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Monday, October 15, 2012

How to make children listen to their views

Self-reflection to help brighten children enter classrooms around the world.

There are two books that are more difficult in recent years. The first is a teacher who will never be easy in the best cases. But in the age of almost unlimited opportunities for distraction and decreased attention span, to bring the children focused on school to work (with apologies to dentists) like pulling teeth.

I know old school to assist young children in urban schools, which often everything, what he was able to create that to break the fight and keep the decibel level lower than an international airport. Each learning that had occurred in this environment, a small miracle.

The other work has become more difficult now of course is to be a student. Believe me, I! Sympathy with your situation, too Today's children are weaned from electronic devices to a web page that contains a text or a video game, and the other to scroll like wildfire. Where a child can learn to draw your attention to a math problem or reading assignment, when there are so many distractions at your finger tips are?

However, I recently saw a movie that gave me hope. Room to Breathe by director Russell Long was shot and killed in a public school in San Francisco. Marina with 900 college students is one of the largest in the Bay Area, and has the dubious distinction of having the highest rate of suspension in the city.


We will see why in the foreground - Launch of children struggling school pen and went frantic. Children are not informed by the Director Ling Busche, not because they are stupid, but because they are not able to concentrate, are:'' It is this feeling of non-stop entertainment and everything in case the classroom is often secondary.''

It is surprising, given the chaotic environment space, Mr. Ehnle houses was chosen for striking an innovative program of self-reflection''''.

In fact, the attention is not at'''' new. She was born 2000 years ago in the monasteries of South Asia. This form of short meditation, focusing attention on physical sensations, is implemented in the classes from San Francisco to Sydney and dozens of other cities around the world, except as a way to enlightenment is a practical way to help children to develop and. learning

The idea is Megan Cowan, schools Aware group teacher who has worked with Ehnle class to give students the tools and skills in order to tame'''' disorder in their own mind.

A difficult task because Cowan, will sit when their efforts for children and concentrate on breathing, greeted with jokes and expressions of boredom discovered. You want to get these troublemakers out of the classroom for the duration of mindfulness exercises, but the member pointed out that public education is excluded.

Sun Cowan soldiers with the whole class and, surprisingly, at the end of the film, some of their most difficult cases'''' came to the value that you offer these simple techniques.

For example shows Omar, whose older brother died in gang violence that attention has been learned, not a step back in combat situations reacted potential. Jacqueline mother tells the camera that her daughter become respectful of others and get better grades now. And, Gerard, an aspiring artist, said that mindfulness helps you focus better when painting and drawing.

These achievements are modest'''' supported by a growing body of research.

In one of the largest studies to date, in the second and third students to school in the city center has significant improvements in concentration, academic performance and social skills, which remained more experienced three months after the end of their program of attention.

Research has also shown that listening exercises that environmental sounds and focus on breathing has a profound effect on the human body breathes, slowly lower blood pressure and reduce levels of harmful stress. The practice is not a panacea. It is clear that many more children need quiet moments in the day to soothe.

But for many of those who attended the training Marina Middle School has a revelation. It has been shown that young people who are not hyperactive previously puppets on the strings of your own mind be exposed. Instead, you can decide how to make your thoughts and conduct. Their own emotions

This is something that adults need to learn. Awareness programs are increasingly adopted in hospitals, treatment programs for drug addiction and even boardrooms of companies across the country.

Mindfulness is not a problem'' disappear'' Cowan said Megan. '' But the way they are. Their boy's experiences modifications to allow more light and happiness''

And children who are calm and happy are those that disproportionately go to school to be successful.

I hope that the training includes mindfulness besieged our country schools, where teachers and students can all help they can get used. 

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