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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fucked like positive thinking Martial Arts

There are physical laws that govern the universe.

These physical laws are typically conclusions on repeated scientific experiments and observations over many years and were not accepted as a result of the scientific community

In Europe this theory systematic nature (physcis), began with the first Greek philosophers and scientists and has continued in the Hellenistic and Roman period. Further along the lineage Newton, Faraday, Einstein, Galileo, Descartes, and the Higgs boson.

These laws form the basis of our scientific understanding of the universe and our place in it. They are the truth of our existence. Discoveries of physics find applications in the natural sciences since matter and energy are the basic elements of nature.

As a martial artist with inteterest effect on impact, energy, space, distance and time for our success is inextricably tied to the application of control or understanding of physical laws.

As humans, we are subjects and not the owners of physical laws. They are not our will and cling to any measure of control over them. Solid objects, we integrate them into our training and failure.

Well, here's why positive thinking has screwed martial arts training.

While understanding the physical laws that govern the universe (and to some extent the scientific theory of evolution and human development) can help and benefit from the martial artist in training and a base for the development of education and training benefits. Positive thinking does not consider all of the object and the complex nature of the same physical laws. Positive thinking for the following reasons has become the biggest enemy of growth has destroyed real physical, mental and emotional corrosive force to strengthen dreams and aspirations of what they want.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (May 31, 1898 to December 24th, 1993) is a pastor and author (including The Power of Positive Thinking) and the progenitor of the theory of "positive thinking" was. It is an excellent starting point to understand why "positive thinking" as a dogma created a negative effect than the positive effect it can have.

To start. The effect of positive thinking is impossible to measure and prove incredibly difficult. Inevitably, the success is measured by anecdotes and testimonies as to evidence and testing. As psychiatrist RC Murphy analyzed the work of Peale and concluded: ". Untrustworthy and wooden religious All this publicity is justified as it was by a strict division of the partial truth", and referred to the work and the quoted material as in short, tell the people what they want to hear and believe. Surely not a unique phenomenon of martial art's schools and clubs, but we can clearly see that used in some schools.

Another criticism I have of "positive thinking" is the application of snake oil theories of covert hypnosis. Peale and others have been using techniques known form of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Try these techniques to hide and convince his readers to follow his beliefs through a combination of self-hypnosis and false testimony. Peale openly embraced the character development techniques and the Society of Jesus Catholic Church. These were structured for self-analysis, character development and growth. Independently. Of the vast universe and the physical laws that we are all united we cannot fly, can we have a limited power, we do not about the finite speed, etc, etc, etc. is self-hypnosis to unrealistic expectations and impossible, is a dangerous force. Just ask the black belt martial arts is as invulnerable. As a black belt, even after his first meeting with knives, sticks and stones (if they are still alive!)

Cheating kills. Deception focuses the mind on unprofitable activities. Tues-deception and self-deception is widespread thinking in self-hypnosis "positive" gurus.

Peale asserts that practicing his techniques give the reader absolute self-confidence and deliverance from suffering. Critics say that the techniques a well-known form of hypnosis (autosuggestion), are hidden by the use of words that sound benign from the perspective of the reader ("techniques", "formulas", "method", "prayers," and " Recipes ").

Psychiatrist RC Murphy writes: "Self-knowledge, Mr. Peale understanding is clearly bad: self hypnosis is good." Murphy adds that the repeated hypnosis think an individual self-motivation, self-awareness Loss, self-esteem, sense of reality, and the ability to be critical. Understanding southern Murphy described the spirit as being inaccurate, "without depth," and his description of the workings of the mind and the unconscious mind as deceptively simplistic and wrong person "appearing your rules" It is the shallowness of his concept of "just does .. . If the unconscious of man ... can be conceptualized as a container for a small number of psychic fragments, then follow ideas as "spirit drainage". goes from dependence to self-hypnosis, the Peale the foundation of the Lord. philosophy. "

In short, positive thinkers have no interest in what the person has a better understanding of themselves and therefore a basis for growth real and genuine development. It is rather to believe in itself fascinating that critical thinking is not necessarily obsessed. No physical, mental or emotional limit and does not fall below the psychological barrier of our linked to be 'wish list '. This type of fraud can cause serious psychological problems. The approach of positive thinking is dangerous, distorted, unrealistic. "Long run [Peale teachings] causes the failure and disappointment and affect not only boomerang against the people, but against an effective treatment often.

We can clearly see how a lack of self-awareness and self-knowledge can be dangerous for a martial artist. We can also see how the martial arts training so attractive for those who is a superhero character, the desire not to be bound to the conditions, "normal" in some areas.

The last point, and the most important is to exaggerated fears of positive thinking encourages his disciples and followers. Positive thinkers are not allowed to see, hear and speak no evil. This eventually leads to aggression and attempted destruction of those "negative".

For positive thinkers are really human suffering, there is no such thing as murderous rage, suicidal despair, cruelty, lust, greed, mass poverty and illiteracy. All these things are so insignificant mental processes when the thoughts are transformed into cheerful channels simply dismissed evaporated. This attitude is so bad that some of the research its true meaning. Obviously not a real denial of evil, but a horror. A person lays his eyes away from the brutality and human suffering recalls only if you cannot bear to see. So says evil is absolute, just look the other way if you have the feeling of doing something cannot ... The belief in the pure evil, an area of ​​know-how about the possibility of help or support, is automatically a call to action, "bad" means "to be attacked ..." with a system of belief that evil can be challenged and overcome ignored a place to "positive thinking" ethos is not as only insufficient for our needs, but requires more fragile voice choking where growth.

Supporters domain is not Peale mastery of skills or tasks, but the mastery of fleeing and avoiding own "negative thoughts."

What is a martial artist is not required positive thinking, but positive psychology, which is linked to a program of empirical and reproducible scientific activity. Positive psychology, where. Precision potentially catastrophic consequences (for example, if a pilot is to de-ice wings decision whether) we should all pessimists is related we should utilize the pessimistic view of the work, "What is the worst thing that happens if I could stop right or not aware" of this "positive psychology" is

With regard to this phenomenon through the filter of modern society, we can have the following effects.

For example, the idea that positive thinking is a prerequisite for good health. Thinking nonsense, can exacerbate positive or active disease. To a delay in the search for scientific information about the treatment of a disease or condition Optimism is not enough to be a disease in the same way that a car accident can be prevented through positive thinking and a violent encounter is not by an unshakable belief that everything will be in order to prevent heal.
In any case, positive thinkers are convinced that, if something goes wrong, you're not tough enough, or pray to the gods quite right. No, because there are certain laws that govern all irrefutable.

Promoting the idea that all you want is a dream or desire in your grasp, the interests of the individual martial arts school sold a bill of goods to their students without asking the hard realities and tough physical attributes violent clashes.

A denial of such violence actually occurs and challenge how you feel distracted martial artists of their training and is actively working on a training program more realistic. This inability to critically examine the requirements for a violent encounter and react fully self-analysis and to avoid self-knowledge. It also prevents the development of a healthy pessimism that perhaps discuss with the snarling psychopath in the last parking lot or walking alone in the house for two hours, Wasteland not propose the best ideas.

As a people and as a martial artist, an adult must be in contempt of self-satisfaction, compliance, and compliance, and achieve a critical internal forum in which we are free to explore our dissatisfaction or realistic limits. .

Stop martial arts money look inf balls. Start thinking about all the people over the years who said they accept the change, or think positive and smile because it have "it cannot happen." They reason to doubt why I. I bet he's there were times when "it" will happen, and I bet you did not know how. Will you be ready the next time "it"?