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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The power of the masses

Who has not been a mass of people protesting something? Some are useful, some not, but all serve to attract the anger and resentment without personal liability. Hidden mass of us and allowed us to do what we could not rationally. We can say that domestic violence, we can get to easily.
Luis is 21 years old and joined a group of protesters, holding in his hand a stick with which he is willing to break some crystals, which he ensures that he is not to be covered by the crowd that surrounded him. This argument was enough to drop the stick and walks slowly towards the house. That does not happen often, the mind is not part of a massive support, which protects us.
To complain, we express our differences of opinion, and they are not always heard, but the cry of hidden power and protest against the many people who do, we produce joy and relief.
When you're young, want you to integrate them into the ground, so many people who seem as homeland security and will delight you with their screaming and pleading. Many of them do not belong to a political party or a situation, but I feel with the energy which transforms comes from this group. Who is part of a body loses its identity and is able to do what they never dreamed individually.
In the history of mankind has always been unfair and inappropriate situations. A small group protested to the authorities for what they think they deserve affected. If the group does not receive any attention to their demands, they can be gradually many people and other organizations that benefit from the illusory, presented his own men, and she began to be well integrated monstrous.
We experienced all the events that can not be reversed and cause chaos around him, nor rain are no gas or threats able to break this something that is formed in the environment and provide feedback to all those attending the event involved. The fear of the masses was so strong that sometimes required the authorities to consider with blows to break through the police. Accidents and increased anger
Try to understand how this force grows, we believe that walking on a dark street, where we inspire large groups of young people, we can instinctively afraid of the side groups. When not on the road, if we find two or three people. When this happens with groups can easily imagine what happens to a body.
Any form of social action has to make different effects individually in this group. Religious prayers have a different effect when it is individual or collective. Any awareness that man is more complete than group. It is no coincidence that every time there are several groups of all kinds: Compulsive Overeaters addicts of all types of yoga, meditation, single mothers, divorcees, certain diseases, for parents, young people, older people, mothers, children, men and women, have lost experienced violence, the general principle is that emotions arise in groups easier, it seems to be contagious.
Men, the ability to move the masses, in order to protect and even aspire to false premises, can not we see or care. Many times when they discover the lies, he's late, he and thousands of others helped and encouraged arbitrary. These characters do not know what to say and where to set up the right words for the fans, that social justice does not exist and there are always physical, material and spiritual leaders offer them a mass and supporters. Elias Canetti and explains this phenomenon as a growing power of the mass and in turn it affects perceived.
Have transformed social movements are able, our vision and our situation in the world shaking ideas that the world in which we live transformed. Some leaders are not shifting and restructuring ideas that we have found and the masses to produce an appropriate place for it.
When we get these masses disappear our fears and hope that I will like us to help the world differently, even for a moment. People take refuge in the masses, their loneliness, their absences and their loss to hide their pain and anger. It is a way to reach a different story is alive and that the belief that the world, or your world to receive benefits. It is difficult for some leaders to win without regard to betray their comrades. Basically every selfish and want their own interests regardless of betrayal and deception. The brightness of the money and power is more attractive than the faithfulness to his people.
Social actors occupy a place in the social system to which they belong, and both require. We can not understand the nature of each world, if we do not understand social systems that compose it, and we can not understand the social systems in which we, as a result of the activities of the social partners.