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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

overcaming obstacles mental power success

Throughout life is common to have obstacles and our improvement, usually this happens when you change a state, for example if you want to go from being employees to entrepreneurs begin to emerge many obstacles that seek stop our path to self-realization.

Why are there barriers? Arising from mental resistance to change is the ego that wants to stay attached in the same experiences in our lives that we accumulate ideas that build a powerful programming mind, this is called the ego, a both internal design world in a way that is difficult to overcome this perception, leave in a country with a tradition monogamous bill that you can now seven women, what will happen? This person will handle the worst, but why? For the ego of a belief, our mission can not move from monogamy to polygamy, but to identify paradigms that prevent us from succeeding.

When we begin to feel the biggest obstacles to overcome, is to know that this is only our mental creations adversity, so that success is overcoming our mind, accept the fact that resistance to change is in us is a big step towards liberation, because although it is recognized that achieving some level of success can take some work, at least the feeling of helplessness obstacles desaparece.los

People who believe they are governed by external forces, their lives are completely linked, because they always find an excuse not to achieve your dreams, while this was not the time!, God will not!, The next year!, this does not suit me!, etc. If we are subjected to this kind of ideas the way to self-realization will become very complicated.

Understand how the real world is vital for a successful life in the book of the great secrets of mind power AND THE LAWS OF CREATION Andrew Corentt you understand that this physical world is created in the imagination, so if you have all the power to manipulate their own existence, self-power is developed by learning to focus the mind and properly using its internal energy, reading this book will feel wonderful news because you know no external force can affect the feelings of guilt will be wonderful history and apply the techniques to fulfill all your dreams.

Tells us something positive to resistance to change and the ego mind is personal power, to see thousands of obstacles in the way of success and then say I have to use this power to achieve my goal.

We can overcome obstacles if we learn to use the power of visualization, it means making a mental projection of positive conditions for success, creative visualization audios to have the function of taking your mind to a state of calm, both senses are extinguished, the conscious mind lose strength, which means that access to the subconscious is opened, it must be the condition for the realization of mental reprogramming, if we imagine some specific ideas with their corresponding images then fill details will be an order of creation, the power of the mind manifest these ideas, if the display is an excellent tool to make radical changes in living conditions.