work. The laws are tested, what many others have used it and succeeded with him. His faith comes from knowing that the process works and is reinforced every day as you slowly create the necessary conditions for success.
Start with what you can control

If you lack confidence in me right now is the best thing you can do a process of learning from, what we want to achieve, and then implement them.

It is important actions take place as soon as possible so that you can learn real evidence, not assumptions (Try to lean). If you do not start, always a kind of result, good or bad, then your emotions will often kill their chances (thinking too much and not doing enough).

Trust comes only at the end of the stock. Think fatality is used to keep your mind on the task, rather than balancing the silly things like how other people are better than you, or how you have never been before, or how it did not take. So your emotions under control, makes you focus on the positive results and get your energy flowing in the right direction. Everything is in order.

Ultimately, all I can control what I think is the way, and therefore to interpret everything that happens around them. Why is this power of perception on things that will help to not concentrate? This is what I call a fool.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Are you a perfectionist?

Are you a perfectionist? If so, you think of this feature serves him well?

Your answer probably depends on how you, the perfectionist in your life. According to research published in Psychology Today, there are two types of perfectionists:

Switched have perfectionists are people who hold to strict rules, while a strong motivation to attain perfection and avoid failure. They tend to be in strict self-evaluation to engage. Motivation to achieve high standards, is internal.
Socially prescribed perfectionists: Anyone who believes that other unrealistic expectations about their behavior (and can not live up to that.) Socially prescribed perfectionists are under external pressure to be perfect and I think the others are believed to critically evaluate.

What this means:

If someone is a self-oriented perfectionist who work hard to enjoy. They also show a higher degree of self-control and success. Thus, the quest for higher performance of the work is a good thing, because the realization generates additional embodiment. If perfectionism as a means to continuously improve, without the will march forward, then it is a good thing.

In contrast, socially prescribed perfectionists outside of their own in search of confirmation, the creation of a perceived lack of control. People whose perfectionism will keep trying to please others is based at a higher level of shame, guilt and depression. If a person tries to be "perfect" because of the expectations of others, then for an endless cycle of comparisons with a criterion on which he prepared no control.

Have you ever experienced what others think you should do?

If so, follow these three steps to get back on track and in the high-performance mode.
Step # 1: Stop "shoulding" In and of itself

Treat yourself to a trip to the debt "shall". "I should have known better" is not a healthy way to speak for himself. Rethinking internal dialogue "I have not made a good choice. I did this the next time I'll make an intelligent decision."
Step # 2: Back on track

Focus on your goal: What do you want? 01:59 Identifying tasks to be taken within 24 hours to help you, the new focus to your target.
Step # 3: celebrate small victories for themselves

Perfectionists tend to see things in absolute terms - is not "good enough" until it's perfect. Starting from this point of view creates a longer time, where there is no way to give yourself a pat on the back. Breaking this cycle of "fragmentation" of your project or task into smaller segments. Then, sometimes not, and I applaud your efforts to date. That will do wonders to stir.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

emotional intelligence and academic performance

for self motivation successful students

self motivation and self control

A return to "traditional education" - which focuses on math, English and frequent tests - is the unchanging promises of politicians who promise to improve the academic standards.

But perhaps the academic level, rather than by strengthening the social and emotional well-being of children? New research by a team from Cambridge Assessment, UK, suggests that it is possible.

The study investigated whether emotional intelligence to have to do the academic performance in secondary schools. Emotional intelligence is to motivate in terms of well-being and the ability to define and impulse control, despite difficulties. It also includes the ability to handle stress, empathy and getting along with others.

The research team, led by Carmen Vidal Rodeiro studied, 874 children aged 15-16 from 24 public and private schools. It measures the emotional intelligence of students through a 30-minute questionnaire that students completed. Academic performance is measured by GCSE results of the review by external standard under the age of 16 in Great Britain.

"Successful" Students from 20 percent in the GCSE qualification - on average higher values ​​than the "moderates" and "less" successful students - 20 percent - of emotional intelligence. In addition, the difference varies between high school and less successful for different elements of emotional intelligence.

The largest differences were for self-motivation and self-control, with small differences in the "emotion perception": the ability to recognize emotions and to express their feelings, others - and skills in relationships.

The authors suggest that the trend is clear: "The ability to develop relationships with other people or to recognize emotions and feelings to others, but it might be worthwhile to have personal relationships seem unrelated to performance in school the same level of control over their feelings and emotional states (emotional regulation, or low impulsivity) or have a strong sense of accomplishment (self-motivation). "

This model was reinforced in the more complex statistical analysis to assess the relationship between emotional intelligence and academic achievement. In these analyzes, the researchers examined the general academic skills of students with test results obtained years earlier.

The results showed that emotional intelligence in general and most of its components, had a significant and positive relationship to academic success in the GCSE, when was the total capacity controlled. Here too, the authors conclude, the relationship was stronger for self-motivation and self-control and the lowest of the factors associated with sociability: "It seems he was determined and persistent, have control impulses and desires in order to push more readers, and be in a position to the external loads and stress helps to regulate the students to achieve more. [But] that is in social interaction, good listening skills are well and clearly and communicate confidently with others no effect on student performance in the school in general. "

Can be explained in spite of differences in the level of emotional intelligence, are not huge, are real. For example, a student at the average performance based on previous tests, with a total score of emotional intelligence to six more than half a degree in general, a student score with a score of emotional intelligence of the three.

There is also some evidence of emotional intelligence is important for the performance in some areas - theater, for example - others, such as physics and mathematics.

The authors are careful to note the limitations of the study. The students volunteered to participate in the study, making it possible for students means more able or confident to complete the questionnaire and the design that we can not conclude that the improvement of emotional intelligence actually make the school better.

But if by chance the link causal, then the consequences are far-reaching, the authors academic performance could be improved more effective strategies to progress, however small, on certain aspects of intelligence, it is emotional, perhaps more by the development. effective to focus exclusively on teaching and curriculum initiatives. "

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

magician hypnotic trance

The magic is commonly caused occur as the art of change, defined by the will of the magician. Whether it effect the intention of changes that occur primarily magician in her own mind in the universe or target hardware, most forms of magical practice, a combination of ritual and the deliberate induction of a "worrying" consciousness, a trance or hypnotic state.

Competent practitioner of magic rituals often emphasize the need to initiate and maintain a state of trance deep enough into all the work. This is designed to operate in both solo and group exercise. Many of these workers are not familiar with the field of hypnosis, hypnosis, or refusing to use a variety of reasons, but almost all agree that the induction of a trance state is required to work most effectively.

If you are with the principles of hypnosis, it is clear that hypnosis basic technology that is behind most forms of magic. The induction and maintenance of a state of trance is what a hypnotist in the practice of auto-suggestion or does "self-hypnosis."

The word "trance" is apparently derived from the sweat of America, "to go anywhere." The induction of hypnotic trance, the mind in extraordinary states of consciousness, where you can make voluntary changes that would be impossible in a state of worldly consciousness to cross.

As part of the hidden powers of hypnosis to be the agent of the gods or entities associated with psychotropic functions, such as Wotan and Mercuries of people travel between the worlds and facilitate harmonious interaction between the parties to help put together conscious and unconscious / subconscious mind. (There is a correlation between this and the synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which was shown in its natural state, while in a hypnotic trance.)

To induce mastery of the art of hypnotic trance states, it is possible, an astonishing array of occult and paranormal phenomena that have been historically the domain of wizards, sorcerers, witches, shamans, priests, monks, fakirs, media induce media clairvoyant and others.

Use of hypnosis, most occult phenomena more accessible than the level of trance as "sleepwalking" known. The state is like a lucid dream, and makes suggestions to the subconscious mind to live as if they were truly your reality. The measure rather somnambulistic state of theta brain waves that are measurable and correlates in dreams. However, hypnotic somnambulism with the sensory awareness of the issue has increased rather than decreased increases are related.

In a very deep hypnotic trance is a powerful open communication with the subconscious, allowing direct access to the realms of Ericson, in which the imagination can conjure up ways of thinking of all kinds, including the villages of whole worlds of living beings. Ericson this realm, the same famous aircraft from another dimension, which Plato in his doctrine of the forms is discussed, and is the same as "astral" plan, as generally known in the occult. To manifest one of the fundamental principles of the use of magic, the desired results in the objective world, is that "the purpose of generating their own thing" - made an event or result clearly in the astral plane is moving, the forces, a manifestation of the to make ground level.

Many generations of occultists who have practiced the art of astral projection have focused on the plasticity of the "astral matter" and to what extent are manipulated by the conscious will and desire can be commented on. In reality, our thoughts and power of our imagination and create ways of thinking on the astral plane beyond our ordinary perception of confidence, but most of these forms was quickly dispelled. (Otherwise, all thoughts of mankind would, the energies and emotions of a chaos of events much more chaotic than we live now.)

Mastering the Art of entry into a state of deep hypnotic trance can gradually free rein to exercise our ability to astral energies and astral worlds. Once this was done intentionally to benefit from the ability of the powerful subconscious mind to shape and form, to take these substances, given in accordance with the wishes and instructions of the conscious mind.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

unconscious without hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is different from other types of therapy in its emphasis on the role of the unconscious in the manufacture of personal change.

Hypnotherapists believe that change by useful suggestions to the unconscious, or tap into their creative resources to develop solutions to problems that can not be solved by rational thought, can be done alone.

In practical terms, hypnotherapy focuses on the practical benefits of learning to relax the body and calm the mind.

The unconscious is the repository of our deepest beliefs and ideas about the world.

It also serves as an "automatic pilot" to help us all daily tasks and activities that we perform without even thinking.

These are the things that we therefore "unconscious", such as driving without thinking that every layer, or use a keyboard, without speaking, the position of each letter by heart.

Think about what would be a problem when I realize of all the movements of the muscles during walking, swimming, cycling had - or even the kitchen.

If this seems unlikely, then remember that there was a time when you could not do these things. She had to learn to do it. And that learning probably took a long time.

Like magic - the realization of these tasks automatically, without a second thought if only your unconscious mind was the new knowledge that may be absorbed.
Permanent change

For this reason, the hypnotherapist think it is only the subconscious can we do to influence a. Deep, real and lasting learning or relearning the new on a subconscious level are included.

Requirements of the modern world means that we are very ready to on our consciousness, with difficult situations to tend.

Hypnotherapy helps you in the mood to improve the relationship between self-conscious and unconscious at the sides, or between left and right side of the brain.

Many artists and scientists, the visionary of all ages were on this kind of thinking is based more intuitive for the inspiration and problem solving.

Hypnotherapy works in a similar way, by your consciousness more direct interaction with the subconscious in order to achieve positive changes to achieve its desired goals.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

develop habits to achieve your goals

habits to achieve your goals

keep their goal

Habits have in place to keep their goal is one of the key factors to be to achieve a new goal. If your current habits contra-productive, you must change or risk being short.

What habits will help you achieve your goals?

Suppose you have a goal to run a marathon, but you do not have the habit of running every day, chances are you do not adopt to achieve this objective by you, the habit of running regularly. Running time you reach your goal as one of many ways outside of formatting and increase your stamina.

Develop habits of the support may be easier than you think and more than you can imagine!

Discover the habits, the required

Before creating new habits, positive habits will know what to help you achieve your goals. For each goal there are habits that you can virtually guarantee success. Think about your goals and concrete measures need to do to get them out.

Reflecting on these points from the habits that need to perform:

First Consult the daily routine. Habits of daily practice are much easier to implement and maintain that they are less frequent.

Second Keep it simple. The more complex the task, the less likely they are to stay with her. If you really need to implement a complex habit to start with a simpler version, then later add more complexity.

Third Be specific. It is not state exactly what we do, how, how, when and where. The time is always critical when a new habit. Do not forget, you want to specify a precise period to implement the new shares.

So, "I will practice one hour each day" is insufficient. "I'm going to the pool clock 07.06, Monday to Friday at the YMCA" is more like it. It has enough detail to be very clear about what you want to achieve, and how, when and where.

Prepare for disruptions to

In general, the obstacles to the creation of new habits and behaviors. Try to discover the possibilities in advance, so you can eliminate them as quickly as possible.

For example, if you have decided you will have to eat a healthy breakfast every day, get rid of all the breakfast of junk food in your pantry and freezer. The junk food is an obstacle to the successful implementation of the habit.

The obstacle is the moment of interference. Your partner can not usually leave them alone for 30 minutes every night, so that you can meditate, read, write, or what you do to achieve your goal. Let your partner before you should not be interrupted during this time.

More ways to support

In determining the practical support to help you achieve your goal, if necessary to go further in the search for models to help you, your new habits of others.

For example, if one of your new habits, it is to do in the gym every morning at 6.00 clock, you can develop habits of more support in order to establish the habit, such as:

Must get out of bed at 5:15.

Getting up at 5:15 every day, you can more habit to always be in bed by 22.00.

Pack your bags, go to the gym last night, that's another common support.

These are monumentally important habits to support. Take time to consider what additional reasons can be developed to support their efforts.

Enjoy an automatic success

Actions to be habit, it does not automatically choose to do it every time. In other words, it will automatically move forward to achieve every day, to achieve their goal.

And contra-productive habits can prevent successful habits can support virtually ensure victory. Implement best practices to keep their goal every day and enjoy your new successes!

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

learning strategies with Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Anyone Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Anyone who dreams every night, they know it or not. A number of people they swear to never dream but the reality is that they do. People think they do not dream, I can not remember their dreams. It is imperative that all of you to understand not only dreams, but we all have the ability, the number of dreams we experience increase. There is a certain kind of dreams that refers to a lucid dream, and you can find technical lucid dreams, so you can activate this unique encounter at will.

To be clear - a lucid dream is really a dream where the dreamer is aware that he or she is a dream. This is often called "coming awake in a dream" is sometimes known as spontaneous. No doubt some of you reading this, maybe at least one lucid dream have experienced at some point in their lives.

If you had a lucid dream, you know, what a fantastic experience, it can be! Requires no aircraft in the world of dreams - for example, say you happen to have a dream that the clouds flying style of Superman have! Suddenly you realize dream! To fly now, not only in the air like a bird, but the possibility of exactly where you want to fly to the next!

In the world of lucid dreams, the sky is literally no limit set. But wait! Even the sky is the limit in the world of dreams. If you are unable to induce a lucid dream and take control, they can not do anything - fly to Mars to travel the world a movie star, a tank drive so far - nothing!

But how do you want? How do you create the potential to enter the lucid dream state at will? Well, the reality, the main analysis was done on this subject, especially by a researcher at Stanford University under the name Stephen LaBerge. Dr. Laberge is the man in a lab environment that lucid dreams are not only real - but also created a number of methods may exercise any lucid dreams to lucid dreams are more frequent or even lust.

As you

The first step in increasing your ability to control your dreams is always more to learn, to dream, and remember that much better. The most effective way to do this is a dream to keep a diary. Every night before bed, a pillow and a pencil by his bed. Learn how you wake up several times a night to record their dreams. Or you will be able to write at the bottom, so do not forget the early morning.

In developing the ability to dream more vividly and often, you are ready to move to the next level - learning methods of lucid dream!


One of the best methods for inducing lucid dreams is cute, which is equivalent to the mnemonic induction of lucid dreams. LIGHT is designed for beginners. This is a four-step method, and we talked about the first - learn to remember more dreams.

Once you achieve this goal, the next step is to do a so-called "reality" many times a day. Is the concept that several times a day to stop what you are doing and ask yourself, "Did I dream this time," It is clear that most of the time you wake up as soon as you hit "No, I'm awake ! "

But if you look at the habit of making regular check on your state of reality, tend to perform well starting in their dreams. Sooner or later you are dreaming, you must perform a reality check, and you will realize, "Hey, I'm dreaming"

The next step is simply to make clear statements. This will only tell you how the dream you think you're dreaming and "wake up" remember sleeping in preparation. You need these statements a few times during sleep. Just keep reminding you: "Tonight, I remember that I am dreaming, and you can realize my dream state." You can say things like "Tonight, I want to lucid dream." Repeat this procedure several times.

The final step is the kind of sweet dreams, you are viewing. For example, say you want the dream to walk on the moon's surface have. Just use your imagination to interpret the scene in your mind. Make your visualization, which so vividly and honestly as possible - and try to keep in your mind that you can sleep.

Sweet is just one of many methods of lucid dreaming. An excellent resource is the Institute for more clarity, you may have on the Internet for more learning strategies and teaching ability, lucid dreams can be.

Friday, July 6, 2012

why you have to love what you do at workplace

It is important to love what you do. Eventually, you will spend many hours trying to do something, you want to feel good about it. However, many people choose slave away for hours in their desired jobs that could be improved. They simply do not enjoy what they do.

Some may have to explain that his work for money. It's true. But that does not mean you can no longer in love with her. Instead of complaining, you choose to focus on areas that are important. If you do, feels even the most mundane tasks involved in his work less like a train. And of course, if you see something that you can find really love to do, you must find a way to go.

Previously, we have a friendly security guard at the complex in Mr. Ong remain primarily responsible for opening the doors of cars and leave the premises and monitor surveillance cameras. However, he spoke about what he did with pride h%. He made his major work, and thought he was responding to a major role. It was clear that he is nothing but sit in a small guard saw. He felt a strong sense of purpose. Just talking to him I was very inspired by love what I do.

First Feel the excitement

Think about it for a second. If you know you have something good to come, which will be thrilled. This could be a friend's wedding, a holiday or just be a family day. If you know you're doing something you love, we hope that children will find it, especially when it comes to birthdays and Christmas.

You can recreate the feeling of doing something you love. You wi, l am in a position, me on the next day all the time without thinking about plans for losing a few extra days of paid vacation or a reason, just a few hours. It is easier to love what you do when you do something you love.

Second Enjoy more job security

If you are in a job simply because do not have any job security. This is because you do not intend, to bring in 100 percent effort, your employer that you require. They are not motivated to give what you have, what happens if you really love the work that will do you.

Work feels less of a fight, if you love what you do. It inspired him to give the best, because he himself sees the expression of Aswan. Not even on the other hand for hours trying to make every detail right. Although there are more important things that can be worry Steve Jobs, meanwhile, spent hours trying to get the shade of a color for your Apple products.

Third Increase the success of your business or career

Enjoy, do what you will also help you improve your career. Has a positive attitude in the workplace. They are even willing to do more. It will be a great encouragement for career advancement.

When it comes to your own business, enjoy it and help to grow your business success effectively. Love what you generates positive energy. Your customers will notice the extra touches and make purchases on this basis.

4th Ready to drive in bad times

No matter what kind of job you have, life is hard. During this time there is nothing worse than knowing you must hate a job 40 hours a week you work. On the other hand, nothing shines 40 hours, if you do something you love.

Do you do something you enjoy all the hours that you give in trouble. They have the motivation to make more and see the difficulties. They are more interested in creative solutions to the issues. Still no joy that comes from time, although it's hard.

5th Reduce Stress at Work

Thus, a job you love, if you work for someone else or for yourself to work, you will reduce stress. The term does not look bad. In addition, doing their best, to become customers or clients is second nature.

Reducing stress at work, he reap the health benefits of blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. Do something that you think you'll have a happier life and not just at work. Improve the general welfare.

If good, the benefits to each. It is less likely to get frustrated by the work. Instead, it infects all about how passionate you are about what you do. Love what you do is important if you want a life of love and happiness.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

people improvement their social skills

More and more social

While some people are born natural leaders, who are easily able to talk with others and seem to have no problems with friends, other social situations in a constant struggle. However, there is hope for people who have problems in this area. This article will discuss some tips to help you be successful when it comes to social situations, can.

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Pay is on your body from the inside out to focus on self-importance and value. Actions speak louder than words, as you are worthy of a priority need to act carefully. They eat things just because they are good for you plan meals with the right presentation, and enjoy the process of maintaining health. Has never been cheap, low quality of fuel in a Ferrari, have the same standards to himself.

Start watching and reading news on a consistent basis. Would you like to be informed so that you can make almost anyone in a political conversation. The people you get to know what happens in the political environment, and they will want to join the conversation with you. It's always a good thing for people to contact, rather than vice versa.

If you feel in the middle of a conversation that is good to start nervously. Everyone gets nervous from time to time. So do not dwell nervous, and just concentrate on having a good time while talking. Shake, stuttering can occur, and realize that nobody is talking about is clearly at any time.

Make sure you seem interested in what the other person says. No matter how hard it is before his eyes when he speaks. Nod your head and smile, with an agreement on any appropriate indication. Other people want to feel as if you look at your words, and we want to talk further. With these simple steps you can do it all.

Everyone is a little more about their social skills to some degree. It is good to develop their social skills, because others are not and have taken the initiative to become a better person and more social. That's what separates you from others that you work them something to see and do. Do not panic, and as social as you get all the time, everything else will naturally come to you at the end.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

think about happiness personal relationship

Happiness lies in your hands

People like to use when it comes to the future of happiness. It is often part of a sentence or an emergency. How many times have you heard people say, "If I could a man at some point really loves to see me as I was happy!" Or: "If my man was best for me, I should be happy!" Perhaps you have heard someone say: "If the stock market goes up today, it would certainly be very happy," But that happiness does not come from any external source.

Happiness is a feeling of satisfaction that they and their cars, their environment and their work. It does not require the consent of the other or allow. There are many things in this world who can not control, but happiness is one of the few things we can control. So why do so many people unhappy?

Greatest charm of a woman, the ability to bring happiness to the people

Someone said: "The charm of a woman lies in its ability to use his powers of persuasion to bring more happiness to people." A happy wife is not bragging, but strong enough to make the trials of life. He also retains his youthful curiosity. Think about how much better the world would be if everyone was like that! But women usually carry a load of trouble. We tend to think about trivial things and worries of life, and forget how to take us even at eight. This inability to let go, it is difficult for us to know the taste of happiness.

Is there to be secrets, a woman happy?

In an online poll for the "Ten outstanding women and happy new to Taiwan," by Avon, 14 May 2007 sponsored the most votes went to Sun Cuifeng that conventional wisdom can not be considered a happy woman. Why? Her husband had an affair with his sister, which led to a child. But that has managed to arise from the shadow of scandal with dignity and was "the happiest woman again." In the eyes of the women of Taiwan, Huang Yunling as no. 9 to the vote, she divorced her husband, but despite her failed marriage, she was able to share their personal problems with an optimistic and positive. Blessed are those who face undefeated for the hardships of life.

There was a woman named Hannah in the Bible. She had no children. Her husband had another wife, Peninnah have no children. When Penina realized Ana was barren, was a rival of Hannah and caused him to irritate him. Under the ordinary rules of Hannah was a very unhappy woman has, but there was a secret pleasure in itself. Bible tells us to say that Hannah prayed God. "My heart exults in the Lord, the Lord my horn is lifted high My mouth is my enemy, I delight in your deliverance." (2 Samuel 1 :1-4) What was the secret of happiness, while Hannah, despite the odds? We know that your prayers that God was in his heart and had a firm faith in him. Since she could impose the restriction and the pressure from his environment and has to overcome a person of true peace and happiness.

Are you a happy person?

If you do not like the world is becoming a terrible place. Several questions were terrible, but real, such as: Who am I? Why am I unhappy? There are many indicators of happiness, including the following nine. Take a look at it. If your answer is not more than half of the nine, then you should do something!

Do you have:

He has a personal support network close relationship? Have the best candidates for a woman, a heart to heart conversation with her husband, are brothers and friends.
Learn to use your time?
Has a smile for everyone? For women, to smile, the best way he looked in the mirror every morning to find a smiling face.
Inclined to see problems in a positive light? Decide to be happy with a woman.
We appreciate what you have today? Contentment brings happiness.
Keep an exercise routine? It is reported that "exercise can help, the pressure in your life. Allows the body to more dopamine, the hormone release induced a state of happiness." Remember, only lazy women and there are no ugly women.
Enough sleep and rest?
Too much time watching TV? To be happy, women need to grow spiritually and in wisdom. To do this, go to school or read books. Take part in a choir, or attend a community college as a way to enrich your life.
The firm belief religious?

Dear friends, if you spend half your life with happiness, it's come time for you to be with yourself. Only you can help you begin this journey. I found that my personal relationship with God gives me strength and peace each day. God cares about every part of my day and wants to guide me through it. Peace of mind, I can experience something that is for each of us through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I encourage you to give your life to Christ and allow Him to be their inner strength.

Now you can receive Christ by faith through prayer. Praying is simply talking to God. God knows your heart and not concerned with your words, but with the attitude of your heart. The following is a suggested prayer:

Lord Jesus, I know you personally. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life and I ask you as my Savior and Lord come. Take control over my life. Thank you for forgiving me for my sins and eternal life. Make me the kind of woman do you want it.

If this prayer expresses the desire of your heart, pray it right now and Christ will come into your life, as promised