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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The rise of the Game: A Manifesto for the movement of your organization forward

Before you start a game, people want to know what the rules are. This is so that everyone knows how they participate is what. The object, and it is a competition, how to win Last week I was playing a game with a team, and at the beginning everyone was asking for clarification of the rules. At this point, everyone thinks: Everybody struggling to find their place and begins, slowly at first, then more relevant to their decision that the game has progressed, "How can I play.". it's easier in the fact that more and more people have the game, the more confidence you have, the more chances they have played, and the far left.

I work with companies on culture change, leadership and commitment of the project staff. My approach is a little unorthodox, but it will play on the movement and But that makes no sense, when we talk about the game business and how to play. I am interested in how the game is changing the way we work together. As a child, we learn, and adults can play a big impact on how we build relationships, communicate, develop ideas, solve problems and strategies as well as to have.

The more games we play, the more we realize that there is. Different types of games There are games with ...
Direct rules - and there are tasks given to play a good and a bad way.
Implicit rules - suggestions are made, taking into account the starting points. It is expected that will happen, and through a sequence of moves.
Choice - the availability of resources, a framework is presented. Players can decide how and when they participate.
Free - space is a space. Anything is possible. The player can choose when to know how and by whom and what does not and why.

In a growing economy, structures and systems affect the way how to connect people to participate and contribute. An influence on how people choose to play the game. What was really interesting games were played last week, how people are treated with different rules.

"I felt as if I had no control, it was frustrating"
"If I have ideas, I have not been able to put it into practice"
"I knew what I go so that I"
"It was just, I needed more of a challenge"
"We all came together, it was chaos, but it was fun and it worked"

The best games for me to play more freely. Framework exists, but everyone still has to play the game in their own way, to obtain.

The increase of the game
Caught can be in your business to increase, you have to play the game you want. Manifestos are a powerful way for your company to provide the framework in which we all play while autonomy is necessary for all have to move forward together.

A manifesto is a public declaration of intentions and views for all in motion and action. Play a game of decisions. The rules determine how those decisions are made. Clear guidance on how decisions are made in your business. Such a great game that has a manifesto to the heart beat and everyone wants to jump on this train and the adventure.

Starting points for you to play
Before writing his manifesto, collecting ideas and information, which can help to develop a show that is a true reflection of your company and the people who work there.

What inspires society?
What is your mission?
What is the way we do things now frustrated in your industry?
What matters most to your business?
Which is much less?
What makes you different?
Who are the people who can add value and make a difference?
What is your call to action?

Write Manifesto
There is no right or wrong is what. For your team and your business Be creative and inspired is what counts. However, we have found that these things help:

Intentional, and explain their opinions as facts
It should be short one side, points 4-6 and simple language
Published, and equities. It must be true, and can be changed anytime
Do not forget to play!