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Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to cure a porn addiction

The porn addiction is similar to other types of dependencies is to determine whether established the compulsive behavior of individuals seriously enough influence to our daily lives, including what may be a simple task, this person is apparently not diagnosed. Unfortunately, many addicts do not recognize the symptoms until it is too late, some will not accept, they have a problem.

A porn addict usually can be found, either by reading or viewing pornography (or a combination thereof) in excess, to the point where they have difficulties in the normal, everyday situations, without this activity. A porn addict may also think about pornography on anything else. If the dependence reached this stage, it is important that the patient is trying to appropriate treatment to reduce the impact on their quality of life studied.

Pornograpy dependence has become a common complaint, with increasing numbers seeking help fight against the disease. The increasing availability and easy access to pornography, especially online, has contributed to this growth in numbers. Fortunately, as a direct result of these growth figures, which offer American Society of Addiction Medicine is now officially recognized addiction to pornography and is therefore defined much more than it was before, which means that, the specialized treatment and service professionals are now other more personal assistance.
While porn addiction unlike most known symptoms with no physical substance, the effects may be similar and just as destructive. Addicts can discover a variety of symptoms, with some few signs and other suffering a complete inability to live your life. Some patients may find getting out of bed, or even go to bed at all, a great challenge to stay with a couple of addicts awake for days at a time, unable to pull his attention away from their addiction. Some addicts are controlled by their impulses, are not able to get a job or a family to keep. Social situations are often the cause of great importance for drug users and their social skills, can sometimes be reduced by not able to turn their thoughts away from his obsession.

Although nobody knows exactly what causes addiction in general, it is suggested that sexual abuse, or feelings of abandonment may lead to addiction to pornography to pay.

As more and more patients, treatment, research on appropriate treatment, including looking for addiction to pornography is booming. Currently, the most effective treatment of the discussion and therapy. Other treatments are available, although the success rate remains well to date. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which both have a few more doctors for the treatment of therapy. EFT is the addict has played in various pressure points throughout the body, and the sacrifice of EMDR is to move the eyes in a series of model directions. It was from those who practice alternative techniques is moving, the signal processing of emotions in the field of pornography can block in search of the brain.