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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Optimism is a good deal

While the gurus of positive thinking and self-help fill the theater breaks record live science programs for people with good vibes better and longer. Smile!

Optimism reduces stress, prevent heart attacks and strengthens relationships. Access is the key to personal growth and development through to commercial success. See the glass half full or half empty is a matter of attitude. To understand that is to say just focus on something so important and of course in human life, which is not to be happy and to live better every day?

As optimistic is that to ensure successful outcome. About dragons, witches and other adversities Optimism is the story begins with the right foot, and have each page ready and confident, even beyond these shows eventually. A spirit smile, ready to promote to cultivate hope, by any means., Planning, production, processes, outcomes and benefits

Start with the idea that in all walks of life, optimists are more likely to overcome adversity and live longer and have a better quality of life.

The results are as reliable as an optimistic view in recent times was the optimism generated the interest of science. And, not only that: they interpret and health professionals, and the precursors of effective education, the economy has also learned to differentiate and add more benefits for those who are already known. Success is for optimists.

Everything, good or bad, we tend to feel that ultimately we go to our healthy and comfortable. We all strive for harmony, stability, security and well-being. It then runs the compass pointing north.


Grandmothers said, "First", they may lack the health." Sobrados scientific studies show that optimism not only prevent disease, but also to facilitate the healing process. As stated earlier this year, the prestigious journal Stroke, the researcher Eric Kim, University of Michigan showed that "a positive vision of life can even avoid a possible interruption of blood flow in the brain." Kim studied for two years in 6000 patients, men and women whose optimism / pessimism assessed before. In those 24 months, there were 88 cases of stroke. All patients who had experienced the most held low optimism.

Previous studies by Kim and we found a direct correlation between low pessimism and reduced risk of stroke, but the direct link was found between optimism and prevention. Kim, as well as other experts in neuroscience, is convinced that "hope to those who take the best things in life for their health." Upon recent discovery, said: "We believe that secondary biological optimism can have a similar effect of depression."

Aaron Beck noted creator of a questionnaire to measure depression, states that "results in the interest of modern optimism is played from the realization of the role of pessimism in depression." Researchers like Peterson and Vaillant Selligman conclusion in their study that "optimism is a predictor of health and well-being. Ease suffering and fear of those who suffer from stress or illness."

Applied to the world of work, presented Matthew Lieberman of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) study, which shows up as painful or negative emotions attention and optimism. This affects areas of the brain in terms of motivation, commitment and cognitive function and decision makers for life needs.

Although recently during the past 30 years, optimism is a positive emotion peculiar man of all time. Updated and adapted to each culture must be based on the extracted "attention economy."

There must be a market offers many books, films, lectures, courses, conference room and promising gain confidence, motivation, hope and self-esteem increased. More space at the same time, companies have recognized that working in a stimulating works environment promotes the production and performance.

"Involved many areas of the brain with optimism, says Dr. Carlos Logatt Grabner, scientific and applied neuroscience for human development. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter with the ability to provide a positive reward. Born in the brain stem connected imagine reaching movements at the heart of the preferontal lobe, where they develop the most advanced features of our brain. This chemical bath, our vision of the world always positive. "recognizes the biological basis of optimism that optimism is hereditary, but like so many virtues and strengths, you can also learn and teach. "In this two-way street, where they play emotions and reason, we are able to evaluate, modify, or meanings to events or experiences.'s Why we have to learn and teach optimism," he said in a tone that Dr . Grabner.

By Martin Seligman, a psychologist expert and pioneer of positive psychology: "Optimism is closely related to the responsibility that we connected people who have come ... The optimism of hope or belief that the act may invalidate any adversity Far. From being a simple thought or emotional response to things that optimism is an attitude that comes from the depths of our being. "

Be so optimistic, in short, is an important option. It is much more than the popular notion of "cool" or to believe that, despite everything, "everything is all right." Incidentally, all sense of reality optimism. To put it positively: Optimism is the commitment, acceptance and action. "To move forward, we must be able to proactively consider all possibilities," said Grabner, who argues that the natural tendency to prejudice or optimism "which proves belief that the future will be much better than in the past, and this. "

The adjustment to the conviction

Our mind is "explanatory". This means that, given the facts and circumstances of life, our brains assumptions, stories, opinions and beliefs that give meaning, what happens and what is around us? And build a vision of reality according to our abilities, feelings and experiences (see Box? Optimist or a pessimist?).

Those who have had negative experiences or feelings of failure probably build a profile much more pessimistic than that, despite the difficulties that remain in his desires and looks for new ways to reach the goal .

Perhaps, at some point in life, we must ask ourselves, how we feel, what we think, how we do it ... Since consciousness is likely to discover that it is possible to find new ways and give a smooth and efficient change management. Optimism is a member of the resilience (ability to adapt to the traumatic situations back). Since science has explained that, thanks to neuro plasticity, we can unlearn the lessons or unhappy experiences.

However, many people are reluctant to have a positive attitude because they believe that the optimism a resource to unpleasant situations or unpleasant or disinterested personalities hide somehow avoid. "Our culture is often devalued in optimism, in the sense that the feeling of innocence pervades, ignorance, denial, blindness.," Adriana said Marcovich, Szych Director Marcovich and Associates, a consulting and business coaching training.

It is also true that contemporary society hiper exigente, unhappy, hopeless, some illusion dealers caravan analgesics differs empty talk messages only false promises, prophecies and teachings with an expiration date. But optimism is a choice, and above all a responsible act. We are able to see who said what and for what purpose the research.

A smile here,

Perhaps the smile phenomenon can help understand, to produce what is happening with this, buy, sell, distribute, transmit optimism. How much satisfaction, the injection of positive energy and money in the world is produced, yellow and black smiley face that? Already part of the language in all its variants (wink, and others), is probably the most commonly used symbol for optimism and communicate via chat or SMS consent. The little hand with thumb up, to give his consent to accompany the first place. Optimism is the com modification of life itself?

Apparently, beyond business, and with the principles of psychology and communication, we were able to confirm that "feelings are saying not a marketing pitch, optimism that it does is stimulate contagious" as believe, Juan Pablo and Matias Sueiro social partners, Snack Dutto. This company of young entrepreneurs who use social networks in order to understand the new consumer behavior, bill came to a million dollars in the year 2011, content creation, entertainment and optimistic news for brands (Nextel, IBM, Techint, Santander, etc.) to make their clientele.

Yes, that knows the big companies that everything beyond positive attitude costumes goes to show the elegance and reliability in the market. Success seems to be a sure thing if you lucky man possible, which connects to the daily enjoyment and the wonderful world of emotions, learn to sell.

Cannot forget that compete choice between two great companies that have been waiting to order the letters of optimism. While the world invites you to "Open Happiness" in other parts of the city with small dogs shake their heads and say "yes" all the time to conquer without interruption.

"A campaign that includes happiness and optimism is a sensitive composition. Promotes a positive attitude, smiles and gives results" support Dutto Sueiro and that "in a world where brands compete for scarce second attention, create a link, the joy and enthusiasm spread open heart awakens establish an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand. "

Moreover, while some people still play a minor genre of self-help books or self-improvement contemplated dare, these productions often lead sales rankings. It must. "While other successful genres in the field of research, history and popular science, it could be said that self-help books and personal growth are among the best sellers," says editor Emilce Paidos Paz, who also emphasized, it works like this are not only the ranking the sellers, but also "some pause in time and back in the office, I think that's the main thing."

In this context cannot be ignored, the increase with journalists, writers, psychologists and coaches are radio, television and rooms filled with messages of hope.

Could save an example of recent years, the phenomenon of Veronica de Andres and Andres Florence, mother and daughter, the creator of the trust created. "The book has sold 14 issues, which means that more than 60,000 copies. Between late 2011 and so far in 2012, three times the Maipo theater full of" confidence Editorial Planeta responsible. Translated into Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Italian and German, the book can also be used to make a film distributed by Sony Music.

Emile Paz said: "Events like these are a new opportunity for authors to make contacts, develop the interests of his disciples to new research results and prospects." For his part, Juan pablo sagarna director sport Cases, his company was founded on the belief that it "inspiring life, your contribution to individuals and companies that can continuously make the search process, and Growth."

Since 2002, Sport Cases more than 800 events (conferences, workshops and courses) in companies and institutions in Latin America (Coca Cola, Telecom, Unilever, Bago and more) provided. "In general, our word Sagarna venture has a negative connotation in the areas of personal development, but adults have the freedom to seek, and use that as our perception is a good business to be better mentally and spiritually."

"We are all apprentices, consciously or unconsciously, looking all the time for skills development, discover we want and build on our strengths, follow the director of sports cases. During this process, there are tools that you feel made the pleasure of traveling. "

In the Vision Sport Cases optimistic message's can achieve and the promotion of skills and strengths of each person, when it comes to adding theory and research with testimonies and experiences in good health. "The negotiations are the real attraction Sagarna assure authentic feel. Shall those convened in which the personalities (or referral) to inspire know empathy, passion, confidence and optimism share promise to be authentic and to implement necessary or not to rotate the motor attitude. "


It motivates the business of coaching for employees and optimistic. "All the studies show that optimists are to be persistent in the pursuit of goals and persistent tendency in the search for solutions and alternatives to it, says Adriana Marcovich. Assuming that the problems are circumstantial and some pessimists stage life of a company, the team the role and the Others. However likely to fall more easily into despair, resignation, skepticism and depression. "

Prefer Besides the obvious business optimism Marcovich to say: "A successful company requires optimism." He says, "All" theories of the behavior of power and influence took on our expectations about the consequences of our behavior places condition's found under which the events in our lives a company to start a business, a new product, opening a new office .. an investment to grow more people. acts based sub-have more of a hypothesis on optimism. "

An employee or a producer generally optimistic and motivated, a sense of accomplishment, little progress, continuous improvement, so increased that to develop a higher level of motivation, more satisfaction and frustration tolerance. "Man is likely to build a healthy environment, to restrict access to the welfare and development of the most primitive and violent behaviors that promote retention of resignation to ease paralysis and despair, convinced Adriana Marcovich - The complexity and the. changes, we make progress brings us an excellent opportunity to do that. "

For companies and research institutes of the human senses, optimism is an opportunity beyond any sense of crisis. Social Snack say: "It is urgent, at times, the positive business humanize communication embrace causes that promote to cultivate a sense of social movements whose goals are noble clients are happy, a design flow to create and from the business differently , "so ...... about the characteristics of the products and their difference with the competition, so this sensitive composition that stimulates happiness for the followers and fans is marked, in the best sense of the word.

As employers understand Marcovich provides: "Everyone should be optimistic as a behavior with the hope, motivation, perseverance to achieve difficult goals or overcome obstacles that may occur along the way are linked.

Meanwhile, Gabriela Carrea psychologist and especially in the emotional education, and positive thinking is interested as a tool for the health and future of children. "Research by Martin Seligman and his team sets and show that we are to care for our children in a variety of physical ailments, we can also work on the prevention of problems in the atmosphere. Empowering children reduced in pessimistic explanatory style optimism the symptoms and / or depression. "

Family and school are reliable in nature. "This will really bring to our children, as the experiences of daily life are taken into account in its dimensions advised to interpret psychotherapists: .. The scope of a negative experience, duration and sticks happened responsibility of children to the result or what?"

In short, you have to. Attention to the assignment of cases, "failure or fault," the something that is not wanted or expected to raise pay child or adult "If a child does something wrong, there are three ways to respond: Who is to blame, how long it is and how it might be thought to affect the rest of his life as a child, as follows pessimistic: I hurt the English exam because I'm smart, I can never reach, explain the objectives of the school. With this type, the situation, the doors closed and the possibility of exposure to situations that change their future success to promote appreciation. Another way of thinking it would be the same experience: I was wrong on the English test because I have not studied enough or because the conditions were not, the next time you need to better prepare parents and teachers, of course, are responsible for the development and wide Range. of modeling capabilities in the same situation. "It's important, says Gabriela Carrea has undertake to reinforce positive performance or achievements, promote understanding of problems related to learning to motivate and encourage them to achieve their goals. This encourages autonomy and self-efficacy, creating a spiral that children are able to create the exposure of the learning experience in the future. "

This is not small thing, to know that our children and students actions optimism is that we offer, and which can in our power to give them the necessary emotional resources to live a healthy life, both physically and emotionally dependent on lead.

What you can see?

The psychologist and researcher Martin Seligman identifies three dimensions or aspects of explanatory models that represent the character to remain optimistic and pessimistic (as long and persistent positive), the amplitude (volume, the contagion of mood, optimism or pessimism) explains adaptation (as the person what happened, or what to whom ascribe the causes of success or failure, etc.)

Theories, knowledge and experience of experts, which will help us explore the two profiles. What you can see? How often? If you have two cards and play them according to the occasion? Think you can change this model inherited or acquired?


They tend to be on the negative, missing, focus on what satisfactory and promising future. They tend to believe that. These situations permanently or for a long time often impregnate or infect various contexts of their lives do (work, family), and finally responsible for negative events, or in the variables that can affect where us.


People usually optimistic, however, the passing adversity are interpreted. They manage to decouple particular problem is to do in this area of ​​life is not to another (a problem at work will not penetrate family harmony, or vice versa, for example) are transferred. Finally, cause in terms of adaptation to identify optimists external factors, the adverse situation, problems or pain. So from their self-esteem and self-efficacy, attitudes developed to cope with the bad times.