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Monday, November 26, 2012

Dark Season - positive changes in my routine

I have a lot of a blog called "selecting the brain lately. This is a blog that focuses on personal development, motivation and productivity. Probably that I possessed a little with the idea of ​​improvement, and if it's just for a short time To read this article, I think, gives me a boost to my positive thinking and productivity am.

I decided to write a few things I would change my routine. The two main examples are to reduce the amount of TV I watch and try to get a little earlier. I can from experience that the morning hours are the best things done talking, I do not lose them in bed. Anyway, I have a weekly Sunday and my alarm if you have it. Time to get up on Monday morning, the sick, and could not bear to move Since then I have most of this week, it really does not make much sense. I thought I could use a few of my books I have not had time to read yet, but my concentration was also limited. Well, these things happen, but they seem to take a trend or if I had made plans to have a burst of enthusiasm, and left me frustrated.

I rest on the weekend and then try these positive changes in my routine instead of making next week. I write my goals here because it makes it an even greater commitment than trying to achieve what it is. Although it is clear that I did not finish the season dark short-term, I wrote a mission statement for this Christmas and want to progress in the meantime.

I have a little progress this week. I began to apply the HUD. I started taking the information that I think the player has access to write to a constant, then went on through a number of different styles, such as display it on the screen. I want the reader to be aware of how the conversion is in progress. At first I thought about a timetable, like the way it appears at the top of the screen in "To the Moon", but then I felt it would take too much space on the screen. Then, I started thinking about watches. Originally created a base circle in the upper left side, to see how the players move to the next stage of processing. It worked well, but it does not feel good, so I thought to go for something a bit more complicated than.

My last thought is a clock that consists of hands, face and points around the outside pass. Each point represents the individual steps of the process, so that the player can also be seen how many changes are left to come. Since the character will not be cursed during the game, you need to appear and then disappear in an animation. They look for shows melted to the curse as additional validation to the object of the games I still have with me placeholder graphics so I will change its appearance later remove complete.

In addition, I also have a screen of some pretty basic inventory and AI