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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Insight and introspection

"We call introspection sees test yourself. Yet, improving why study? Order to change to change. Enjoy introspection something else not become introspection makes compulsories. You would not see if it's changing a pleasure to change, to be something other than you are. This is the obvious reason for introspection.'m angry and I enjoy introspection examine me likes get rid edit rage or, change rage. But modify if introspection (the desire or change answers, reactions to me), there is always a goal in sight, and when the target is reached, not poor introspective mood, depression. way is always associated with depression. do not know you that, if you fall into introspection, if you then change, there is always found a wave of depression. There is always a wave of bad feeling against which we must fight, is forced to re-examine, to rule this mood, and so on. Introspection is a process of transformation, this is something that is not. clear that this is exactly what happens when we do introspection, if we give ourselves to this particular action. This action is made change always investigate an accumulation process somewhat. Whenever there is a duality in a state of conflict and thus a frustrating process. never Porto and how we feel the frustration. in depression

But the clarity is completely different. Knowledge is observation without condemnation. Lucidity creates understanding because there is no condemnation or identification but, silent observation. If you want to understand something, obviously I have observed, not criticize, condemn not, do not pursue it as pleasure or avoid a scandal. Must only silent observation of a fact. No end in sight, but the perception of everything that happens. This observation and understanding of this observation, the feeling that if there is a conviction, the identification or justification. Introspection is self-improvement, and is therefore self-centered introspection. Lucidity is not self-improvement. Instead, it's the end of me, I do., With all their idiosyncrasies, their peculiarities, their memories, their needs, their law enforcement in introspection, it is the identification and conviction. In clear, no condemnation or identification, so there is no self-improvement: There is a big difference between the two. The man who wants to improve, can never be realized because the improvement is to get a conviction, and a result, while the clarity is observation without condemnation. Without rejection or acceptance

This realization begins with external things is to be aware, to be in contact with the objects of nature. First, it is clearly perceived things around you, is sensitive to objects of nature, the people, what it means to be in the relationship, and then there is the perception of clear ideas. This idea, to be sensitive to things, nature, people, ideas - not composed of other processes, but a unified process. There is a constant observation of everything, every thought, feeling and action that may arise in us. And as consciousness is not guilty, no accumulation. What do you do when you condemn a criterion, which means the accumulation and thus improving myself. Be Clearly, the activities of the self, which meant "I" in his dealings with people, with ideas, with things. This idea is from moment to moment and is therefore not achieved by exercises. If you practice, it becomes a habit and not a habit clarity. A spirit is no longer useful, routine, a spirit that works in the routine of a particular action is not dull, flexibility, while clarity requires constant flexibility, great animation.

This is not difficult: it is what you are, if you just want to do something if you want to see your child, your wife, your plants, your trees, your birds. You see, without condemnation, without identification, so this observation is not the full communion of the observer and the observed in full communion. This is what really happens when you are deeply interested in something. Therefore, there is a big difference between clarity and self-improvement, the expansive introspection. Introspection leads to frustration, to new and larger conflicts, while consciousness is a process that frees us from the effect of the self that may be aware, to observe their daily movements, their actions, and is aware of the other. You can do it whenever you want. If you are deeply interested in something, and if I want to know me, know that. My whole being, all the contents of me, and not just one or two layers of my consciousness "