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Monday, May 28, 2012

Positive attitude can assure you to live longer

live longer Positive attitude

It is often said that a person must remain optimistic and take all the positive things. The healthy body can not be achieved without a healthy mind. Now add a study to say this, that people live longer, to those who are prone on the bright side of life. The study was part of the longevity genes of the project was to investigate more than 500 Ashkenazim Jews between the ages of 95 and 700 of their children. After analyzing more than 243 centenarians, the researchers concluded and found that most of them far from average, and were blunted. They were cheerful, outgoing and sociable.

Researchers now believe that the positive traits of personality are the key to a long life. These properties could have a genetic basis for a long time and positivity are linked to life to live.

The study's lead author, Nir Barzilai, director of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Institute for Aging Research in New York, said: "When I began working with the old, I thought we would find that" as long as they have some because it is bad and bad temper was over. But we find qualities that clearly reflect a positive outlook on life. "He said that most of these people consider laughter a big part of life and had a great social network.
Positive attitude in the workplace

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Remain optimistic even found a negative relationship

We've all been there at one time or another. Maintain a positive attitude in a negative world is a battle all in itself. Maintain a positive attitude in the midst of a negative relationship is a hundred times worse. I was married to a negative, and grew up in a negative sense, but the funny thing was, I did not. By adhering to the cycle and stop that because of its location, will continue.

If you

My last statement was married to a woman falsely negative. His world is a reflection of you. I was also responsible for everything negative about the relationship. In fact, it was my relationship and it was 100% responsible for all the negativity in the relationship. I was to perpetuate what I thought was negative and then I went to outside influences on what was going to blame.
This may not seem to make sense, but it's true. It is said that people's attention more on the positive and negative. It is also said that someone more negative attention than no attention. In this sense, everyone reacts differently. Think about it.

The best thing you can do in any relationship, there is something negative to find positive and only concentrate on, know that if you leave the relationship benefit, so that it will be. If you are married and you try very hard to make it work, then it is so. You must decide in each case, the direction you want to go to.

Once you have made a decision and decided that the action plan, then it is time to do so. Make your choice, and you know, work out whatever direction things for the good of all that is involved. It's hard to believe sometimes, but it's true!

If you go or stay, to find something positive and always focus on it. Anything you focus on expands. Just continue to focus on the good qualities that evil is hardly noticeable. If you decide to go, and then think of the liberation and freedom, and these thoughts to the forefront of his mind to hold.

Looking for gold in all situations. You have more power than their settings, circumstances and situations, anything that "touches" or perhaps "influence" of his life. The only power that has nothing in life is power given to you.