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Monday, October 8, 2012

QUESTION of happiness and fulfillment

Often discussed and always at the center of individual interest, the question of happiness and fulfillment seems interpretable. D even in a society where the watchwords are productivity, efficiency and materialism.

This concept is so overused, thought unattainable utopia ... And, if I told you that happiness is perhaps not so far? Small everyday actions that can help the development of a concrete and finally a peaceful life? I think probably not. At least not until you read my arguments.

No problem, I like challenges and it is close to my heart, thinking that I'll share with you now and forever in my peaceful life. As an introduction to this worldview, I propose to tell you what I consider to be the pillars of a happy life: that little thought will make you aware of the richness of their environment and the potential is you!

1. The opening and the thirst for knowledge
You've probably heard that knowledge is power. It is devoid of common sense. To create more interaction with the environment, the more you can adapt, learn and integrate the values ​​transmitted.

With openness to the world, you can store the information and knowledge that represent an investment in your future. Individual recognition by developing your eyes against the development of their areas of expertise that will enable esteem and perceived as a collective right person, endowed with a particular social intelligence.

 Learn every day as it is done by the media (specialized preferred), verbal, reading a few pages of a book or visiting expert advice, you can increase your confidence. Promotes the effect on their ability to construct a reasoned argument and debate, giving you the opportunity to express their views.

A happy life is based on a simple observation: one always learns something in contact with other people, whether in criticism or share. It is in this spirit that takes advantage of everyone around us. In fact, the engine of development, is its ability to effectively fulfill their responsibilities to their situation. If knowledge is wealth, so do your research is the best proof of his desire to change his life. So you refuse to base their opinions on their own knowledge and try to place them in a broader context, to avoid personal judgments rush and lack of legitimacy.

2. Pride

Respect and reinforce the confidence you deserve to face the obstacles of everyday life, not selfishness, is a value, an engine of progress in adversity. Without this faith in its potential, it becomes very difficult to find the motivation and success in their efforts. If you still can improve and improve many aspects of our personality, do not forget to recognize the qualities and objectively analyze our life: chess lessons, but successful.

Self-esteem grows, work, providing the means to see concrete improvements affect our behavior. Simple gestures can handle our small defects or relativist our game sports complex, training, change the style of dietary dress, go to bed early ...

 You should also realize that you're not the only person who believes in you. The environment plays an important role in building your character and build self-esteem. Try to encourage contacts with people who adopt a positive mindset and tend to see the glass half full when we see half empty.

His mind and his confidence has improved a lot!

3. Objectivity personal

Objectivity is the ability to not let their personal beliefs or the eyes of others influence your choice. This is the reason that you can set your action plan, if you are on the right track and if their actions are consistent with personal goals that you set. Objectivity is not innate and crumbling their experiences.

For example, if you are attacked in the subway, it categorize transport as dangerous, while statistical studies or experiences other conduct inconsistent with what you say. Objectivity is built through introspection, reflection on preconceptions context and questioning.

It allows you to realize your potential and its intrinsic value, which inevitably leads to psychological healing.

4. Complacency is the key to happiness?

To listen to the people, happiness is a type of condition that the global forcing the pile of good things to be good or see in our social environment. As I explain in my blog, I do not think we live in the wonderful world of Telemetries.

Happiness is not something that materializes during the night. Is defined in terms of their values, their expectations, their mood. I think a set of feelings, positive stimulation to brighten our lives and not as a whole. Happiness lies in personal satisfaction, however small: the morning coffee, the smell of warm bread, a smile that sent us ...

All these phenomena seem to have special meaning, but nevertheless influence our overall vision of life. Personal fulfillment and happiness are at the heart of contemporary debates, however, have difficulty taking the actual measurement.

If everyone can get an idea of ​​happiness, everyone should be known. However, it is an opportunity to think it is close the question of happiness!