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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to heal a job

My current outlook for the treatment and the treatment is that the will of the individual apart with your past, another important element for the liberation of our models, with the help of someone who has reached a certain level of presence. And treatment (therapy) the unique technique is always secondary to the presence of the assistant. For me, it will say it again, he can not enter'' what we have.'' So if the person that help has not reached what we are working on, only a certain level of working or processing is not going to happen, to work at all.

The ability to hold space is essential for this work. What I mean is that to help the individual, the healing has reached a state of being where they are to be present in the situation and are not the thoughts, emotions must be identified, feelings and sensations of the body and mind. And thus they can see how someone who they have come, as opposed to the story that is the individual to be identified. After this process, the past has been included and is currently frozen, begins to publish and flow.

A profound example

An example that illustrates this perfectly is in the writing of Grant McFetridge. In his books mention the volume of U.S. revolutionary consciousness a hint that during his empirical research, it would not be cured by a trauma in itself, so if he can help the others, came to sabotage the process forever. And unconsciously, to feel they do not go, because the person that will help the process has not been resolved had. So that's why it's still important to work on ourselves before first have to help others, or at least say a certain level of mastery that you help others.


A recent realization that the years of treatment, that she comes back to consciousness. Away from the story of who we are and what we can do is our true nature. This could be pure consciousness, the more self-confidence or the universe are called, for example.

Our history is something that we lived our lives, how we define ourselves and makes changes have been difficult. Even if it does not make you happy, it is still difficult to let go. And it is because of how the ego. That I know that on the basis of what is familiar, and that's what come later to identify with, for safe home environment, in the spirit of the ego.
In the early stages it is very hard not to identify with our history. Thus, through this process of recognition and treatment of our pain, even if we identify with it yet, so we can begin to see us. As if you have not tried any of our pain and still be completely identified with our own spirit, it is almost impossible to watch us.

As for treatment other than healing?

Now prefer to use word processing, as opposed to the word of healing. This is not only "cure" word has all kinds of connotations, and is not a word that people relate in general. Also bring not express what is happening. To some, that what had been repaired broken or is implied to be healed.

But as the saying goes - "No problem can be in the same consciousness that created it can be solved." - Einstein If our past is in the process is not manufactured or modified, but simply assumed it to be is, as Carl Jung once said -. "Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering."

To try to change the past shows that the mind is a problem with the same level of understanding that attempts to solve the problem and avoid creating that his main goal is to harm. This is what is known as a red decoration or painting the door. While doing in the past, or we are better, remember that we are observers of the mind and spirit are not.
As we move through the life of our past, in the frozen trapped in our bodies and our minds. This is often due to trauma and also due to trauma in childhood is rarely seen the original. And if I can I go back these memories, and the recognition of them, the natural flow.

How and why does the treatment take?

A few months ago I read a book called "Why love matters by Susan Gerhadt. Is Sue Gerhardt, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist UK. This book is about different things to do with the child's development. And the things that they in talks during treatment. For me, this country is the idea and explained why it works.

Heal the contrary, this may be a bit airy fairy, and something that people are who are in spirituality or religion. And because these labels is the only reason to do this work is minimized and dismissed. The treatment of the other is neutral, and eat and drink as important as our own well-being. There is no fairy tale air, spiritual or religious about treatment is a normal part of a healthy existence.

This book tells how it occurs and what happens if they do not. So I will do my best to paraphrase what was said and I have my own bias.

The left brain is responsible for processing and sorting, it is to fill a bit of a closet. Be classified in our daily experience and in the correct order. The right brain limbic-related areas, the more emotional and does not work with the same restrictions and structures such as the left brain.

If our emotions are processed in a functional way, passed on the left side of the brain and from there, they are arranged and placed the order or sequence of when they were. However, if a trauma that is not up to the brain first left and you stay in the right hemisphere. And because they are always there to tempt erupt at any time and at inappropriate times. This makes it difficult to "present", and causes a reactive behavior.

So, when caregivers are in line with their own emotions that the child can express their feelings well, and makes it through the treatment of the brain on the left to go. If nurses are not in a position due to their own emotional repression, for example, will remain the feelings of the child until they are processed by the left hemisphere.

Imagine a closet full of everything in order. Once the design is closed you can not see. If you have a specific file to open the draw, but it will be a choice. This is what happens when the process was taking place. Now imagine filling a cabinet that contains the files of the box and on the top. Here are constantly in his mind, one can never escape. This is what happens when emotions are processed.

Therefore, Sigmund Freud, "talk therapy" was so effective, why is effective and in conversation with a friend or therapist. This is because, by talking and to be aware of our emotions are processed. As I already said I, do what the difference is that the therapist is likely to be much more clear and focused to a friend, which leads to a higher level of processing.